Angel of Chaos

Chapter 4

Angel of Chaos.

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Chapter 4: The Flock.

Max pov

"So, Max," said Iggy fly up behind me "remind me. Why are we going to this Gotham place?" I rolled my eyes. "Again, Iggy, we're going because this Batman said he found something that we might be interested in." Iggy steered away saying "Oh, that right." Fang took his place at my side "So what do you think the bat found?" I shrugged "Beats mean. He didn't seem to think it was safe to talk about over the phone." he looked forward "Something's up. I think we should be careful." I nodded.

Admeta pov

I was training with the team when Batman came in. "Admeta, I need you to come with me." he said. I stood "Um, okay." I said running over to him. A little ways down the hall I managed to ask a question "Batman, is something wrong?" he shook his head "I just have some people I want you to meet some people."

We went to Gotham and waited on top of the building with his calling beacon. We were up there awhile then I saw something flying our way. I quickly ran and hid behind Batman's cape as I heard people land on the roof.

Max pov

We spotted the bat on a roof and circled down to him. We landed and I walked up to him "Alright, we're here. What did you what?" he raised an eyebrow "You're Max?" I rolled my eyes "Well, duh." suddenly, there was a voice from out of nowhere. "Oh, so that's where I got it from." the flock and I jumped "Who said that?" said Angel. A small girl, about Nudge's age peeked out from behind Batman "That would be me." she said. She slowly stepped out from behind him. "This is Admeta." he said "And this is what you wanted to show us?" I said more coldly then I meant to. Admeta looked sad and hurt. Then, she seemed to remember something. She spread a pair of beautiful eagle wings. We all stare.

Admeta pov

Okay, they knew I was one of them now, but I didn't know if I should tell them that I was for all intensive purposes their daughter. Suddenly, Angel, the youngest, froze and her eyes got wide. I realized I accidentally opened my mind to her. Which means she heard my thought about being their daughter. I quickly closed my mind but it was too late. The damage was done. "What do you mean your our daughter?" she asked and the whole flock looked at her then to me. I looked away embarrassed by my mistake "Well, I-I'm a..." Batman finished for me "She is a clone made from the DNA of all of you. So, in truth, she is like your child." their eyes all got wide as they stared at me. I was shaking in fear. Megan had told me about how Superman wouldn't except that Conner was his son. I feared that the Flock wouldn't except me. Angel softened and I mentally head slapped. I did it again.

Max pov

I was in shock. We had a daughter? I was too shocked to move or say anything. Angel on the other hand spoke up "We won't turn you away. I'm too young to be your mom, but I can be your sister." she said. I looked at Angel and realized that she must have pick up on a thought from Admeta. She was afraid we'd turn her away? Nudge spoke up "Yeah, sisters. We'll be best sisters." she said running up and hugging the unsuspecting teen. At first she didn't seem to know what to do, then she returned the hug. I saw tears fill her eyes and she hugged Nudge closer. I could help but wonder if she was ever hugged in her life.

I sighed and then smiled at the crying girl. It took a lot to make us cry, but I go the sense this girl cried a little easier. Batman watched us the whole time and I thought I saw a small smile. "Admeta, why don't you take them to Mount Justice and introduce them to the team." Admeta nodded as she pulled out of Nudge's hug. She took her hands and smile "Come on, you'll love them." she said she let go of Nudge's hands and ran to the edge of the building and jumped off spreading her wings. We all followed her.

As we flew we learned that she inherited Nudge's motor mouth. We finally arrived and flew inside. "Okay, now they don't know your here so stay close, oh, and try not to annoy Wolf." I looked at Fang who shrugged. Just then, a huge white wolf came running into the room. He pounced and started licking Admeta in the face. She laughed "Ha ha, stop, Wolf, ha ha, down." she pushed the wolf down and he looked at us and growled slightly "Easy, boy. Their the Flock. Uh, hey, where's Conner? Aren't you two inseparable?" she asked looking around. Wolf barked happily and ran to the door. He looked at the door then back at us. "Alright, we coming." said Admeta and we ran after Wolf. We were lead into the living area. A boy with black hair and a black and red Superman t-shirt greeted Wolf.

Kid Flash pov

Admeta came running into the room after Wolf. She had a huge smile on her face. I was about to ask why when six other kids walked in. "Everyone, I'd like you to meet the Flock." she said happily. The reaction we each had were each as funny as the next. Megan dropped the bowl of flour she was carrying in shock and it got all over her and Zatana. Aqua lad lost all concentration and was covered in the water he was training with and Robin fell, most ungracefully, out of his chair. I ran had been running in and, on hearing the words, forgot to stop and hit a wall.

I stood and was the first to greet them. "Hi, I'm Wally." I shook the tall blond's hand "Uh, I'm Max, this is Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel." Slowly the rest of the team introduce themselves.

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