Angel of Chaos


Birds of a feather don't always flock together.

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Chapter 1

Angel of Chaos.

Kim: A new story?

Me: Yep, I have wanted to write this one for a while.

Kim: Well then I'll get out of your way. Good luck.

Me: (nods) I don't own maximum ride or young justice.

Chapter 1

unknown pov

I sat in my cage sadly. I thought about what the boy in my neighboring cage said about those six that escaped a few years ago. /If they got out so can I./ I thought sourly. I was the strongest and fast of all the test subjects. I was cloned using the DNA of the six that escaped which mean I have all their powers only ten time stronger. I crossed my arms. I was going to get out tonight and I was taking the boy with me. Finally, the white coats came in to get one of the kids and start the testing on the poor guy or gal. As they passed my cage the one closest to me was so busy talking to his partner that he didn't feel me reach out as quick as lightning and grab the keys. They took one of the older kids out of her cage and dragged her away. As she passed my cage she smiled and mouthed "Get them out." I nodded slightly and she left in peace.

Three hours later it was time for all the white coats to leave. I waited and waited. At least the lights in the room went out. I had to be fast. I unlocked my cage and rushed to the others. In all there were eight cages in our room. I unlocked them all and made sure everyone was ready to leave. There was a baby that had to be carried, but other then him we were ready. I waved for them to follow me and they obeyed. We crept out stopping every now and then because there was a beast. Beasts were what we called the guard men/dogs. Finally, we located an exit. We ran out again hiding every once in a while. We were so close, then, it all went down hill. The youngest girl among us, a human/cat, sneezed so loud that the entire lab heard her. Beasts appear seemingly out of no where and started to attack. Everything after that was a blur. I remember grabbing the boy and baby and running as fast as I could, and that is pretty fast. The boy was a bit behind but still keeping pace enough to where I wasn't dragging him. I clutched the baby to my chest.

We ran until we couldn't here the beasts angry yells. We stopped to breath, that is when I noticed my friend was hurt. He collapsed on the ground his breath came in strangled gasps. I turned him over and saw three bullet wounds. Even if we got help right now there was no way to save him. My eyes filled with tears "No, we're free! YOU CAN'T DIE! NOT BEFORE YOU GET TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE!" he panted and reached for my hand "A-all I need is- ugh..." his hand began to lose it's grip on mine. I clutched it "What? What should I do?" He leaned up and kissed me on the lips. I had seen this happen once before while watching a couple of white coats. They kissed each other like that and when I asked why they said loved each other. They were the only white coats that were ever nice to me. One day the lady white coat came and told me she was leaving, but she would free me one day. She promised.

His head fell back and his eyes went dark. It took me only seconds to realize that my first love and kiss just died in my arms. I sobbed and laid against his chest. I knew I need to keep moving, but I could just leave him like that. I lied him on the ground and closed his eyes. Then I work like someone pressed the times twelve button on my remote and his body was covered in a stone tomb. I stood and walked over to the baby that lay on the ground asleep. I scooted it into my arms and sighed. There was no way he would have a chance at a normal life if he stayed with me. I looked over my shoulder and slowly spread my wings. They were the only part of me that didn't belong to the 'Flock'. Gold and white eagle wings with black secondary feathers. I flapped them slightly then again a bit harder. I raised into the air and flew away from the sad place.

I don't know how long I flew before the baby awoke. He coed in my arms and I smiled at him. I decide to name him while we flew. "Well, what shall we name you?" I asked. At that moment a lager eagle flew in front of me. The baby reached for the creature and the name came to me "Aetos." I murmured as the majestic bird flew away. I returned my gaze to the baby who was playing with his fingers "Okay, Aetos it is." I said smiling and flying on.

I flew for a few more miles and land in front of an orphanage. I pulled out a piece of paper and tucked it into Aetos' blankets. I had found the paper in a book that had been thrown away. It had his name on it so I tore out the page. I placed him at the door and knocked loudly on the door. When I heard foot steps I ran, leaving Aetos in their hands. I was officially alone.

Three years later

Kid Flash pov

I was doing my rounds in the city. Flash was sick so I had to watch the city until he was well again. I sighed in frustration. Over the last three years there has been an odd string of robberies and the thief still hasn't been caught. Even Batman hasn't gotten any clues. There were two reasons the robberies were odd. One, the thief only to food or clothes or from time to time a drink, but never anything of value like money or jewelry. Two, every one of theses robberies, the only thing they leave behind is a golden eagle feather. I ran up to a local gas station to rest for a bit. I sat on the bench and breathed.

Suddenly, I heard a loud yell "Thief! You get back here!" I stood and stared as a girl in a large trench coat burst out of the store. She saw me, gasped, and ran away. I was shocked until the owner ran out of his store holding a feather in his hand. At that moment I realized that girl was our eagle thief! I ran after her at full speed. She froze as I slid in front of her "Hey, cutie. What's the rush?" I sassed she back away a few steps and turned to run the other way. I got in front of her again and shook my head, smirking "Nope, can't go that way." I said and now she was glaring daggers at me "Get out of my way. I don't want to hurt you." she said. I was taken aback but I stood my ground.

She growled in frustration and seemed to look for an exit. She looked at the sky and smiled. "You know, you're fast." she said backing up and taking off her coat. I was confused. "But I can do something you can't." I raised an eye brow "And that is?" her smile grew and suddenly she was right next to me. "Fly." she whispered in my ear before spreading a pair of white, gold, and black wings and flew away.

I stood there in shock. I was still standing there when Robin finally appeared. "KF? What's up?" he asked. I blinked and looked at the belated boy wonder "Dude, you just miss our eagle feather thief." I said. He stared at me shocked. "Wait, you saw him? You saw his face?" he said "Not 'him', 'her' our robber is a girl."

Robin and I went back to Mount Justice. The moment I was inside I didn't return Megan's greeting or even cared about Artimis' insults about being late back. I was still so shocked. Megan looked at Robin "What's wrong with him?" she asked. Robin looked at me "Should I tell them or do you want to?" he asked. I shook my head "I'll tell them, but, I think the league should know about this, too." At that moment Batman and Black Canary appeared "Hear what?" asked Batman. I stood and looked him in the eye with a very serous look "I've seen the Feather Thief. I know what she looks like and can point her out if I see her." there was a stunned silents. Even the bat was stunned. He quickly recovered "Are you certain?" I nodded and held up and gold feather "I got an unexpected souvenir when she took off." Conner came forward "Took off? You mean you let her go?" I glared at him. "Hey, I may have speed, but I can't fly!"

I described her as fully as I could "And when we find her, then what? Her crime is trying to survive." I said. Black Canary sighed "We'll discuss that if and when it happens." she said as the league left. I gritted my teeth. I need to find her first. Not for the glory, but just to be sure she was safe. I began to leave when Artimis called "Where are you going?" she demanded. I turned "I'm going to find her, before the league." the whole team stared at me in shock. Then, Robin stood "I'm coming, too. I want to meet this girl." with in moments the whole team was leaving.

"Where do we start?" asked Conner telepathically. "I placed a tracker on her when I ran passed her. Robin, can you..?" Robin nodded "You had me at tracker." Robin pointed toward the docks "She's over there." Megan steered the bio-ship and landed in camo mode. We crept inside. I was about to open the door that Robin signaled to when Aqua Lad stopped me and pointed at the top of the door. There was a bucket of wrenches tied to a string that would be pulled if the door was opened. Megan flew up and carefully pulled it down and untied it. After inspection we decided there were no more traps. I opened the door. The only light in the room was a desk lamp. I walked quietly up to it and saw the girl. She was using her arms as a pillow as she slept on the desk. I gently placed a hand on her forehead. At the station I noticed she looked a bit pale. Her skin was on fire. "She has a fever, I don't know how long she's been sick, but, it is bad." Conner nodded and scooped her into his arms and we ran back to the ship.

We ran back into Mount Justice and were greeted by Black Canary. "Where have you all..." I didn't let her finish "Not now! She needs help!" I pointed to Conner who came into view with the girl in his arms. Canary gasped and ran over "Oh my gosh, Conner, come with me. The rest of you stay here." Before they could leave the girl spread her wing knocking Conner over. She stood shakily "Where am I? Who are you?" she demanded her wings making her look slightly demonic. "Easy, we're trying to help. You sick." I said. She growled "No wants to help me. They only hunt me." I got the sense she wasn't talking about the police. "Who is hunting you?" asked Megan gently. The girl's eye looked at the alien "The white coats and Beasts. I escaped and they want me back. I'll never go back, NEVER!

Girl's pov

I jumped into the air and flew in search of an exit. My mind flashed back to the labs and my dead love. I put on a spurt of speed as I sensed that the green girl was following me. I flew up to the ceiling and looked. There was no place to go "Please," said the alien girl "we really are trying to help." I glared, but, almost believed her. Almost. Then a man in red and blue walked in. The blond lady pointed to me and said something I couldn't hear. I paniced and flew full speed threw a vent. I folded my wings and glided through the ventilation until I couldn't anymore. Fortunately, I stopped near an opening I crawl to it and looked down. It was a room full of weights. Defiantly a boy's room. I jumped out and landed noiselessly on the floor. I ran to the door and opened it. I peeked into the hall and when I was certain no one was there I ran out. I ran down the hall. Suddenly, a voice echoed every where. "Attention, there is an intruder in the base. We believe she is ill." I shook /Oh, great. Now everyone knows I'm here./ I thought as I ran in a random direction. I ran and ran, again with the flash backs. This one was of my love's last and only kiss. I leaned against the wall, being sick was affecting my strength. I panted and thought about the boy. He died before he could be named. My eyes got teary and I slid to the ground. I buried my face in my knees and sobbed.

Superman pov

When Canary called me I was puzzled. Why would she call me to Mount Justice? I arrived and Canary called to me pointing to the ceiling "Superman, that girl up there is sick. But, she's too scared to let us help her!" I looked up and saw a winged girl. Megan must have been trying to talk to her. Upon seeing me the girl looked even more scared and darted into a vent.

After that we searched everywhere and Canary informed everyone else in the base that there was an intruder. I was searching a hallway when my hearing picked up on sobbing. Sobbing? I walked toward the noise and found the girl. She was sitting in the hall with her head in her knees. I walked forward gently and placed a hand on her shoulder. Her head shot up and she looked at me with so much fear it was heart-breaking. "It's okay, I'm Superman. What's your name." she looked down in defeat "I- I don't have one. They never named us." she shivered as she seem to recall something painful the she looked up at me "Please, don't make me go back. The Beasts will murder me. I can't go back not after he.." she stopped and cried again pleading with me not to take her back to this place "Listen, I don't know where you came from or what has happened to you. But, I promise, you don't have to go back. But, we do need to get you to the medical room. Your very sick." the girl raised her eyes and I saw hope in them. She nodded and then she tried to stand, but what ever strength she had before was gone now. I caught her before she hit the floor and carried her to the med room.

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