Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes

Chapter 7

Two geniuses, an agent, and two heroes.

Chapter 7: Adam learns the truth. Final Chapter.

Adam pov

I sat in the kitchen, I was worried. Vergil and the boys had yet to come back and it was getting late. I stood and paced before turning on the news. "And in other news, child protegees, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, were rescued a few weeks ago by none other then our own Static and Gear. The boys are believed to be staying with the heroes until their kidnapper is recaptured." I stood bolt up right and groaned "Leave it to Static to put others in danger." then I realized that Virgil and Ricchie had just taken to hunted boys out into a meta-human infested city. The meta-breed wouldn't miss a chance like that. "Darn it, Static!" I changed and ran out of the house to search. I ran into Gear and was surprised not to see Static. "Adam, have you seen Static. He didn't show up for patrol." I slapped my head and groaned "Great, four people are missing." Gear looked puzzled "Four?" I nodded "Those two boy you and Static saved and my girlfriend's brother haven't come home yet and I'm starting to worry.

Gear nodded "Well, it is night. I have an idea. Come on." I followed to teen and we landed at an abandon subway entrance. "Hey, Night-breed. We need your help." he called and young delicate girl came out "Gear, thank goodness. Hurry." we followed her to the station area. There were the boys and Static. Phineas looked up and smiled "Gear, Adam!" he cried happily. Quickly Gear walked up to Static, who was out cold. "What happened?" he asked in a panic. "He was knocked to the ground by Hotstreak and then Puff blew some knock out gas into his face." my heart stopped and the boys' eyes got teary. "He was trying to help us. We got separated from Virgil and these meta-humans cornered us. Static came and fought them." said Phineas shaking in sadness. Ferb put an hand on his shoulder, but I saw something then that didn't make any since. Phineas was about to say more but Ferb shook his head a bit. Only I caught it. I raised an eyebrow but didn't bring it up.

I took the boys home and waited for Virgil to come as well. I was pacing again when the door opened. We ran into the living room and I gasped in horror. Virgil was slumped against the door with Gear next to him. "I found him when I was finishing the patrol. I think he's hurt." I quickly moved over and took the fainting boy from the hero. "Virgil, what happened?" I asked in concern. "Hot- Hotstreak." he muttered before passing out. I carried him to his room, leaving the boys with Gear. I laid Virgil on his bed and pulled up the blankets. He slept peacefully and as I watched him sadly. 'I should have gone with them. I could have left the meeting for another day. This wouldn't have happened if I did.' I thought sourly "I'm so sorry, Virgil." I whispered. Then, I turned to leave the room. One way or another, Hotstreak would pay for this. I changed and noticed the boys were standing at the door "You're leaving?" asked Phineas. I sighed and nodded "Lock all the door and don't answer for anyone. Not even me. I'll get in on my own. Stay with Virgil, please." they nodded and I left.

Phineas pov

After Adam left, Ferb, Perry, and I went around every inch of the house and locked everything. After that, we went back to Virgil's room and found him awake, but only barely. "How are you feeling?" I asked walking up to him. "Terrible, where's Adam?" I looked at Ferb then back at Virgil "He went to find Hotstreak. He muttered something about 'one way or another.'" suddenly the shock box went off. "Static, you need to get here now! Rubber-band man has lost it. He's furious Virgil was hurt and is all over the city searching for Hotstreak." Virgil cursed under his breath and changed into his costume. "You know the routine, boys." we nodded and to my surprise ran to their bags and pulled out their shooters. "Um, not what I meant..." I interrupted him "Like we're missing this." Static grinned "I had a feeling you would say that. Alright, let's go." I looked at Ferb ,who nodded, and jumped out the window after the hero.

We found Ricchie half way across the city and he showed us where rubber-band man was. He had a couple of meta-humans pinned against a wall. Static flew forward and I thought I saw him sway a bit, which worried me. "Adam!" called Static as he landed and stumbled forward weakly. I gasped when I realized he was still weak from the first attack. "What do you want? I'm busy." Static stepped forward weakly. "What are you doin', man. This is going to help Virgil." Adam flinched "How..?" Static collapsed before Adam could finish and the meta-humans ran as he caught the teen hero. "Virgil!" yelped Ferb. He quickly covered his mouth with both his hands and his eyes got wide. Adam looked at us in surprise "Virgil?" he looked at the sleeping hero and carefully took off the mask. "Oh my god, Sharron is going to kill me." I shook "And Virgil's going to kill us." I said staring at him.

We went back to Virgil's house and Adam put him to bed again. Then, he came down to us in the living room. "So all this time, Static was Virgil, and I trash talked him while he was right there? Oh man, I feel bad." he placed his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes.

Adam pov

I felt really bad about trashin' Static now. Maybe I was wrong about him. Now that I know who he is I realize the risk he's taking to protect the boys. He's already been beaten to a pulp once for them. There was a groan from the stairs and Virgil came down. He was still wearing his costume and holding is head. "Man, I hate it when Puff does that." he grumbled. Suddenly, I had an idea the would get the boys out of trouble with Static.

"Um, Static." I pointed to the mirror next to him. He turned and looked "YIKE!" he yelped, stumbling back. "Well, this is awkward." I said "How so?" asked Virgil "All that Static trashin' and the hero himself was sitting next to me the whole time. I suppose that explains why you always left when I started." he laughed nervously and scratched the back of his neck.

Virgil pov

In the end, Adam wasn't mad, just embarrassed. Later that night there was a report on the news that the boys' kidnapper had been recaptured and returned to his dimension. It was time to take the boys home. I only regretted that Pops and Sharron didn't get to meet them. "Come and visit sometime, okay?" said Phineas. I nodded and the boys got on their plane home. I knew their parents would be waiting for them their. I ran to the bathroom and changed. I flew after the jet until I couldn't anymore, waving at the boys. They waved back and Perry waved as well. They flew out of sight and I watched them for a while. Trying to convince myself not to fly after them. Adam stretched up to me "Come on ,Virgil, lets go home before we get attacked." he joked. I nodded and flew away. 'Note to self: Keep an eye out for giant unicycles.' I thought.

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