The Ultimate Crisis Team Up


Jump City:

“Hello Titans.” The Monitor says. “Who are you?” Raven asks. “Woah, woah there Miss. Roth no need to get feisty.” The Monitor says. “Your home is endangered, I need Raven, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy.” The Monitor says. The Monitor vanishes with them to the Hall of Justice.

“Everyone this is the Titans a team of hero’s but Batwoman you may or might know one of them.” The Monitor says. “Hello Katie.” Robin says. “Robin, or should I say my adopted cousin Dick Grayson?” Batwoman says. “Oh I’m out of this drama!” Kori says flying off. “No leaving Kori it is rude.” Raven says. “I can see you are an empath.” Constantine says. “Yes, how did you know.” Raven ask. “I saw what you did, love and you are not the only one.” Constantine says using his magic. “But why do you need the Titans which includes me?” Raven asks pulling down her hood. “Because…” The Monitor says until Raven interrupts him. “Is it because I am badass half demon?” Raven asks. “No because of your defeat against your father.” The Monitor says. “Exactly!” Raven says. “Rachel these people need our help.” Gar said. “Fine, I will help.” Raven said. “So wait love when the Monitor mentioned you defeating your father, who exactly is your father?” Constantine said. “Trigon.” Raven said. “You cannot be serious.” Supergirl said. “Mhm.” Raven said shaking her head. “Okay we are getting off track, and we still don’t know who is behind the rise of the villains especially the ones who were once dead?” Dreamer said. “Nia is right.” The Monitor says. “I think if I meditate I can figure it out.” Raven says. “I can dream.” Nia says. “While Raven meditates no one mess with her.” Rabin says.

Raven and Dreamer go to the back and do what they need to do. “Azarath metrion zinthos… Azarath metrion zinthos.” Raven said repeativly meditating. Nia dreams.

“Hello?” Raven says. “Hello daughter, did you miss me?” A dark evil voice asked. “How?” Raven asked. “I have followers.” Said the voice in Rachel’s head. “Daughter there is no way of you defeating me this time.” The voice said. “Why would you think that?” Raven said. “I have my own army of villains.” The voice said. “But father I have defeated you.” Raven said. “Even though the power of the Raven is powerful my followers have learned how to free me.” Trigon said. “Well I have new friends and allies.” Raven said. “So what?!” Trigon said.
Raven awoken in panic. “No!” Raven screams. Nia wakes up. “Oh god Rachel are you okay?” Nia asks. “Yes but I found out what is happening.” Raven said breathing heavily. “What did you see?” Nia asks. “My father, and he spoke with me.” Raven said in fear. “I will get everyone.” Nia says. “Thanks.” Raven says. “Everyone Rachel knows who is behind it all.” Nia said. Everyone follows Nia.
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