Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes

Chapter 2

Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes.

Chapter 2: The Flynn-Fletcher house.

After a short flight and a long drive Ricchie and I got to our hotel. Once in the room we changed into our costumes and decided to check out the boys house. The flight was very peaceful, strangely peaceful. I guess that's what happens when you're use to being attack by meta-humans all the time. Gear and I landed in the back yard. I looked behind me and saw the tree from the photo minus the boys and platypus. That is until said platypus came outside looking at us with curiosity. "Hey, little guy, I'm Static and this is my partner Gear. We're here to help find your boys." Perry made a weird chattering noise and turned to the door and started to scratch it. "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I'M COMING." answered and angry voice. A teenager with long red hair and a red dress came out, she looked at us and her eyes got wide. "You're Static and Gear! What are you doing in Danville?" I smiled it was nice to know we were world famous. "We're here to help you find your brothers." I said, at this, she broke down into tears "Finally, someone who cares what happened to them." she sobbed I walked forward cautiously "What do you mean?" asked Gear. The girl wiped her eyes "After they disappeared everyone, but our family and their closest friends, gave up looking for them. No one would help us. That is until a man named Bruce Wayne came to Danville. He had heard of my brothers and wanted to help. He said he would put his best on the case. I never thought he would send the boys favorite heroes. Phineas and Ferb idolize you two." that only made me want to find them even more.

"My name is Candace. I'm the boy's older sister. Please come inside." she opened the door and we went in. Moments after we were settled in the living room the parents came down. The mom, Linda, reacted about the same as Candace did when she heard that we were helping look, only she tackled us in a hug and thanked us a thousand times. The dad, Lawrence, had to pull her off of us. "You have no idea how much this means to us." said Linda "Actually, I think we got a pretty good idea." said Gear rubbing his soar ribs.

Gear was talking to the parents while I took a look around the house. I noticed Perry heading outside and followed him. I had a feeling the boys would want to see their pet when they got home. Once outside Perry started acting strange. He looked around as though making sure the area was clear. I hid and watched him, imagine my shock when he stood on his hind feet and put on a hat. He pressed a button on the side of his collar "I know you're there. Come on out." I was stunned, I shook my head. Did that platypus just stand up and talk? I stepped out and sure enough Perry stood there looking serious. "How did... Why are... Huh?" okay I know not the smartest thing to say but what do you say to a talking platypus? 'Good 'ay mate?' "I am agent P of the OWCA, and I have a request for you while you search for my boys." I raised an eyebrow "And that is?" I asked he looked at the ground "Take me with you while you search." okay, about now I normally would be making sure this wasn't one of Gears tricks. But, Perry's face was so full of worry and fear I could help but trust him. Beside, since when do talking animals ever hurt anyone.

Perry and I walked back into the house and were met at the front door by Gear and Candace. "Hey, G, I think he wants to come along." I said pointed at Perry, Gear gave me his best 'Why' look. Candace spoke up "Why would you want to take Perry? He a platypus, they don't do much." I looked at him and got an idea "When we find the boys they might not trust us. If we have Perry it might help us. You know, show that we were here." Candace thought and nodded "Makes sense, wait here while I get his things." she left and went she was out of earshot Gear turned to me "Okay, why are we really taking their pet?" before I could answer Candace came back with a tiny boy with a blue button on top. I mouthed 'Later' as Candace handed Gear the box. "That's it?" asked Gear taking the box "Phineas and Ferb made it for him. Just press the button." I nodded and picked Perry up into my arms and we said our last good byes to the family. Linda came up to us and hugged us once more and she whispered into my ear "Thank you your mother must be so proud of you." I sighed as I charged up the static saucer "Yeah, she would be, if she were alive." I said taking off. Perry looked up at me with sympathy.

We arrived at the hotel and changed back into our normal clothes. "I ask again, why bring the pet?" I nodded and Perry stood and explained who he was to Ricchie. He didn't take it as good as I did. He fainted, "Well, that went well." I said pulling Ricchie on his bed then I looked at Perry "You might want to rest up. When he wakes up he won't sop asking questions, trust me I know." he nodded and pulled out the box from Gears pocket. He presses the button and a small platypus bed appeared complete with mini Phineas and Ferb dolls and a blanket. "The boys made these for me when I had to go to the vet and we realized they couldn't come wit me." he said picking up the dolls and holding them close his eyes were tearful. "Hey," I put a hand on his shoulder "we're gonna find them." he nodded and tucked in. As I got into bed I thought about what Sharron and Pops said before I left. For some reason it scared me. They both acted like I wasn't coming back, and, when Sharron called me Static. How and when did she figure it out? I sighed and turn onto my side then back on my back. I conjured up an image on my mom. She was killed by a stray bullet during a gang attack on Dakota. I never really knew her and I think that is what hurts me the most. I felt something come lay with me. I looked to see Perry curled in a ball at my side holding his dolls. "Is that your mom?" he asked. I nodded and told him what happened. When I was done I didn't notice I was crying until Perry pointed out my tears. I dried my eyes and thanked him for listening he just smiled "Phineas and I use to have talks like this all the time. Only he talked more then I did." I then remembered what Candace had said when I recommended taking Perry. "They know about your identity?" he nodded "They found out a few months ago." and he told me about their adventure on Berk "If I didn't do something that monster would have killed my Phineas. If I have to choose between Phineas and Ferb or the world I would choose the boys every time." I nodded "I know how you feel." and with that the two of us fell asleep.

The next morning we were given a tour of the tri-state area. We stopped at the police station, to Perry's disgust, to see what clues they found. To our disgust, we found they barely even investigated. "I don't see why you're so interested. I mean it's just a couple of dumb kids." Perry chattered angrily at this comment but the cop payed no mind "Besides, if they haven't come home yet they might not want to." now I was getting mad. "You do know that said dumb kids built a roller coaster in their backyard!" growled Gear. The cop just laughed "Yeah, I know what those two did. I have lost count of how many domestic disturbance calls we got this summer. Good riddance, I say. Makes my job easier." that was the last straw. My fist were clinched tight and sparking with angry power. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him out of his seat "Listen, you are going to go back there and get us everything you have on this case. Got it?" I snarled. Gear put his hand on my shoulder "Dude, ease up." he said, I dropped the cop and turned away in rage. "What are you waiting for? GO!" yelled Gear, I heard the cop scrabble away. I smiled "Thanks man. I almost lost it." Gear shook his head he still looked angry "You and me, Bro." Perry spoke from the floor "That jerk is lucky I have to keep up appearances. Other wise, I would be the one yelling." said jerk came back moments later with a folder. It looked empty making me even more enraged. I snatched the it out of his hand. Luckily for him, it was not empty, it had maybe seven things in it, though. "Anything else on the boys?" I asked in , what Gear calls, my Batman tone. He nodded and ran back to the back room and came back with three boxes of folders. "Like I said, one for each day of the summer." he said dropping the boxes on his desk "And there are twenty more in the back." I raised an eyebrow "Don't you put this stuff of computers?" the cop nodded I looked at Gear who nodded "Backpack, download all the stuff about Phineas and Ferb."

Back at the hotel we went through the info. It took hours but we finally found something odd. Several months ago there was an attack of killer robots and Phineas and Ferb lead the army that fought back. But, after the battle, the boys could remember anything about it and it was the same for the other people who took place in the battle. We asked Perry about this and he told us about how Phineas and Ferb fixed his nemesis' dimensional travel device and how they traveled to an other dimension and how in the end the boys gave up their memories of that day in order to keep Perry with them. The story made us work double time to find any clues. After three more hours it was time for patrol, so we left, did a quick sweep through the city, then went back to the room and turned in for the night.

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