Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes

Chapter 6

Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes.

Chapter 6: Ebon and HotStreak.

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Phineas, Ferb, Gear, and I were sitting in the limo. None of us spoke. Ricchie and I were in civilian mode. "Your destination, Master Ricchie." said Alfred stopping the car. "Thanks, Alfred." he said getting out. "Later, Ricchie." I said giving him a fist bump "See ya, V, and you two," He spoke to Phineas and Ferb "don't eat anything Sharron makes." and with that he climbed out and was greeted at the door by his mom. I watched until the house was out of sight.

After a while we arrived at my house. "Thanks for the lift, Alfred." I said climbing out "Your quite welcome, Sir. You three take care." I nodded and shut the door. Phineas and Ferb stared at my house then looked at me. Perry chattered nervously reflecting his owners emotions. "Well, what are we waiting for? Uh, you guys go first." I said nudging them toward the door. We walked in "Pops, Sharron, I'm home. There's someone I what you to meet." We looked around the house. "There not home, Virgil." I jumped and the boys hid behind me. I turned "Adam, man don't scare me like that!" I said relaxing. Adam laughed "I'm sorry, I could help it. So are these your new friends?" I nodded "This is Phineas and Ferb, and that is their pet platypus, Perry." Perry chattered. Adam knelt down "Aren't you two a bit young to be at a advanced science convention?" he asked. Phineas smiled "Yes, yes we are."

"So, where are Sharron and Pops?" I asked flopping onto the coach. "They are out of town for a few day. They asked me to apologize for not meeting you at the airport." I sighed "They go crazy on me for taking so long to get home and when I get here they leave. How is there fair?" Adam looked at me sadly "Will it cheer you up if I tell you that I ordered pizza and invited Ricchie to stay the night." I sat up smiling "Yes, yes it would." I said and Phineas and Ferb started laughing.

Ricchie arrived two minuets before the pizza. We ate and talked and, for Phineas and Ferb, discussed what we were going to do tomorrow. So far the boys were doing a good job of keeping Gear's and Static's secret. Even when they talked about us it was like they weren't looking Static and Gear. "Hm, hey, Virgil, tomorrow could you show Ferb and I around Dakota?" asked Phineas "Sure, man." I said. Adam spoke up "Maybe I should come, too. In case there's a bang baby attack." Phineas and Ferb looked at Adam confused "Bang baby?" asked Phineas. Adam nodded "Teens who were affected by this thing called the big bang. They are what we like to call meta-humans. I'm a meta-human." Phineas dropped his pencil "You are?" Adam nodded again "I'm known as Rubber band man. Static and Gear are meta-humans, too." Phineas and Ferb looked at me and Gear and we gave a slight nod to confirm what he had said. "Cool." Phineas smiled and finished his pizza and when the rest of you were done we played video games until we passed out.

The next morning, we were up at seven and Phineas and Ferb were ready to go. Adam ended up having a meeting that day so he couldn't come. "You guys be careful out here, and watch out for HotStreak and Ebon. They were released yesterday." Adam warned. I nodded and led the boys out. "Who are HotStreak and Ebon?" asked Ferb "Their a couple of really bad bang babies. Ebon can control shadows and HotStreak can make and control fire. You don't mess with them unless your a meta-human, and even then only strong meta-humans have beat them." Phineas and Ferb seemed to get the message and nodded.

We were down town and decided to get ice cream. When we came out of the shop someone spoke from behind us. "Virgil Hoppkins and Ricchie Foley, well, look who finally decide to come home." We turned and Frieda and Daisy were standing there looking very angry. "Daisy, Frieda, hey." Daisy marched forward and poked me in the chest "Don't 'hey' us where have you two been? You were suppose to help us with setting up our stand at the summer festival." I didn't know what to say "Uh, we were, um, you see we, uh..." at that moment Perry chattered and got the girl attention. "Oh my gosh, is that a platypus?" cooed Frieda "Ooooh, sooo cute!" they knelt down and pet him. Then Daisy spotted Phineas and Ferb and I got an idea "You see,guys, we went to Danville for a while and we met these two. Frieda, Daisy, meet Phineas and Ferb. The Platypus your fawning over is their pet, Perry." They smiled at the boys who, for their part, were doing a good job playing the shy type. Phineas tried to hide behind my legs while Ferb hid behind Ricchie.

We were about to go to the movies, Frieda and Daisy included. When I saw something strange in the ally. Perry must have seen it, too because he trotted over to the ally. "Perry?" called Phineas chasing after his pet followed by Ferb. "Guys, come back." I called running after them. The boys chased Perry deep into the ally before finally catching him. "Perry, what's gotten into you?" I heard Phineas say in the distance.

Suddenly, a shadow flew next to me. Ebon! "PHINEAS, FERB, RUN. EBON IS COMING YOUR WAY!" I called. I picked up the pace and ran passed the shadow that was Ebon. The boy were up ahead. They hadn't heard my warning! Phineas saw me coming "We got him." he said walking back towards me. "NO, RU.. AH!" Ebon formed a portal right under me and took his half form. Where he was half dude half portal. I was sinking slowly and struggling "VIRGIL!" cried Phineas putting Perry down and running to my aid. Ebon knocked them away "I'll deal with you two later." he said. I was up to my neck in the portal now, still with no clue where I would end up. Suddenly, something attached to my hand. "What?" Ebon turned and saw Perry struggling to pull me out. "Now, boys!" he yelled. Ebon turned to see the boys pointing some shooters at him. "FIRE!" cried Phineas the balls struck Ebon in the head and I felt his grip loosen. Perry pulled me out and I pulled his mini grappling hook off of my wrist. "Nice catch, man, thanks." Ebon stood up and held his head "Man, he did say they were smart. I'm outta here."

I sat on the ground staring at where Ebon had been standing. "What was that about?" asked Phineas confused and scared. I stood up and sighed "I think Doofenshmirtz has gotten to the bang babies." I said "We'll really have to watch our backs now." they nodded and we walked back to the theater.

The others were waiting outside the theater looking worried "Hey, guys!" I called waving. Ricchie quickly ran up to me "What took you guys so long?" I looked at Daisy and Freida, who were making sure the boys were okay, "Later." I murmured. He nodded and I pulled out my phone and pretended to be talking to someone "Adam? Whoa, whoa, slow down. What no, it's okay. We're on our way. Yeah. Okay, I'll tell them." I closed my phone and Daisy looked at me "What's wrong?" "Adam said there's a meta-human on the loose and said we should go home cause this is a really bad one." I said "Sorry girls, maybe we can pick this up tomorrow." said Ricchie taking Ferb's hand as I took Phineas'. We ran and stopped at Ricchie's house and I took Ferb's hand. "Later, guys. Be careful." we nodded and Ricchie walked inside.

We were walking back to my house with our guards up. I looked everywhere before we went anywhere and we never went into ally ways. Phineas and Ferb had become, literally, afraid of their own shadows. Terrified that it was Ebon. We were almost there when Phineas noticed something odd. "Uh, Virgil, what does HotStreak look like?" he asked "Well, he's white, he likes to wear baggy pants and a tight red shirt, and his hair makes it look like his head is on fire." Ferb stopped and pointed "You mean like him?" I looked up and saw him standing there. HotStreak he was walking right toward us. "GO, RUN!" I yelled and we took off in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, at the other end of the sidewalk was Puff and Onyx. "Who's that?" asked Phineas backing away. I picked up the boys and ran down an ally.

We quickly hid behind a dumpster and I got into costume. "Wait here okay." I said taking off and coming up behind the villains. " Well, looks to me like you got the old group together." I said shooting bolts of electricity at them. "Static!" said Puff angrily "Where did you come from?" Onyx spoke up "Yeah, and where have you been?" I grinned "What did you miss me? If you need to know I was in Danville." HotStreak threw a fireball at me. I dodged quickly and did it again when Puff blew some acid gas at me. "Man, you guys got sloppy." I said dodging a trash can thrown by Onyx. This went on for a while then I heard a cry from the ally. The villain's turned and I stared in horror. Carmendillo had Phineas and Ferb "I got them guys, let's go!" he called. The boys struggled in his grip as he held them over the ground. "Let them go!" I yelled flying toward Carmen.

Suddenly, I felt something hit me and I crashed to the ground. "STATIC!" cried the boys as I tried to get back up. My vision was fuzzy but I could make out the forms of the teens. Puff knelt down to where she was face to face with me "We weren't sloppy, Static, we were distracting you." she blew a puff of knock out gas in my face and I began to get pulled into a deep sleep. Then, black matter surrounded the bang babies. Carmen let out a cry of shock then yell "Their gone! Those stupid kids are gone!" The world was fading fast, then someone picked me up and carried me away from that place. My last conscious thought was of the boys and Perry. I hoped they were okay.

Phineas pov

Ferb and I sat behind the dumpster and waited for the evil meta-humans to leave. I was shacking, this was way scarier then anything we had ever faced before. Ferb put a comforting arm around my shoulder and hugged me. We stay like this for a while, then the dumpster was moved reveling a giant armadillo. Perry leaped at it but he just swatted him aside. Perry hit the wall and slid to the ground, out cold. The armadillo grabbed me and Ferb and held us above the ground. I yelped in fear and struggled against his grip. "I got them guys, let's go!" he yelled. Static flew toward us "Let them go!" he yelled. Then, HotStreak hit him in the back with a fireball and Static crashed. "STATIC!" cried Ferb and I in horror. I struggled harder as they started to gang up on the injured hero. The girl blew something in his face and he passed out.

She came toward me and Ferb. I gasped when I realized she was going to breath the same stuff in our faces. "Ferb, hold you breath!" I cried. Ferb obeyed and the girl smirked "You two will have to breath sooner or later. I suggest you get this over with." she said. I shook my head. I think I was getting on her nerves.

Suddenly, this black stuff appeared out of no where . Someone grabbed me out of the grip of the armadillo and carry me away. When I was able to see again I saw we were under ground. The one who took us away from the ally was a teenage boy, he had sunglasses on as well as a large trench coat. "Ssstay hhere." he stuttered an ran to a man hole above us. He stood there at the bottom and rung his hands nervously. Finally, a very built woman came down. She had something in her arms and upon closer inspection I noticed it was Static. I sat where the boy had put me Ferb was next to me. He hugged me protectively and watched as they carefully placed Static on a coach. Then, a thin girl crawled through the hole and covered it. She was carrying something, too. "PERRY!" I cried breaking free of Ferb and running up to the girl. "Here," she said gently placing him in my arms "he should be okay." she said kindly. Then, she turned to the lady who brought in Static. "Is he okay?" she asked. "He's got a small head wound but he should be okay. It doesn't help that he breathed Puff's knock out gas." I was confused and scared. Who were these people? The girl who brought in Perry looked at us and saw we were scared. "It's alright. We're friends of Static's. We're on your side. Last night Static came down here and told us you guys need protection at night. You see we can't move around in sunlight. It or an light for that fact is deadly to us. So we were the perfect ones for the night watchers." well, at least they were nice.

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