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The Ultimate Crisis Team Up


Hero’s through out the multiverse must work together but each empathic hero’s have sensed a change in their Earths. The JSA, JLA, and the Titans must work together to defeat a powerful being who has brought all the villains back to life and team the villains up.

Scifi / Other
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National City:

The hero’s of National City we’re out fighting crime. The Monitor then appears. “Kara Zoe-El, J’onn J’onzz, Nia, and Alex it is time.” The Monitor says. “For what?” Alex asks. “Dreamer your dreams should have told you.” The Monitor says. “No I have not dreamed in less than a week.” Dreamer said. “There is no time for talking, we must go.” Monitor says. The Monitor vanishes them to the Hall of Justice. “Not this again.” Alex says. The Monitor goes to the next City.

Central City:

“Flash, Kid Flash, Elongated Man, Vibe, Frost, there is no time to explain your world is endangered.” Monitor says. The Monitor and them vanishes with friends and family. So he goes t the next city.

Gotham City:

“Batwoman your home is endangered.” Monitor says. “I’m a bit busy. It can wait.” Batwoman says. “It can not.” Monitor says. “Whatever!” Batwoman says. He vanishes Batwoman to the Hall of Justice and the Monitor vanishes to another city.

Starling City:

“Arrow; Mia Smoak-Queen, your home is endangered.” Monitor says. “I don’t give a crap to you after what happened two years ago.” Mia says. The Monitor and her vanishes. Next he goes to the Man and Boy of Steel.


“Kal-El, Jon your world is endangered everyone is waiting for you.” Monitor explains. “Dad told what happened two years ago so no.” Superboy says. “You have no choice.” Monitor says. Them and the Monitor goes to the Hall of Justice. Next he goes to find more hero’s.

USSR Waverider:

“Legends your old homes are in trouble even time it’s self.” The Monitor says. They all vanish to the Hall of Justice. Monitor goes to the next city.


“Black Lightning, Lightning, and Thunder you home is endangered.” The Monitor says. “Who are you?” Lightning asks. “The Monitor.” Monitor says. The Monitor vanishes the three hero’s to the Hall of Justice.

Hall of Justice:

“Everyone who has not been here welcome!” Monitor says. “I guess today is bring you kids t work day as a hero during another crisis?!” Frost says sarcastically. “No but yes a new crisis is about to emerge.” Monitor says. “Well I had no vision.” Constantine says. “That’s because all empaths in the Multiverse could see it.” The Monitor says. “We need more hero’s to defeat the crisis that is coming all the villains you have all faced are coming even the ones who had died.” Monitor says. “I have brought your kids who have powers with or that are hero’s because they need to know how to be prepared.” Monitor says. “But some villains are some you have never faced before.” Monitor says. “But where are they coming from?” Constantine asks. “I don’t know all I know is a being way more powerful than me and the Anti-Monitor is doing it.” The Monitor says. “That doesn’t sound good.” Thunder says. “Indeed.” The Monitor says. “But in order to defeat them there are some team of hero’s who may be able to help, but I will have to find them.” The Monitor says. “I shall return retriever the hero’s.” The Monitor says. The Monitor disappears.
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