Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes

Chapter 3

Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes.

Chapter 3: Doofenshmirtz and Rescue.

There's a bit where it is in Phineas' pov.

I don't own Static Shock or Phineas and Ferb.

The next morning, we awoke to Perry's chatter. Apparently, that was how he would wake the boys. "Morning, guys." yawned Ricchie stretching. I just grunted and threw a pillow over my eyes. I pulled the pillow up when I heard Perry laughing "What's so funny?", "you just woke up the exact way the boys do. Phineas always says 'good morning' and Ferb tried to block out the sunlight with his pillow." I was confused "And that's funny how?" Perry giggled again "I was just thinking about how the boys would react if they discovered their morning habit are the same as the favorite heroes." when I thought about it, Perry was right, it was kind of ironic that our biggest fans unconsciously follow our sleeping patterns.

We decided to walk around in civilian mode. We were coming up to a cafe when someone called Perry from behind us. We turn to see a group of kids about Phineas and Ferb's age. There was a girl in a pink dress with long black hair with a pink bow on top of her head. Beside her were two boys one was small, he looked Indian, and the other was large and mean looking. Perry chattered when he saw them. The girl looked at me "Why is Perry with you?" the big boy spoke up "Yeah, he's Phineas and Ferb's pet." he sounded a little angry. I didn't know what to say so Ricchie saved me "I gather that you are friends of Phineas and Ferb?" the small boy nodded and I spoke up "We're watching him for some friends while he is looking for them." the girl looked confused "Who?" she asked "Static and Gear."

Their eyes got wide "Your friends with Static and Gear?" they asked in unison. I nodded, after a moment of shocked silents the girl introduced herself "I'm Isabella." "Buford" said the big boy "Baljeet" said the small boy. We sat down and talked, as it turned out Buford, Baljeet, and Isabella took part in the forgotten battle as well as everything the boys did this summer. "So, when did you all find out the boys were gone?" Buford answered "Isabella knew first, she's their neighbor. After her it was only a matter of time for the rest of us to figure it out." I nodded "It must have been hard for you to lose your friends so suddenly." they nodded. After a little more chit-chat Perry seemed to get an idea, so we left. When we were sure that no one was watching Perry stood "I think I got an idea who might have taken the boys. Dr. Doofenshmirtz, my nemesis."

We arrived at Doofenshmirtz evil incorporated "Is he trying to get arrested?" asked Gear. We went up to the roof and flew in through a conveniently open window. Once inside Perry signaled for us to in the air as he landed. Suddenly, a metal cage trapped Perry and a voice echoed from the shadows "Ah, Perry the Platypus, it took you long enough." Perry just rolled his eyes and came down. "Eh, who are you?" said the man who spoke earlier. "The guy who's wondering were the evil guy is." I sassed, "I am the evil guy." he said angrily. I turned to Perry "Really?" Perry shrugged "Oookkaay." I said using my powers to free Perry. Doofenshmirtz stared "Wait, I know you. Your Static and Gear, aren't you." he came forward quickly and shook my hand, catching me off guard. "It is quite an honor, really." I turned Perry again "Really?" Perry and Gear just started laughing.

"So what brings you two to the Tri-State Area?" asked Doofenshmirtz. "Have you heard about those two boys who were kidnapped?" he nodded "Why yes, in fact I... Wait, you're not blaming me are you?" Perry crossed his arms and glared "You're a very good candidate. Your evil, so to speak, and you are most likely aware that Perry would not attack when innocence is threatened." said Gear. Doofenshmirtz nodded "Yes, I'm aware, but, I would never sink so low as two abduct a child." I considered one had happened in the last five minuets "Gear, think about what just happened, there is no way he is evil enough to take the boys. Let's go, we have other leads to look at." I didn't let my two friends speak as I flew out the window. When we were outside Gear spoke "What leads?" I rolled my eyes "I just said that so he wouldn't get suspicious. We're going to follow him and see if he's hiding anything."

We followed him for hours without anything strange, as we were about to give up he started to act suspicious. He was outside a building looking to see if anyone was watching then he knocked on the door in a weird rhythm. The door opened revealing a big scary robot. Perry gasped in horror "That's a norm-bot. They are the robots that tried to take over the Tri-State Area. If they are here that mean Doofenshmirtz's more evil alternate dimension self is here." I gritted my teeth if that jerk was here he might want revenge on the boys for ruining his plans in both dimensions.

"We need to get in there." I whispered to Gear. He nodded "Backpack, disable the security system." Backpack jumped off of Gear and got to work. Seconds later Backpack came back and we were inside. It was brightly lit and from around the corner we heard voices "I'm telling you we're cutting it to close. I mean this is Static and Gear we're talking about. I may be able to convince Perry the Platypus, but, those boy have fought far worse then us. They will figure it out soon. I'm lucky I was able to convince them just now." the voice that answered was the same but it sounded more evil "For once your right, we will have to move the boys as soon as possible."

If we were going to save the boys we would have to do it now. I signaled for Perry and Gear to come to me "Alright, here's the plan. Perry, you go to the left side of the door, Gear, stay on the right, I'll go up top and on three we'll go in grab the boys and get the heck out of dodge." they nodded and we took our places. I held three finger and counted down from three. Everything after one was a blur. We went in at top speed and Perry and I zapped the two men while Gear tied them up with zap-caps. When they were tied. I began to interrogate them "Alright, we know you have the boys. Where are they?" I demanded. Alt. Doofenshmirtz refused to talk, but, when I began to spark angrily Doofenshmirtz of this dimension spilled "They're in the back room!" he yelped.

I looked at Gear "That was almost too easy." he said. I nodded and walked cautiously into the back room with Perry close behind me. I turned on the light and there in the middle of the floor was Phineas. He was out cold and motionless "PHINEAS!" screamed Perry running up him. He shook the boy trying to wake him. "Perry, we need to find Ferb and get out of here." called Gear, but, I don't think he heard him. He was too distraught about Phineas, then I heard a voice from the next room "Help! I'm in here!" the voice had a British accent and it pulled Perry down to Earth "Ferb? Where are you, we can't see you." he called. There was a banging sound from right behind me. I turned and blasted the wall away, behind the wall was Ferb. He used his arms to shield his face from the rubble of the wall. Ferb stood and ran to Perry and his brother. "Perry!" he cried hugging the platypus and crying. "Yo, we'll have to get reunited when we're some where safer." I yelled scooping up Phineas bridal style and got on my static saucer and extended the size so it would carry Ferb and Perry, too. "You take them to our room for now. I'll take care of these two." said Gear picking up the angry looking Doofenshmirtzes. I flew back to our hotel room and landed on the balcony. I carried Phineas in and laid him on my bed so I could better assess his wounds. He had a bad head wound and it was bleeding, it looked like he had a broken arm but it was hard to tell because Ferb kept trying to pull me away from his brother. He was afraid I was hurting him "Cool your jets, I'm trying to help him." I turned to Ferb and he stopped panicking at once.

Back at the place where they were being held he had never really realized that the people who were freeing him and brother were their heroes. Once he realized who I was he stayed out of the way. I turned to Perry "There are some bandages in my bag. I need you to get them." he nodded "On it." he said going into the bathroom where I kept my bag. I began to reassess Phineas. His arm wasn't broken but it was close. I would still have to splint it, his legs seemed fine aside from a few cuts and bruises, he also had a battered stomach and a fractured rib. Seeing all these wounds made me angrier then I was when we were at the police station. What monster would do this to a little kid, Ferb came over and looked his brother over with teary eyes. I wrapped the wounds and called Gear on the shock box and told him to pick up a splint while he was out.

When gear got back I asked him to make sure Ferb was uninjured while I wrapped Phineas' arm. Ferb only had some miner wounds, nothing serious. "Man," said Gear when I told him about Phineas' injuries "why do that Phineas but not Ferb?" Ferb answered "Because, everyone knows that I can't built without a blue print and Phineas always draws the blue prints. They wanted us to build a world domination machine and Phineas refused to design one. Every time they told him to design he would say no and they would instruct one of the norm-bots to take us to the back room they would make me watch as they..." he chocked unable to continue. Perry and I tried to comfort him but it was difficult because we were so angry.

Phineas pov

I awoke to sunlight on my face. I was warm and comfortable. Wait, warm and comfortable? Our cell was neither of those two. My eyes shot open and I bolted upright. At once I wished I hadn't as a pain in my ribs made me give a quite cry of pain. I looked around, I was in a hotel room, in a warm and soft bed. I felt a weight on my right side. I looked down at it and almost yelled with joy. Perry! I looked to my left and saw Ferb sound asleep in the bed next to mine. I looked at the floor and was shocked , no pun intended, when I saw Static. He was asleep on the floor using his arms as a pillow. Then, I realized what must have happened.

Static must have heard about our kidnapping and come to find us. I took off my blanket carefully as not to wake Perry and placed it over Static. I then went to the bathroom and when I came back I heard the door on the balcony open and I hid under the bed. It was hard because my arm was pretty badly hurt. I looked out the other side of the bed and saw Gear. I immediately felt dumb. Of course Gear would be with Static. I carefully crawled out from under the bed and got on to of it. Gear noticed me "Oh, hey, you're awake, good. Static was worried the head wound had put you into a coma." Head wound? Then I remembered the norm-bot had hit me on the head and that was what knocked me out. "Hungry?" asked Gear. I nodded and he threw me a pack doughnuts, I inhaled them.

Static pov

I woke up and realized I had a blanket draped over me "Hey, Static, heads up." the next thing I knew I was catching and package of powder doughnuts. I blinked and looked around. The first thing that really made me wake up was the fact that Phineas was awake and inhaling some doughnuts, too. "Hey, good to see you awake." I said getting to my feet and sitting next to the red head. He stopped mid-doughnut and stared at me. I laughed "Keep that up and you'll choke." I said walking to the bathroom. When I came back Ferb and Perry were waking up slowly and were each tossed a pack of doughnuts. Ferb caught his but Perry's hit him in the head.

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