The new hunter in town


Gon and Killua met up after Two years of being apart then a Hunter they haven't met before walks into there life is this new Hunter friend or the enemy.

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Killua"s Pov

I was walking around with Gon when something or someone ran past me I heard a quick sorry then they just continued on running I look over at Gon and he's looking behind us. "Killua who do you think that was"Gon Sayed. "I don't know but they're running away from something but at least there not rude"I say. They were walking passed an ally when they heard yelling and crying then a girl with brown hair with blonde streaks came out of the ally with a little girl with red hair. "I know your both up there please come down oh the names Scarlett" Scarlett said. "How did you know we were up there and it's Killua"I say. "I'm Gon and did you save that little girl"Gon said. "I did she's been missing for a year and it's nice to meet you both and the answer to your question is i'm a Hunter plus I've gotten really good at senseing everything around so I don't get ambushed I even Sensed you without using nen" Scarlett said with a smile. I nodded then she told me and Gon to get down she gently put the girl down then caught two arrows. "Wow are alright Scarlett" Gon said. "Yeah I'm fine"Scarlett said. Scarlett looked at the arrows then growled. "Poison I swear now I'm really angry"Scarlett said. "That's just low and it would've hit Gon if you hadn't told us to get down"I say. Killua was more than angry he was about to flip his switch and Scarlett knew it so she coped him firm and quick on the neck and caught him before he fell. "What did you do to Killua" Gon asked? "I just knocked him out don't worry and way you think you can carry the little girl her house is not far from here" Scarlett said. Once they drop off the girl they went to Scarlett's house Scarlett put Killua on the couch and Gon started playing with her dogs then Killua started to wake up. "That's one hard chop you got there but how were you able to knock me out"I say. Before Scarlett could answer Killua's question there was a knock on the door Scarlett was about to answer it when her dogs got in front of her and started growing at the door and Scarlett knew they only did that when there's danger. (Well that's it for now in the next chapter well find out who's behind the door and what kind of nen user Scarlett is and Scarlett will also meet Kurapika and leorio see you all next time bye (
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