The Ultimate Crisis Team Up

Meet the JSA

Blue valley:

The Monitor appears at Pat Dugan’s work shop in the back. The JSA appears in the back room after a fight. “Sir I’m sorry but I need to ask you to leave, this area is off limits.” Pats says. “I’m no person.” The Monitor says. “Then who are you?” Stargirl asks. “I’m the Monitor.” The Monitor says. “But why are you here?” Wild cat asks. “Well Wildcat, Stargirl , Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, S.T.R.I.P.E., or should I say Yolanda Montez, Courtney Whitmore, Rick Tyler, Beth Chapel, and Pat Dugan… I am here because a group of hero’s and I need your help defeating some villains.” The Monitor says. “Wait how do you know who we are?” Hourman asks. “I know all.” The Monitor says. The Monitor disappears with the JSA to the Hall of Justice. “Woah where are we?” Wildcat asks. “Welcome to the Hall of Justice.” The Flash says. “But you are no longer on your Earth you or on Earth-Prime.” The Monitor says. “Justice League meet the Justice Society of America.” The Monitor says. “We are all hero’s secret identities and hero names must be shared, in order to trust one another.” The Monitor says. “Hi I am Stargirl but I guess since we will work together call me Courtney Whitmore.” She says taking her mask off. “I’m Wildcat, just call me Yolanda Montez.” She says taking her helmet of. “I’m Pat Dugan, Courtney’s Stepfather and Hero Sidekick, my robot is S.T.R.I.P.E.” Pat says. “I’m Hourman, but call me Rick Tyler.” He says pulling his hood and mask off. “I’m Dr. Mid-Nite, but call me Beth Chapel.” She says taking her hood and goggles off. Everyone in the Justice League shares their identities.

“Now the last team of hero’s have hero’s of all kinds.” The Monitor says. The Monitor leave to find the next team of hero’s.
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