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My adventure with shadow the hedgehog

By Virtra_Moon

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 the comet

Kim pov

It was a hot summer day with the sun beating down. My best friend Mary and I were at the spring near our hometown. "Yo, Kim, come here." Mary called. I looked up, I had been daydreaming again, and walked over to her. "What?" I asked "My mom is about to take us up to the Little Niagara. Want to come?" she asked. I bit my lip, Mary didn't know this but I was severely afraid of heights, and as its name suggests the Little Niagara is a rather large water fall. Mary, herself, on the other hand was a thrill seeker. "Sure, okay." I said while I gave myself a mental head slap. It is not easy being scared. We got to the waterfall and as soon as we were out of the car. Mary ran to the top of it and jumped. I winced 'I hope she doesn't expect me to do that.' I thought. There was an area about as deep as a bath tub at the top of the water fall. I decided to go and sit in the water for a bit. Two hours and fourteen crazy dives later Mary told me it was time to head back. "Alright," I said "let me go get changed." I went into the bathroom and changed back into my normal clothes. I came out was greeted by the sound of shock and awe. Everyone around me was staring at the sky so I followed there gaze and gasped. A comet was coming right at us. But, there was something inside the circle of flame that caught my attention. I had trained my eyes to see through anything even darkness but even I had to squint to see what it was. Then I realized it was the relative size and shape of a person. I was about to say this when the comet hit the water at the bottom of the Little Niagara. No one else seemed to notice what I had. I had to think fast or whoever was in that think was going to drown. "I must be out of my mind." I thought as I ran to the edge of the waterfall and dove after the person. Fortunately the person had not sunk to deep and I was able to find him. Unfortunately he was heavy and was dragging us both down. I was losing air fast. Suddenly two sets of hands grabbed me and the person and pulled us to the surface. When we got there I gasped in the air and looked to see who had helped me. It's was Mary and her younger brother Christin. Christin was luging the person i whent in after. When we got to land I tryed to stand but felt a strange wave of exaughtion and past out. Not something I do often. When I woke up the first time I was in the hospital. Mary was next to my bed, and, well she has looked better. My head was pounding " Hey," I said " they have root beer here." Mary jumped at the sudden noise. "Oh, Kim your awake. Good." she sounded as if one hundred pounds had just been lifted off her back. I smiled but suddenly stopped when I remembered what landed me here in the first place. " Where is..." Mary interupted me " The person you whent in after?" she pointed to my other side "Right next to you." and sure enough ther was someone ,or maybe I should say something, in the bed next to mine. He look like a large hedgehog wearing white glove, red and white air shoes, and gold rings on his wrists and ankles. He was black with red stripes on his arms, legs, and his spikes. He also had a white pach of fur on his chest. He seamed to be in much worse state then I was with with many cut on his arms, chest, legs, and head. He also had on a breathing mask. "What happened to him?" I asked as a docter came in to check on us "He has many, many wound aside from the one visable, that added to the fact that he fell seveal feet into a pool of water and his exteral wounds. To be honest it is a miricle he is alive. So to an easier way to answer your question is to ask what has not happened to this poor, um, whatever he is." I looked over at him again and felt sorry for him. The docter seemed to notice and quickly recovered himself "I am sure he will be fine though. Now you should get some more rest. Okay?" I nodded and fell asleep again.

Shadow pov



I am running as fast as I can while holding onto Maria. But, it is not enough. The soldiers are getting closer and closer. My only thoght are to get Maria to safty, to protect her with every fiber in me. I made another random turn and ended up in the escape pod room. I internaly sighed in relief. I could get her into a pod and sent her to earth. She whould be safe there no doubt. Suddenly, one of the pods opened and I was pushed in. I turn just as the door snapped shut. Maria was at the controls, then I realized her plan. "MARIA!" I yelled through the glass. I slammed my fists on the glass over and over. But, it was too strong. Just as she was about to pull the release lever one of the soldiers broke through the door. "She is freeing the creature!" he call into he radio then he call to her "Step away from the lever. Now!" he pointed his gun at her, but her grip only tightened on it. "I'm warning you, don't..." she pulled the lever and his gun went off.


I bolted up right, then wished I hadn't , my whole body hurt. I look to my right and saw two teenage girls one in a chair and one in a hospitel bed. The one in the chair was only half awake. She had long brown hair with neon blue streaks, her eyes were blue, and she wore a long sleved blue shirt and army green cargo pants. The girl on the bed was out cold. She was pale and had short brown hair. She was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a long sleved orange t-shirt. I looked to my left and ther was a boy maybe a year or two younger then the girl. He two was out cold. He had short blond hair and was wearing a red and white football jersy and a pair of jeans. 'Where am I? The last thing I remeber is...Wait a second. I can't remeber anything!' as I thought this I noticed I was wearing a breathing mask and took it off. I decided to try and get some answers. At that moment a young woman walked in and saw that I was awake. "Oh, good, you have awaked." she said makeing the girl in the chair jump and fall out of her chair and make enough noise to wake the boy to my left who also fell out of his chair. "Oh, hello, nurse." said the girl " hello,Mary," said the nurse offering her hand to Mary " sorry to scare you and your brother. Are you okay, Christin?" the boy grunted sleepily as he climbed back into his chair. "How is Kim?" asked the nurse " She was haveing a nightmare a second ago, but she calm down." said Mary sounding worried. "There is no need to sound so worried nightmares are common." about this point I realized they had compleatly forgot I was there. "Not for Kim. She never has nightmares. Or at least I never noticed her haveing one." The nurse sighed " Mary, it may be she just needs to show more emotions. You know how it has been since she lost her family. She locked away her emotions in a box and buried it somewhere none of us can reach ." Mary nodded but looked to be on the verge of tears. "Look I will be back later to check on you guys. Okay?" said the nurse. Mary nodded and the nurse left. As soon a he was sure she was gone Christin looked at his sister "You okay,Mar? It looked like you were about to burst." Mary looked down and I saw some tears hit her hand. The boy noticed too "Mar?" Mary looked up at him tears streaking her face "It's just... I can't take it anymore! We need to tell someone!" she cried. Her brother looked away in anger "You know why we can't do that. We can't trust adults." his sister stood up inraged "LOOK AT HER, CHRISTIN! SHE IS UNCONCESS, AGAIN! AND,AGAIN, IT WAS ON OUR WATCH! I WON'T LET THIS HAPPEN FOR THE TWENTYIETH TIME! SOMEONE NEEDS TO KNOW! SOMEONE BESIDES US!" Mary yelled. "YELL ABIT LOUDER AND THE WHOLE HOSPITLE WILL KNOW!" Christin responded "BESIDES WHO ARE YOU PLANNING ON TELLING, HUH? THE DOCTER AND NURSE? THAT'S A BIG NO GO. I CAUGT THEM TALKING TO THEM!" the word "them" came out as a hiss of anger and discust "SO WHO?" he said angerly. I must admitt I was very interested in what they were talking about. "How about me?" I asked making them stare at me. The boy in shock and the girl in thanks. The boy pondered this then said "First we should know more about you. How about your name?" I had to think hard. A short memory came to me . A cocky voice calling to me.

Flashback starts

"Hey, Faker, want to race?" asked the voice "No." I say simply then I run off and before I leave earshot a girls voice says " Did he just turn you down? That is not like him." the cocky voice answered "Amy, this is Shadow the hedgehog we are talking about. Nothing is like him."

end flashback

"My name is Shadow. Shadow the hedgehog."

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