Angel of Chaos

Chapter 5

Angel of Chaos.

Chapter 5: They hit where it hurts.

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Admeta pov

I sat next to Angel. She and I had really gotten on great since the day the flock came. The were staying in mount justice for awhile as well. Each of us got along with different members of the flock. Max really got along with Zatanna and Nudge really liked Megan. Gazzy and Iggy liked Robin and Wally. Fang had long conversations with Conner and Aqua Lad, and I already said who I favored. I loved them all, they were my family and friends.

We were about to have dinner when Martian Manhunter came into the room. "Batman has sent for the flock." Max and the others stood, but I didn't. Max looked at me "I think that means all of us Addy." I looked at the martian and stood when he nodded. We went into the briefing room. "Good," said Batman when he saw us "we just got word that a couple of 'White coats', as you call them, turned themselves in a little while ago. The judge is calling you all forward to testify as to what they did to you.

"Fine by me." said Max "Who did that catch?" Batman brought up an image of the two. I gasped and looked away. Those stupid scientists were hitting below the belt here. The two that turned themselves in were the two that promised to come for me. Batman was clearly surprised by my reaction "Admeta?" I shivered "I can't. Those two are the only ones at the labs that were nice to me and the others. Batman and the flock stared at me in shock as I ran out of the room. I ran past my friends and outside. I spread my wings and took off into the evening sky. I flew around the city and help where I could. Finally, I found a place to rest. I sat at the top of a building and stared out at the city below. I had pulled on my trench coat encase someone came to the roof. Good thing too, a middle aged man came to the roof and saw me. "Well, hello there. What are you doing up here?" he said. I turned and pulled my coat tighter around me.

The man came and sat next to me. I knew I could just fly away if this got weird so I just sat there. "Are you going to answer me?" I stared out blankly and answered "Not if you are a stranger, I don't even know your name." he smiled "Fair enough," he reached out a hand "Jeb Batchelder and you?" I paused then replied "Admeta Ride." the man got stiff and I decided it was a bad idea to take flight now "Really? You wouldn't know a Max Ride would you?" he asked. I pretended to think "Can't say I do. Mom says I'm related to Sally ride, the pilot. But I don't buy it." the man eased up and relaxed. /Note to self: stop hanging out on roof tops./ I thought. The man left and I relaxed too. There was just something about him I didn't like. His spirit reeked of death and the pain of losing a loved one.

I flew around the city one more time and ran into Max. "Hey, Admeta, you kind of just took off there. Where did you go?"

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