Angel of Chaos

Chapter 2

Angel of Chaos.

Chapter 2: Beast attack and a name.

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Girl's pov

I sat up and held my head to stop it from spinning. A small groan escaped my lips. I struggled to remember what had happen. Then, it all came back. The boy, Superman, something about me being sick. I looked around and noticed I was on a soft bed. The fast boy and the green girl from before were asleep. The boy was on the floor while the girl was in the chair by my bed. I heard footsteps coming our way and quickly pretended to be asleep. I heard the door open "Man, was he here all night?" asked a man's voice "Neither, he nor Megan wanted to leave her side." answered and deeper voice. "Well, I better get him home before his mom starts to worry." I heard him walk over to the side of my bed "Wally, Wally, come on champ. Let's get you home." The boy groaned and the man laughed. "Looks like I'm carrying him." he said. "Yes, he is in a very deep sleep. I don't he would wake if there was a bomb." said the deep voice. "Bomb? Where?" yelped a girl's voice. "Peace, Megan, there is no bomb." Megan sighed in relief. "Well, I'll see you guys later. Make sure you contact us when she wakes up will ya?" there was a rush of wind "Come, Megan. You need to go to your room as well." the sound of the girl standing made me a bit sad "Yes, uncle John." she said and the two of them left as well.

I sat up again, this time to an empty room. I sighed and pulled back the blankets. I stretched my wings a bit then folded them behind my back again. I sat on my bed for a moment and thought. If I left now there might be a chance the school wouldn't find me. Maybe, just maybe, they forgot I escaped. Maybe they were so focused on the Flock they forgot I was out there some where. I smiled as I imagined the very idea of being free of fear. I could put myself into the system, I may find a good family, and if I don't, well, I was the fastest flier in the universe. Who could catch me? The more I thought about it the more I knew it would never happen. As long as I was alive the beasts would hunt me and kill whoever got between me and them. At this realization I froze in fear. Everyone who has been around my has me scent. Especially, the fast boy, Wally, and the girl, Megan. They were around me the longest. The beasts would use my scent to find them. The girl was safe for now a would be as long a she was here. But the boy, didn't someone say they were taking him home? I gasped and ran out my door. I ran as fast as I could, it was not as fast as the boy, but it was close. As I ran I was so focused on getting to the boy I wasn't watching where I was going and ran into a tall boy with black hair. We both fell back. "Geez, KF, watch- Oh." he looked at me "Sorry, but I'm in a hurry." I said getting quickly to my feet. I was about to take off again when the boy grabbed my wrist "To go where? You're still sick."

I pulled away "I don't care! That fast boy is in danger!" the boy looked puzzled "Fast boy?" then he seem to realize who I was talking about "You- you don't mean Kid flash?" I thought "Red head, runs at the speed of sound?" I asked. He nodded "That's him." I said. "How is he in danger?" he asked suspiciously "The beasts know my scent! They'll use it to find him!" I said turning to run again. This time the boy was too shocked to stop me.

Robin pov

Okay, I know I should have stopped her from leaving. But, I was shocked. KF was in danger, these beasts were after him? After I got over my shock I ran to the computer room and checked the cameras. The girl was in the hanger. Aqua Lad came in "Robin? What's going on?" he walked up and I told him what the girl said "Do you think she was telling the truth?" he asked, worry plain in his voice "I don't think she ever learned how to lie." I said. "What are we going to do?" he looked at the screen and we both watched as she leaped outside.

Kid Flash pov

I groaned and sat up. I was laying in my bed with the blankets drawn up. I got out of bed and thought wondering how I got home. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep on the floor by the girl's bed. Then, my door opened and Barry walked in and I understood he must have brought me home. "Good, your up." he said smiling. I stretched "Yeah. Did you bring me home?" I asked just to make sure "Yeah, your mom would have killed me if I didn't." /No joke./ I thought as I walked over to my window. I was about to open it when my communicator went off. "KF, this is Robin! Come in!" Robin's voice was panicked so I picked up "Rob? What's up?" "You need to get back here, NOW!" I looked at Barry confused and he shrugged "Why?" "There are these thing chasing that girl. Apparently, they can track you by your scent and you and Megan were with her the longest so her scent is all over you." "Okay, so wh-AH!" before I could finish my question it was answered. A giant creature crashed through my window and knock me down. "KID!" yelp Barry running to help only to be swatted aside. He slid to the ground. I fought against the beast. As two more came in "Where is the freak?" demanded one of them "I see three right here." I said angrily as I kicked the one that held me. Direct hit to the gut. He groaned and released me enough. I ran out of his grip. I probably would have been able to get out if they weren't in front of the window and Barry wasn't blocking the door.

They backed me into a corner, their fangs bared in evil smiles. "DOWN BOY!" yelled a voice from behind them and the one in the center collapsed to the floor. The other two turn and grinned evilly "Well, it looks like we were right. The Flock clone is alive." "Yeah, let see what we can do about that." they both dove at her she dodged them and kicked one of the in the head, knocking him out. She ran over to the window "Here, boy. Who wants a little walkie?" the beast leaped at her and she move. He stumbled and struggled to regain is balance so he wouldn't fall out the window. I ran forward and slammed into him and he fell out the window. The girl flew back to my window and awoke Barry. We quickly tied the beasts up and called for someone to come and get them. "Nice work back there." I said as we walked back into Mount Justice. "I just acted on my animal instincts. Pretty easy to do when your twelve percent bird." she said not looking at me. That reminded me what the beasts called her

"Why did they call you the Flock clone?" I asked. She sighed "Many years ago, there were six people like me. Avian-Humans, well they escaped their prison and have been living on the run ever since. When the School, the name of the lab/prison where I was created, decided there was no way they could ever catch them they decide to use the DNA samples the gather from them to make a clone. As they each had two percent Avian DNA and there were six of them I got twelve percent. I have all their abilities and strengths. When, I found out they were going to put me up against Max, the leader of the Flock and, for all intensive purposes, my mother I escaped as well. Originally, I got away with two others, the boy who lived in the cage next to mine and a baby. The boy died before we could get away and after I was far away from the school I left the baby at an orphanage in hopes he would have a better life if he was adopted by a normal family." she began to cry. Suddenly, I understood why she was so scared of us. That wasn't a life, it was a living nightmare. "Did the baby have a name? Maybe we can find him." I offered. She smiled "Aethos. I named him while we were flying." I nodded and we walked into the main room. I was tackled at once by a worried Megan. "You're both okay! Thank heavens." she said happily.

After everything calmed down, Robin asked the question we were all thinking "So what's your name?" the girl looked sad "I don't have one. They don't exactly care about names at the School." I thought "How about, Admeta?" I offered. They all turn to me and the girl smiled "I like it." she said I smiled "Admeta it is." said Aqua Lad.

(A/N: Admeta is Greek for untamed and Aethos is Greek for eagle.)

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