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Death Note

Chapter 2 - Killing

When Khloya was listening oh so intently to the TV, there was something that caught her ear. It was about a man, he was keeping 3 kids in a convenience store, the police were surrounding the building, but they didn’t know whether to move in or not because the man could kill one or all of the kids.

The news reporter began to speak, “At 4:45 PM as of right now, there is a man named Josh McSamuel who has three kids of the ages four, nine, and 11 in captivity at a convenience store on Willoth Road. The police are now surrounding the building, they don’t know whether to move in or not.” It showed Josh McSamuel‘s picture on the TV. Khloya watched the ticking of the clock and after 40 seconds she looked back at the TV.

“There seems to have been something happening, the kids are now running outside but there’s no sign of the man!” The reporter began, “the police are now running in, we will be back in a couple of minutes!” TV then had a commercial go on.

Khloya smiled, and waited, as the commercial went on, and once it was over, she began to smile from ear to ear.

The reporter was back on. “The police have reported back to us, there is a picture of a wall that they sent.” The picture was shown on the TV screen. It was a wall with the writing of blood that said This Is Kira. “The man is now dead. The police are trying to see if it was self-defense of the kids or the man killed himself.”

Khloya looked down at the death note once more. She allowed the writing. “Josh McSamuel will take a blade to his hand and write a message from Kira that says this is Kira on the wall, then he will slit his throat.”

Ryuk smiled, “You're just like Light, his first victim was also a kidnapper~”

“Oh Ryuk, you should know, I’m better than Light Yagami~” she grinned at Ryuk.

Khloya began to read over the rules again, thinking hard about everything. She then looked at Ryuk.

“Ryuk, I have a few questions.” Khloya spoke.

“Oh? What is it?” Ryuk asked the red head.

“So, I’m guessing these two rules in the back are fake, right?” Khloya question.

“And what if they were?~” asked Ryuk. “I was just wondering if Light did it.” Khloya said.

“No, it was me, but he told me what to write. Do you want to know why?~”

“No, I think I can figure it out on my own.” Said Khloya- she closed the book and put it in her bag. “By the way Ryuk, since I’m the owner I can see you, so I suppose that means others can’t, but can they if they touch the death note, even if it’s just a piece of paper?”

Ryuks eyes turned to a bright red, “Yes, they can.”

Khloya nodded and put the book in her bag and left her room. She looked at her watch, it read 5:37. She got down the stairs and waved to her sister.

“Bye Sovann!” yelled Khloya at her sister, she skipped out the door, and onto the sidewalk. She was walking down the side of the road, Ryuk following her.

“Ryuk, is there anything you like about this world?” Khloya asked Ryuk.

“Hmm... I like the apples, the people are interesting too. Why?” Ryuk asked as he was floating behind the redheaded girl.

“I was just wondering, I don’t like it too much, the only thing I look forward to is the food.” Khloya answered truthfully.

Khloya stopped at The Butler and Maid Cafe. Khloya and Hayato go there often, every Thursday. It was around 6:00 when Hayato arrived.

“Hey Khloya, were you watching the news earlier?” Hayato asked Khloya immediately. Khloya smiled.
“Yes, I was watching it, you saw it too?” Khloya answered and asked back. Hayato nodded slowly.

“Well, anyways, how about we go inside?” Khloya said joyfully and grabbed Hayato’s hand, and pulled him inside the cafe.
There was a blue-haired male at the entrance that greeted them both.

“Hey, Michio!” Hayato said to the male in the butler outfit.

“Good evening,” smiled Michio, he was very quiet, but he was kind and very good looking, Khloya thought. “I'm guessing you guys want the usual?” Michio asked.

“Yes, I think so,” Khloya answered the butler as they were walking to a stool seat to sit at the bar. The smell of the cafe was blissful… It had a bittersweet coffee smell, there was soft music playing in the background. Many people were there, but not packed. Some time passed before they got their soup & drinks. Khloya smiled and gave a sip to hers.

“I heard people are going crazy now, people are starting riots, calling the police, people on social media are getting rid of their faces again… Because of what… Josh McSamuel did… The police are saying it's a fluke, trying to scare people. But, after almost 10 years you’d think people would die down from the whole… Kira thing…” Hayato mumbled under his breath, trying not to be heard by other people.

“That's just exactly what Kira wants you to think! That people are just trying to make a fuss again! There were so many riots after Light died, and when Misa killed herself, it just got worse…” Khloya spoke freely, not caring to be heard.
“True, but how likely do you think that could be?” Hayato chuckled.

“I don't know, I don't know whether to believe it or not Hayato…” sighed Khloya.

“Well, if it really is another Kira, then we’ll know sooner or later… The criminals will die again, and everyone who gets in Kira's way will die. Isn't it interesting though that Light Yagami needed a name and face, but Misa Amane only needed a face?”

Khloya’s eyes widened, how did she not notice this before?! She looked at Ryuk and saw the evil grin of the Shinigami. His eyes were red, and he had a low chuckle.

“Do you want to know why, Khloya~?” Ryuk asked, his gaze solely on her. Khloya swallowed while listening to Ryuk.

“There's a thing, called the Shinigami eyes. It's what shinigami have. We can look at your face, and see your name and life span right over your head. I could tell you your life span, but I’d be killed if I did that. Misa Amane had the Shinigami eyes, her Shinigami gave them to her. But there was a price~” Ryuk's smile went even bigger.
“What’s the price?” whispered Khloya. Ryuk's eyes became a fully glowing red.

“If I give you the shinigami eyes, half of your remaining life span will be taken away and given to me~” Ryuk announced, Khloyas eyes widened.

“Um-Khloya, are you talking to yourself again? Are you okay?” Hayato asked, he touched Khloya’s hand, she jumped and pulled her hand away.

“Um- yes, I'm fine.” Khloya cleared her throat and started eating her soup. Hayato stared at her for a bit, before eating his own.

“You've been acting off, is everything okay?” Hayato sipped his Pumpkin Spice Blend, his red eyes staring into the blue ones of Khloyas. “I think I want to talk to you. But alone, and not today,” spoke Khloya before sipping her coffee.

“Is it something important?” questioned Hayato in a low tone.

“Precisely,” Khloya answered. You could have thought they had their own language, they had known each other since 3rd grade, and the smallest body language could tell each other what the other was thinking. They went well together.

“Well, anyway, how’s it going in your computer club?” Khloya asked.

“It's going pretty good, I've started to learn how to hack into other things. Or at least I’m getting better at it,” Hayato sat back.

“You've always been good at hacking since 8th grade~” Chuckled Khloya. “Do you think you could hack police files?” Khloyas' gaze was fierce and cold. Her eyes had a shimmer of red, her head down, looking up to Hayato.

“I believe I could… Why?” Hayato did the same gaze as Khloya.

“I can tell you tomorrow, 7:00 at my house,” Khloya spoke in a whisper. Hayato smiled and nodded. The night went on, them laughing together, having fun in the cozy cafe, the butlers and maids seemed happier since the two livened up the place a bit.

It was around 9:00 when they left, Hayato hugged Khloya, before going his own way, he lived just around two blocks away from Khloya’s house. As Khloya was skipping down the street, Ryuk began to talk to her.

“Are you planning on telling him?” Ryuk asked.

“Of course, he would be so much of a help to me, I'm going to write names down tonight, and tomorrow I’ll prove to him that it's me,” Khloya said in a joyful voice.

“How do you know he won't freak out or tell the police?” Ryuk asked in a sly tone.

“Let’s just say, I think he'd like the gift to kill a certain person~” Khloya began to whistle, it was a soft melody, it went with the cherry blossoms that were falling in the beautiful dark night sky.
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