Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes

Chapter 5

Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes.

I don't own Static Shock or Phineas and Ferb.

Chapter 5: Late night attack.

After that first night we stayed around the house, and honesty I think we were lucky, because we got to see the boys in action. The morning after my roof dive I awoke to the sound of drills and hammers. Gear had been up at seven "Dude, you've got to see this." I walked over and my jaw dropped. There was a huge machine in the backyard. I wasn't sure what it was, but it must have taken forever to build. "Man, when do they get up? Midnight?" Gear shook his head "Nah, man, they got up at seven." I turned and gaped at the clock. It was only just then nine. "They built that in just two hours?" Gear nodded "They had a lot of help." He pointed to the kids we had met the day before and several girl scout looking girls. "Those girls are Isabella's fireside girl troop. They were in the forgotten battle, too. In fact, most of the kids in the city were part of the battle for the Tri-State area." I nodded and smiled "Want to go help?" Gear looked at me like I had two heads "Dude, no offense, but, DUH!"

Three weeks passed and I was having a harder and harder time explaining to Sharron why I wasn't home yet. After a week she began to worry, after two she would panic if I didn't call, and by the third week she practically wanted me on the phone with her 24/7 just so she knew I was safe. Pops never said it but it was clear he was worried, too. I hurt me not to tell Sharron, but I had a feeling she would only worry even more if she knew I was Static.

The good news was, Doofenshmirtz hadn't attacked in those three weeks. So Gear and I had hopes to return home and soon. But, those were dashed one Monday night. I had past out on the coach and was sleeping peacefully. Then, out of no where, Phineas and Ferb screamed. I bolted upright and flew, literally, into there room. A norm-bot was standing where the wall had been. I quickly fried it's circuits before it could escape. "Phineas, Ferb, where are you?" yell Candace searching for her brothers. They're parents were out for the night, so it was just us. "We're right here." said Ferb from inside the closet. I quickly moved some rubble and opened the closet. Ferb was holding a sobbing Phineas. Quickly Candace hugged her brother's. Then, I realized something was off. I had fought that battle alone. "Hey, where's Gear?" there was the sound of bricks moving and Gear spoke "Present, Mrs. teacher person." he grumbled. "GEAR!" I ran over to my friend "You okay, man? What happened?" Gear held his head "I came up to check on the boy. As soon as I open the door the wall exploded and I got hit in the head."

Candace sat on the ground at first I thought she was getting over the shock of the fact that we were just attacked after three weeks of nothing. Then, she pulled out her phone. "Mom. Yes, it's Candace. No. We were just attacked. No the boys and I are fine. Hold on. Static, Gear, are you two okay?" she looked at us "Miner concussion, but nothing serious." said Gear "Nothing that will scar." I said "Gear has a miner concussion, but says it's not serious and Static is fine. I know. Yeah, three weeks is along time. I don't know, mom. Okay, see you when you get here." she closed her phone and put her head in her hands "Mom and Dad are on their way home as we speak. I suggest we try to get some more sleep." Ferb shook his head "Are you bloody kidding? There is noway we can sleep after that." Phineas, who seemed to have lost his voice, nodded and clung tighter to his brother. Candace sighed "I did say try. Come on lets see if we can get something to eat while we wait.

We all sat in the kitchen. It was uncomfortably quiet. Phineas and Ferb stared at their apples but didn't eat. Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher came inside. We were checked over for injuries and asked a thousand time if we were hurt. Both Phineas and Ferb stayed quiet the whole time. I sighed and rubbed my tired eyes. The sun had risen and it was clear none of us would be able to sleep. So, Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Gear, and I went into the back yard and sat under the tree. Not long after we got out there Isabella came into the yard and saw the whole in the wall. Then, it was her turn to ask if we were hurt. Phineas spoke for the first time that day. "I don't think we're going to build anything today, Isabella." he said "I understand, Phineas. I see you later." and with that she left. I leaned against the tree and sighed. If they were going to keep attacking at night Gear and I wouldn't stand a chance. We couldn't stay up that late. Not for multiple nights in a row.

That night I found Phineas and Ferb watching TV in the living room. "Hey, guys, let me guess. Can't sleep?" Ferb nodded "Yeah, me either." I said sitting next to them. We stayed like this until the was a small knock on the window. We all jumped and I got into a fighting form. I used me power to light the darkness and saw Robin knocking on the window and waving. I sighed in relief and opened the window allowing the boy wonder in. Phineas and Ferb peeked over the coach. Robin noticed them and smiled "That them?" he asked. I nodded "Yeah, none of us could sleep." Robin turned to me and looked serious "You saved them, why haven't you gone home?" I was taken aback by the question "One of the guys who took them escaped and is after the again. Didn't you know that?" he shook his head "No, all I know is the Wayne Co. has been getting twenty calls a day from your sister asking when you'll be home. It got annoying after call number twelve." I sighed "I know, man, she's been bugging me, too." I said rubbing the back of my neck. "What can I do? I can't leave them. This isn't over yet." Robin looked at the boys sadly and sighed "Well, catch this guy and get home before Batman get mad, and you know how he is when he's mad." I shivered "Don't remind me."

After Robin left I collapsed on the coach next to Phineas. A couple of hours later Phineas and Ferb fell asleep on the coach. I draped my coat over them and went to the kitchen. Perry was sitting in his bed looking worse then me. "Morning, Perry." I said pouring a glass of orange juice. "Morning." he grumbled, I sat at the table and leaned back in the chair. Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher came into the kitchen after a while and made some coffee. "Morning, Static." She said "Good morning, Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher." I said rubbing my eyes. She noticed "Didn't sleep?" she asked. I shook my head and yawned "You?" I asked. She shook her head and sipped her coffee. "Um, ma,am, you see my family does know about who I am and are starting to worry." she nodded and I went on "Normally, Gear and I would be home by know, but with this creep still out there..." I stopped and bowed my head. "You want to go home don't you?" she asked I nodded "But, we can't leave the boys unprotected. If anything happened to them because we weren't around I could never forgive myself." she seemed to be waiting for me to say a had a plan, but to be honest I didn't know what to do. When she noticed this she thought

"Hm... Well the boys aren't safe in Danville and I need to get home. Then the plan is simple." she said and I looked up surprised "As much as I hate to I think it's best that the boys go to Dakota for a while. At least until this maniac is caught." I blinked. Wow, that was simple. I bit my bottom lip, how would Sharron react? "I guess that's the best plan we have." Then, I snapped my finger getting an idea "And, if the night attack continue then there is a group of bang babies that move around at night because the sun is toxic to them. So, they can protect them at night." Mrs. Flynn-Fletcher smiled and nodded.

Later, we explained our plan to everyone else. Phineas and Ferb agreed to the plan as long as we took Perry. But, I don't think he would let us leave with out him. Candace was reluctant but in the end agreed. Mr. Flynn-Fletcher did whatever his wife told him to so he was fine with it. Just one more person to deal with. Sharron.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number to my house. Hello? "Hey, Sharron, it's Virgil." Virgil? It's about time you called. "Yeah, I know. Listen, I'm bring a couple of kids home with me. There parents are on vacation and they need a place to stay." Excuse me, you take forever to get home and now your dropping this on us? Sharron, who is that? It's Virgil, Daddy. Let me talk to him. Okay. Son? "Yeah, dad." What's got your sister all worked up? "Well, I am bringing work home, dad." I said. Alright, at least your coming home. We'll be at the air port waiting for you. Do you want me to call Ricchie's parents? "I think he would like that. Thanks, dad." I hung up. It was time to go home.

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