Angel of Chaos

Chapter 7

Angel of Chaos.

Chapter 7: Jeb comes to mount justice. Last chappy.

I don't own young justice or maximum ride.

Admeta pov

I laid in my bed and stared at my ceiling. I wasn't sure if I over reacted before by disowning the flock. I heard a knock at the door "Come in." I called. Wally came in "Hey, how are you doing?" I sighed "I did the right thing. Right?" Wally sighed "I'm not sure, on one hand they tried to force you to come and on the other they must have had a reason for wanting you to go with them. I think we all over reacted there." I nodded "Well, it's too late now. Their gone." Wally looked at me sadly and left the room.

I flopped back onto my pillows and started to fall asleep. Then, I heard my door open again. I at up to see who was there but didn't see anyone. I got out of bed and walked to the door. I was expecting to see the boys waiting for me to come so they could pull some prank to cheer me up. I looked around, but there was no one outside the door either. I shrugged and turned to go back to my room. Suddenly, a rough hand wrapped around my mouth and grabbed me. I struggled and managed to open my mouth enough to bite my holder. I bit down hard and tasted to metallic taste of blood. My capture yelped and released me. I whirled around and saw a beast! I quickly use my eagle cry to warn the others. We decided when Wally was attack that would be our signal that warned us about beasts.

Kid Flash pov

I heard Admeta's eagle cry and ran to the hall it came from, the others close behind. We rounded the bend and saw her glaring at a beast that was clutching his hand as it bled. The monster looked at her and roared before charging at her. Robin used his bow staff to catapult himself at the beast. It was knocked to the ground. The beast leapt at him, but stopped when a voice call "Enough!" I turned expecting to see Batman. Instead, I saw a middle aged man in a lab coat and wearing a pair of glasses. Admeta snarled "You." I looked at her and realized who this must be. We all quickly got in front of her protectively. "We fought off the flock we can fight you off too, old man." said Conner. Jeb nodded and smile "I am very impressed with what you have as a team, but we are not here for a fight." my eyes narrowed "Could have fooled me." said Admeta "Last I checked it was rude to sneak up behind people and grab them."

The beast growled and Jeb held up his arm to block him from attacking us. "Forgive my son. He has a short temper." we blinked and Admeta turned to the beast "I do not envy your parental situation." she said "There are few who do." he replied. His father ignored him and addressed me "You, I believe, are the young man who found our little lost lamb." he said. He spoke like Admits wasn't there "I might be, what's it to you?" he waved his hand and, before I could react, the beast attacked me. I struggled in his grip as he held me "You see, it's common knowledge that this particular experiment gets attached to who ever is kind to her or offers help. When she loses this person, she becomes an empty shell. No thought, no actions, not even the will to live."

Admeta pov

The beast tightened his grip on Wally and the teen cried out in pain as I heard some of his ribs crack. "STOP IT!" I screamed running forward. The beast kicked and I dodged his attack. I knocked his legs out from under him. He released Wally and Conner caught him as he flew through the air. I glared at Jeb "Now I see. Now I see why Max hates you, Jeb. Anyone with that little love in his heart will never be loved by max or any of the Flock. I don't care if she is your daughter." Jeb stiffened and glared at me. "You have no place to speak of Max, clone." the whole team stood next to me "Her name is Admeta, and no matter what you do or say, she is not going back with you. Not while we are alive." Wally walked forward "You should have realized, Batchelder, I'm not the only one here who is attached to Admeta. Our care for one another drives us. What drives you?"

Jeb stared at us. It was plain to see that he hadn't expected this. He must have thought this would an easy grab and go. Now that I look back, he was right. What happened next pretty much ended it for all of us.

Normal pov

There wasn't much time to stop it even if they knew it would happen. But, Jeb suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at Wally. Admeta realized what was going on and placed herself in the path of the bullet. Everything seemed to slow down to the teens as they watched Admeta hit the floor. Wally stared in horror and caught her in his arms. She was already gone. Wally sat there as he held the dead girl. He knew this seemed familiar. Then, he remember that this was how she lost her first love. He boy had been shot to death and died in her arms, just not instantly. He shivered and felt rage flood him. The rage spread from him to Robin, then Aqua Lad and Megan and so on. Conner let out a fierce roar, like a wide animal. He charged toward the man who was in temporary shock that he had kill his only link left to his daughter. Conner might have torn the man limb from limb if Superman hadn't grabbed him.

Batman, Superman, and Flash had come to mount justice to give the team a mission and heard the gun shot. They stared in horror as Admeta fell to the ground. Superman barely had time to, or wanted to, stop Conner. I caught the boy and stopped him from attacking the white coat and beast. Both of whom seemed in shock. They were easily subdued and sent to prison. The team never received the mission that the three league members came to give, they were too heart broken at the loss of their comrade and friend. Wally was the worst, he didn't eat, he didn't sleep, he didn't even run for maybe two weeks.

Two weeks after Admeta's death.

Wally pov

I sat in my room and stared at the ceiling. Just like Admeta when she was sad or confused. I felt fresh tears start to come up. I couldn't get over what happened. I turned on my side and saw a faint light from my window. I stood and walked over to it. I looked out and saw Admeta. She looked beautiful, her hair was down and flowing freely in the wind. She was flying around and two others with wings flew after her. A small boy a few years old and a teenage boy. He caught Admeta and pulled her close. The two shared a kiss. I knew that these were the two friends she lost. She was with them and she was happy. She saw me and waved. I tentatively waved back and she flew to my window. I quickly opened my window and she flew in "Hey, Wally, how have you been?" I gave a hollow laugh "We were all hurt when you left us. I still hurt, like a lot." she looked down sadly "I know, but it was just my time. But, I have something for you. But, you can't have it unless you get some sleep. Okay?" I smiled and nodded. I walked to my bed and crawled in. She kissed my forehead and I fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke with something in my hand. I looked and saw a crystal shaped like a bolt of lightning on a gold chain. I smiled and wrapped it around my neck. I was never going to take it off.

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