Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes

Chapter 4

Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes.

Chapter 4: Not over yet.

I don't own Static Shock or Phineas and Ferb.

We decided to take the boys home after they recovered a bit. Gear and I didn't really get to change back into Virgil and Ricchie because we needed to hide around the boys. Once Phineas' arm had healed they started asking if they could build again. I decided it was time to take them home. Gear and I were getting ready to leave suddenly Phineas screamed from the inside of the room "NO!" we ran in and saw Ferb holding his brother and starring at the TV in horror. I used my powers to turn up the volume "Thank Jack, sadly it is true. The second dimension Doofenshmirtz escaped the police today. He is believed to be armed and very dangerous. We also reach our hearts out to the two boys who were recently saved from there clutches. Be safe boys."

I stared in terror and turned to the terrified boys. Perry paced the room trying to think of ways to protect the boys without revealing that they knew his secret. I sighed and turned to Gear "Looks like we're gonna be here a little longer." I said. Gear flopped next to Ferb. "You don't have to stay here for us." said Phineas and Ferb nodded "Your families must be really worried." I smiled and shook my head. "Actually, Gears parents and my older sister think we here for a summer school trip. They don't know who we are." Gear put a hand on my shoulder "Static, we'll have to call them. This was only suppose to be a week long thing." I nodded and walked over to the phone. Hello? "Hi, Pops." Son, it good to here from you. How is it in Danville? "It's great, but..." But? "Something's happened. We're gonna be here longer then we thought." I understand do what you have to, we'll... Is that Virgil? Yes, Sharron. Give me that!

I held the phone away from me ear. I knew what was coming VIRGIL HOPPKINS, YOU BETTER EXPLAIN YOURSELF! "Sharron, I don't..." DON'T GIVE ME THAT! WHERE ARE YOU REALLY! I LOOKED UP WANYE Co. AND IT SAID NOTHING ABOUT FUNDING A TRIP TO DANVILLE! "Sharron, will you just shut up and listen!" I yelled into the phone. Sharron stopped yelling and listened "We are in Danville. Wayne Co. Didn't announce it because it was that big a deal. Ricchie and I were the only ones who showed. Whatever, you just better be home soon. I've been stuck with your chores. "Ah, about that." Virgil. "There's been a change and Ricchie and I have to stay a little longer. Sorry, got to go, bye." VIR... I hung up and sighed. I would here about this later. I walked back into the room and was greeted by stares. It wasn't until then I realized how loud that had been. "Sharron?" asked Gear. I nodded and jabbed my thumb at the phone "You better call your parents, too. If their anything like Sharron then you might want to talk to your mom more then your dad."

Gear was in the other room talking to his mom and I was with the boys. "I'm sorry your sister is mad at you because of us." said Phineas sadly. "It's cool, man, if it was for this then it would be for something else. I think it is the only way she know to try and protect me. She is my big sis after all." Phineas nodded "So, your name is Virgil?" I sighed and took off my mask "Yeah, Virgil Hoppkins." Phineas smiled "We won't tell anybody. Right, Ferb. I mean we've kept Perry's secret." I smiled "Thanks, guys. You have no idea how hard it's been to keep this secret." Perry nodded able to relate.

Gear came out and noticed I wasn't wearing my mask. "We can take them off now." he said hopefully. I nodded and he took off his mask and put on his glasses. "Ah, much better." he said smiling. The boys smiled too as Ricchie introduced himself. After a while we decided we would still take the boys home and hang around. Just in case.

When we got to the house no one was home. The boys had an idea and ran into the back yard. Phineas and Ferb stared a the big tree in their yard and smiled. They sat down under it and relaxed. Phineas waved for us to join them. At once I knew why they would come here to relax. It was very peaceful. "So," I leaning against the tree "what's the plan?" Phineas smiled "Sit here causally until they notice us." I grinned the plan was brilliant if not a bit evil. We sat there for a while then we heard a car door. "Don't worry, Candace, where ever the boys are they probably have been rescued by Static and Gear." came Linda's voice. "I know, but it's just unnatural not seeing them in their room or under that stupid..." Candace turned and looked out the sliding glass door and dropped the groceries she was carrying. She yanked the door open and ran to her brothers. "PHINEAS, FERB!" she shrieked happily hugging her little brothers. Lawrence and Linda ran to the door and Linda collapsed at the sight of her boys. "MOM, DAD!" yelled the boys running to their parents. The reunion was very heart warming.

Sadly, we had to tell the family that it wasn't over yet. "Mr. and Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher," I started but was stopped when Mrs. Flynn hugged me and thanked me and Gear a thousand times for finding them. "Ma,am, I'm afraid that this isn't over." she pulled away confused "What do you mean?" I sighed "One of your sons' captors escaped this morning and I'm afraid he may come after the boy again." The family looked horrified. "Are you sure it was him? You may have made a mistake." said Candace optimistically. "There is no mistake." said Ferb "Phineas and I saw the report ourselves. It's him, we'll never forget that face." Phineas nodded and clung to Ferb, shacking. Linda sobbed as Lawrence comforted her as we told them what the boys had been through. "Oh, my poor babies." sobbed Linda. Lawrence was trying not to cry for his wife. Candace had taken the bays to their room so they could change because Isabella and the others were coming over. Apparently, they didn't know Phineas and Ferb were back yet. This would be fun.

Phineas came running down the stairs wearing an orange and white t-shirt and blue jean shorts followed by Ferb who was wearing a white shirt and purple overalls. They were both smiling like crazy and Linda stood up and wiped her eyes "How about some snacks?" she said waking into the kitchen. She came back with cookies and seven glasses of milk. Phineas and Ferb sat on the coach and munched on the cookies. "Would you two like some?" asked Linda. I looked at Gear "We shouldn't..." but then the smell of the cookies got to me "Are those chocolate chip?" the boys laughed and Phineas fell off the coach. Linda just smiled and nodded and offered us the plate. We shrugged and at on each side of the boys. I was by Phineas, who crawled back onto the coach, and Gear sat next to Ferb. A few minuets later the door bell rang and Phineas and Ferb got up and ran to the backyard dragging me and Gear with them.

We hid behind the tree and waited. Then, the kids we met a few days ago came into the yard. The boys giggled quietly and crept up the tree. When they were on a branch they flipped upside-down by their legs and started talking casually "You know, Ferb," said Phineas "they say money can't grow on trees. I wonder... THAT'S IT, hey, Ferb, I know what we're going to do tomorrow." Their friends looked around to see where their friends were. Suddenly, Isabella got an idea and ran to the gate. She walked out then back in again "Hey, Phineas, whatcha' doooin'?" Phineas giggled when she looked under the tree and call "Phineas?" "Up here, Isabella." he called back waving. They all looked up and yelled with joy. The boys jumped down and hugged their friends. Then, Perry came out and chatter. "Hey, Perry, I thought Static and Gear were keeping an eye on you. "Actually, I think he was keeping an eye on us." I said making the kids turn. Isabella shrieked, "OH, COOL!" yelled Buford, and Baljeet, well, he fainted. I guess it was to much for a geek. Even if they are cool geeks. We sat in the yard playing with the kids and laughing. Finally, it was time for the others to go home.

Gear and I decided to hang around the house that night for a while. We sat on the roof and stood guard. It was getting late and I needed to sleep, bad. I tried talking to Gear but that didn't help. Suddenly, I fell asleep and the next thing I knew I was dangling from the roof with Gear yelling at me to wake up. I quickly shook off the sleep and pulled out my static saucer and got back on the roof. We both laid on the roof catching our breath. Gear got his back before I did "DUDE, NO SLEEPING ON GUARD DUTY! ESPECIALLY ON THE FREAKING ROOF!" I nodded "Yeah, sorry, Man." I panted. "You know," said a voice "you two can come inside." we looked at each other then at the ground. Linda and Candace were there with their arms crossed, but, they were smiling. "Yeah, I guess that would be a bit safer." I said flying down followed by Gear. "Did we wake you?" asked Gear, Linda shook her head "Candace and I knew you two were up there for a while. We didn't say anything until just now when Static almost broke his neck." I blushed and we walked into the house.

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