the duck that wanted to go south


about a duck called junior who wanted to fly south but he couldn't fly, he goes on an adventure where he meets other animals etc. that help him to fly

Children / Adventure
Peter Martin
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Once upon a time on a nice sunny day down at the lake lived a family of ducks Mummy duck, Daddy duck, Junior duck and Baby duck. They were a very happy family just like every other family they had there ups and downs but loved each other too.

One day daddy duck took the family out for a fly but there was one problem junior didn't know how to fly which was weird because baby duck learnt pretty quickly

Daddy duck never understood why but never gave up on him everyday daddy duck tossed junior in the sky and he would flap his wings but still nothing he crash every time. he really wanted to fly and winter was coming and time to go south.

His family were worried about him, junior was sad “why cant i fly” said junior, Mummy said “your just special but you get it just keep trying we are here for you”, Junior wasn't so sure but had faith that one day he will fly, but one day wasn't quick enough for junior he wanted to fly now

He went everyday trying and trying never gave up but he was all over the place flapping and flopping but when he was in the air he kept crashing into trees bushes etc and had no control at all. He notice he can get up in the air but just couldn't control it, even a slight bit of wind knocked him out.

Now he knew the problem he rushed to tell mum and dad. Mum, dad and baby duck were packing “what's going on” said junior ” We flying to our new home” said baby duck with a big smile on her face. “We have to go now junior” said daddy duck, But junior still wasn't good at flying yet “how am I going to get there dad I cant fly I'm no good in the air still” said junior.

“We going to carry you son its the only way” said mum and dad duck “hop in this basket we found and we carry you all the way south” said daddy duck Junior wanted to tell them he been working hard and found out what the problem with his flying was. but there was no time, so junior hoped in the basket and away they all went south.

Every duck from the lake were all heading south flying in the breeze loving every moment, junior was sad he wanted to fly it looked so easy and fun mummy and daddy duck were flying holding the basket and baby duck was flying right next to them

He so wanted to be like them so without a doubt he jump out of the basket and landed on the ground the family didn't notice and kept going on, junior didn't know where he was but was gonna prove to the family he can do this on his own, so his adventure begins.

Off junior duck went and kept trying to control himself when he was in the air but crashed every time, “its hopeless” said junior he walked on “maybe i should of stayed with mum and dad what was i thinking” said junior. He jumped up in the air tried again and he was getting it for once he was bit funny but was getting the hang of it he flew pass trees and was loving it ” I'm doing it I'm flying” said junior but he got a little to excited and end up hitting a tree after all.

Fell down on the middle of some dirt road next to a pick up truck, the owner of the truck heard a noise checked it out after putting some more cages on the back of his truck, he saw junior the duck sitting there looking confused so he picked him up and threw him in a cage at the back of the truck .

Driver took off and junior needed help and looked around at the other cages and there was chickens who looked unhappy and wanted to be free, junior ask one of the chickens “where are we going” one chicken replied “HELL” junior said “what you mean?” the chicken said “if your here your dead this guy kills chickens for fun then eats them you gave him another snack to eat” “oh no” said junior “your a long way from home duck what brings you here” said the chicken “I was trying to fly south but no good at flying my family already have gone i need to go south i need to go home said junior.

The chickens laughed “A duck that cant fly what's next a fish scared of water” said one of the chickens they all laughed again, “I can fly just not very good at it” said junior “or landing too” said one other chicken as they laughed it up again, ” Ill get home you all see I can fly” said junior, One chicken said “look don't give up son we only kidding we never had anyone else to talk to because you know we be dead soon so we try to cheer ourselves up before we die” other chicken said ” we got nothing cant even get out of these cages so we are sorry but looks like your one of us ”

A smaller chicken from the far back said “you tried now you be dead too welcome to the family” Junior said “No we all getting out where does this truck go” One chicken said ” it heads west on a farm where he puts us all in a barn with free food all we can eat” junior says ” yeah I get the point but we going south we all are, we getting out of he no one dies today” junior also said i may not be good at flying but I'm good at getting out of traps” one chicken said “yeah right”

junior picked the lock with his beck, he's always been good with it one thing he always had and his family never did, next thing you know his picked his lock and every one else's, they all jump off the truck and were all free for the first time in there life “thanks so much” said the chickens “what can we ever do for you” junior thought and said “teach me to fly”

The chickens agreed so off they all headed south teaching junior ways of controlling yourself in the air, he was improving but as he got more excited once again he hit a tree, “what am I doing wrong” said junior, your not paying attention to what your doing” said one chicken” junior learnt he was to excited about flying and it was putting him off from flying in the air making him crash.

Just as they were walking past the some pond a goose came out and said “what are all you chickens and one duck doing out this area don't you know fox's roam this area” Junior spoke for the group and said “I'm sorry but these chicken are teaching me to fly I'm no good at it every time I'm in the air i get so excited and crash just like that” The goose said chickens teaching a duck to fly no you need some bird that can fly and fly good” “who” said junior “ME” said the goose ill give you lessons but first come to my home its getting dark and you guys shouldn't be out here”

They all agreed and stayed at gooses home in the pond, the next day goose taught junior some flying skills and how to control himself in the air he was getting better and better and just like that after a few days he was flying past trees not threw them loving the breeze “I did I'm flying I'm flying” said junior “thanks so much goose” the goose said “no worries now you better start head south its getting colder and good luck” the chickens found a little barn near goose’s pond and decide to stay with goose. Junior said thanks all of you ill always remember you all” the chickens and goose wave goodbye as junior was flying for the first time and away he headed south to show his family the new junior.

As he was flying he was getting cold winter already was on its way and he still had a long way to go. “I'm so cold” said junior he kept going but was finding it harder in the cold winds, next thing you know he fainted and fell right in front of a cave, he was so cold and ran into the cave to get warm , but didn't know he was in a bear cave.

He decide to stay the night, he slept on some kind of pillow he was to tired and cold to notice he was sleeping on a bear who also was sleeping the winter away, next morning he wakes up looks out of the cave winter has came snow was everywhere on trees plants rock “yep winters here this is bad” said junior he went back in and notice a big bear sleeping there he freak and flew right out of the cave and right into some big rock “ouch” said junior “I have to get out of here but its so cold I cant fly in this” said junior

he didn't know what to do just then he notice a car coming and thought I'm getting on the ride, as it drove past he flew up and right into the back on the car it was other pick up truck “ok I'm gonna make it now” said junior and as he turn to sit down he notice a bunch of dead birds laying there “omg” said junior again he freak out and jump out of the truck and landed in the snow “monsters I cant believe humans” as junior ran to find some shelter under some tree.

The weather was getting cold and junior was running out of ideas “its over I'm sorry mum dad baby duck” said junior as he fell into the snow and didn't wake. just then he awakes in some cage in a car it was a family of humans driving the little girl says ” I cant believe i get to keep him dad thanks so much” the father said “we will see honey” junior notice a dog “oi dog what's going on where am i” the dog reply's ” look if i was you id be quiet” “why” said junior “look we taking you home ok” said the dog “what you mean home come on dog am i dinner tell me i need to know” said junior “no your not dinner we were out in the snow and they notice you laying in there so you going to a vet there gonna fix you”

Junior didn't understand ” humans are helping me that cant be right i was locked up before I was sure I was gonna be dinner” said junior “no duck not all humans are like that anyway why were you out in the snow ain't you meant to be going south like other ducks do” said the dog “its a long story I need to go home dog I cant go to this vet I need to be with my family ” said junior “sorry son but you need help you too cold to fly they will help you I'm sure of it” said the dog.

Junior didn't know what to believe but had no way getting out without the dog in front of cage so he kept calm and waited for his chance, they finally get to the vet the human comes and gets the cage out of the car as he gets it out junior picks the lock and fly's right out of the cage humans freaked out as he flew away “thanks but no thanks cya dog” said junior “come back you dumb duck” said the dog after that long drive junior was feeling much better and notice the weather wasn't as cold “I'm getting close” said junior

off he went again weather was changing and getting warmer junior couldn't wait to get home and show his family he can fly, junior was getting hungry he saw some river and flew down and looked to see anything to eat waddling around he gets caught he was stuck on a bear trap he tried flying away but couldn't “help help” said junior just then a fox comes out of no where and comes towards junior “oh no please don't eat me” freaked junior

The fox got closer and said ” I'm not going to eat you I'm gonna save you” junior didn't understand “why you wanna help a duck” said junior “that trap was made for me humans been hunting me for a while they got some of my brothers and there never coming back” said fox “I'm sorry to hear that I'm lost too I couldn't fly and my family all headed south I need to get home to them i finally got the hang of it” said junior “hmm family's always important that's why the hunters ain't getting me or the rest of my family”

Just then he frees junior “there you go buddy now go be with your family after all family is all we have” said fox “thanks so much fox ill never forget you” said junior off junior went south and notice he was there he was south he finally made it.

Junior fly's right into the duck pond right into his house, mummy daddy baby duck were so excited “you made it son we fought we lost you” said daddy duck “omg my sons home don't you ever do that again” said mummy duck “welcome home bro” said baby duck ” I'm sorry I left but I wanted to prove to you I can do it on my own and i did look I can fly” said junior, junior flew out threw trees over bushes he was doing loops he was flying mummy and daddy and baby were so happy they all went for a fly together for the first time as a family “I knew you could do it” said daddy duck “thanks dad but I had help with some friends” said junior “I'm so happy for you I told you if you had faith it would happen” said mummy duck and baby duck said” good on ya” junior laugh and smiled as he flew with his family around the pond threw trees nothing got in his way ever again, and was happy to know that not every animal or human are bad after all, it was the best moment of his life.


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