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Their Fizz - Band of Brothers


Florence Hilton is an ordinary British farm girl until she gets chosen to become the first female combat medic in the 101st Airbourne Infantry. She endures Capatian Sobel, D-day, Operation Market Garden, Bastogne and is one of the first to enter the Eagles Nest. By the end of the war she has seen so much death and destruction but she has gained her Band of Brothers.

Action / Adventure
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Arriving at Toccoa

As she left the plane Florence immediately wanted to go home.

Everything felt different and uncomfortable and her shirt was sticky with sweat.

Her chestnut hair looked greasy from sweat and had come loose from its pony tail.

She gripped her suitcase tightly and walked towards the sign that said 'Miss Florence Hilton'.

"Miss Hilton?" the soldier asked

"yes, nice to meet you" Flo said politely to the dark haired man.

"If you'll come this way I'll drive you to Camp Toccoa, which is where you will train for the paratroopers, my name is Pvt Lorraine"

"Okay, how far is the drive?"

"Its about 5 hours from here, we should arrive about 5pm" Lorraine said.

"Great, you can tell me about America then on the way" Flo laughed.

"Perfect" laughed Lorraine.

He was the first friend she met in America.

The 5 hours went by smoothly and Flo enjoyed Lorraine telling her all about his home and what Toccoa was like.

"You'll be meeting your platoon when we arrive, your ranking medic is a cajun fellow called Eugene roe, seems a good man. Your CO though is real strict, don't get on his bad side" Lorraine explained.

'Duly noted' Flo thought.

When they drove into Toccoa, the men outside all stopped to look at her, she pulled her skirt a bit further down feeling uncomfortable.

Lorraine stopped in front of some office and grabbed her case, "Colonel Sinks office is 2nd door to the right, he knows your coming" Lorraine said as he drove off.

Florence turned towards the door and felt a lightness spread through her stomach. She found the door and knocked.


"Ahh, you must be Pvt Hilton from England" the man at the desk said.

"Yes, Sir" Florence replied.

"We are so happy to have you here, I'm sure you will be an asset to Easy company"

"Thank you, Sir"

As Sink looked at the young girl, he was shocked that she was as young as that, he thought she would at least be in her late 20's. He didn't know what to expect of her, but in her dark green eyes he saw a spark, that in that moment was sure would turn into a flame.

"Sargent Winters!" Sink yelled.

Then Winters she presumed entered, he looked friendly and open. He gave her a small warm smile before standing to attention.

"Take Pvt Hilton to 2nd platoon" Sink ordered.

"Sir" Winters said before gesturing for Flo to follow him.

Once outside Winters relaxed and smiled a real smile at Flo.

"Ive heard your from England, must all seem foreign to you" he said.

"Yes sir, I don't know what to make of it really" she laughed.

"Any problems you have with the men, you have to come and talk to me, I won't have anyone in my platoon feeling down, understand Hilton" Winters said.

"Yes sir, do you think I will have problems?" She asked anxiously.

"No I don't think so, then men have all be warned that a female will be joining the company, I think they are more excited if anything" smiled Winters.

Flo nodded slowly, Winters noticed she didn't look nervous, she was good at hiding her emotions. A good trait in the army.

Flo, the minute she arrived in America put a wall up to prevent herself from feeling homesick and she would keep it going till she couldn't anymore.

They stopped next to a hut and Winters said "Just be yourself and you will immediately become part of the team".

He then opened the door and left her alone with what felt like hundreds of eyes staring at her.

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