Angel of Chaos

Chapter 6

Angel of Chaos.

Chapter 6: the disowning.

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Max pov

I sat next to Admeta. Ever since she took off from the roof she has been hiding something. I have asked Angel to see what, but she always closed her mind around Angel. The truth is we don't know much about her, her past, what she likes, who she hates. Dang, now I feel like a bad mom.

I walked into the kitchen and found Megan cooking again. She did that a lot. "Hey, Megan." I said "Oh, hey, Max. Do you think you could help me?" I nodded and came into the kitchen. "Hey, Megan? Does Admeta talked to you about her past?" she shook her head "The only one she seems to talk to about that stuff is Wally. He's the one who found and saved her you know." I blinked "No, I didn't." she stood up strait "Oh, well, I'll tell you what I know."

She told me about the boy and Aethos. The string of robberies, and how no one could solve them. How Wally happened to rest at her newest target and followed her to her hide out. "Admeta, only opens to Wally now. She really trusts him." I nodded as, at that moment, said speeder came into the room. "Hey, Wally, has Admeta told you whats bothering her?" Wally came to the counter and I took a drink of water "Actually, she did mention something that bugged her after the two of you came back from her flight. Something about an old guy named Jeb or something like that." I choked on my drink and my glass fell from my hand "J-Jeb? Are you sure that's what she said?" Wally nodded "What's this about Jeb?" asked a voice from behind me. I turn and saw the flock, minus Admits, standing there looking scared.

Kid Flash pov

I don't know what I said, but it really stirred up a reaction from the flock. "What's wrong?" I asked and Max clinched her fists and muttered "This is low, Jeb, even for you." Angel looked at me "Jeb Batchelder, is one of the white coats at the school. He was the one who freed us then betrayed us. Is he here?" she asked Max "Seems so, he talked to Admeta." they all got even more worried. Then, Admeta herself walked in and noticed us all. "Admeta, did you really meet a man named Jeb?" asked Max. She nodded and max collapsed in a chair. Admeta looked at Angel and the two seem to have a telepathic conversion. Admeta looked scared and spoke aloud "I didn't tell him anything." she cried "You told him your name?" yelped Angel "Oh, except that." Max groaned and sank into her chair deeper. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." said Admeta getting scared. I looked at the flock. They all looked to be in deep thought. Finally, Max spoke "The trial is this afternoon. After it's over, the flock will leave, and never come back. No one liked this plan, well no one raised in the flock. I looked in horror at Admeta. She was shaking her head "No." she murmured.

Max pov

I turned and stared at Admits. "What?" she looked at me "I said 'No.' I have been running for too long. I won't leave another family to perish. You can go if you want. " she turned to the team and they smiled happily, especially Wally. I growled, for some reason I hated the idea of Admeta staying behind. "You're coming if I have to get Angel to influence you to do that then so be it. Everyone stared at me and Admeta looked scared. Megan stepped forward and looked angry "She'll have to break my mind barrier first." Admeta stepped out from behind Megan "I'm not coming, Max. Get over it."

Kid Flash pov

Max lost it when Admeta said that. She charged toward the unsuspecting girl. She tackled her to the ground and Admeta kicked her off of her and jumped to her feet again. She charged at Max now and, though Max was maybe two or three years older then her, Admeta grabbed Max by the collar and lifted her off the ground. Fang started to go at her and I tackled him and prevented him from attacking. All Hades broke loose after that. It was a full Flock vs. young justice battle. Max vs. Admeta, Me vs. Fang, Megan vs. Angel, Artemis vs. Nudge, and Conner and Robin vs. Iggy and Gazzy. I'm not sure how the others were doing. I was busy with Fang, he fought hard, but I was fighting for something dear to me. Our whole team was, I don't know why the Flock fought, but it must not have been that important as they were losing.

Suddenly, I felt someone pull me away from the goth teen. I struggled to get back to the battle. Until I realized there was no battle to return to. Everyone was being held back from each other by a member of the justice league. I struggled like the others until Batman called for order, which was made difficult by a furious Robin who fought very hard indeed. "Enough! What happened?" he asked angrily. "The flock tried to force Admeta to leave!" I growled "Max threatened to use Angel's power of influence to force her to go with them!" snarled Megan as she fought her uncle. Batman looked at the struggling Max "Is this true?" he asked, shocked and angry. "Every word!" said Max "And I will. The flock has to stay together! We can just leave each other!" Admeta broke free of Hawk girls grip and glared at Max "I'M NOT PART OF THE FLOCK!" we all stopped struggling and stared at Admeta in shock "I may have been made from you, but I'm not one of you. I never was. I see that now, you all lived your lives. It's time I lived mine." Max looked shocked and terrified. Angel and Nudge broke down into tears. Basically, Admeta just disowned the Flock. She might as well have said "I am no longer a member of your family." Flash released me in shock and I fell to my knees. Max and the others freed themselves "Fine, if that's how you feel. We leave right after the trial." Batman cleared his throat "That's actually why we're here. There is not going to be a trail. The two took a plea bargain , so there was no need for you all to testify." Max looked down "In that case, we'll leave now." she said and the flock turned and left. We didn't know this, but that was the last time we would ever see them.

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