A girl protected by the outside world kept from the dark secrets that her parents keep if she ever finds out could she make it?

Fantasy / Mystery
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"Mom when can I ever visit the outside world?" Asked Noel her mother turned around with a cold stare in her eyes and said coldly "You ungrateful brat will stay here and will NOT go to the outside world if you ever dare ask that type of question again I will lock you up in your room for 48 hours DO...I...MAKE...MY...SELF CLEAR!!" "O-oh ok I understand..." Noel's feelings were really hurt how could her own mother speak to her 5 year old child like that!? But that's how her life was and...I'm afraid will stay. 9 years have passed and Noel's mum still has not changed not even one tiny bit her mother was still cruel "MOTHER I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO YOU!" snapped Noel it was actually the first time she snapped at someone. "What do you want...?" said Noel's mum coldly (just as we expected her too) "Mother I have had ENOUGH of you! you boss me around you dont care for me you dont talk to me you act like I'm an object you tell me every single time that whatever I do is WRONG! you were born to hate that is why from now on I'm no longer your daughter!"
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