Angel of Chaos

Chapter 3

Angel of Chaos.

I don't own Maximum Ride or Young Justice.

Chapter 3: White coats.

Admeta pov

I sat in a court room as the discussed my punishment for stealing. I looked back and saw my new friends. Wally and Robin gave me thumbs up and smile encouragingly. I forced a smile and looked back at the judge. Batman said she was fair, and he was right. But, I knew there was nothing she could do. I knew my sentence before anyone else thanks to my mind reading abilities. I shook as she announced it "You will be put into foster care in hopes that you will find a proper family."

I stood as the two police came to take me away. When they got closer, I picked up on their thought and panicked.

Kid Flash pov

I was sad and at the same time glad for Admeta. I was sad because the systems these days could care less about the kids, but glad because the system was better then juvenile detention. Suddenly, she freaked out. She turned and punched one of the cops. He fell back in surprise and stared at her. I quickly stood "Admeta, what are you doing!" I yelled. She turned "He a beast!" she pointed at the cop she just downed. To my surprise the man began to laugh "I could never sneak up on you ,flock clone." she growled like a lion "I have a name now, it's Admeta." his smile vanished as a group of cops appeared and surrounded him. He turned his attention back to me and smile evilly, "Another time then." he said spreading a pair of wings and bursting through the glass roof.

There was a rush to find the beast, but in the end he was gone. The judge decide to rethink her sentence, so she seen Admeta to sit outside the room and wait. She was shaking from what happened. I walked up to her "You okay?" she shook her head and burst into tears "They found Aethos, and they killed him while testing on him." my heart stopped. What monsters killed a three year old? I watched her sadly as she cried. Robin came over with the others. Megan, Artemis, and and Zatana noticed her tears "What happened?" asked Artemis almost accusingly. I didn't care. I just shook my head "The beasts got Aethos." Megan gasped and looked at Admeta, who was crying harder.

Robin spoke up "Well, we had good news at least. After what just happened, Admeta will be staying at Mount Justice with us. That is until they find someone who will take her in." I nodded and looked at her again. She looked defeated and sad.

Admeta pov

I was glad I didn't have to go into the system, bu the pain of losing Aethos was greater then any joy I could ever feel.

(A/N: Okay, I know it's short, but it's the best I can do right now.)

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