Their Fizz - Band of Brothers


"Flo you can't be serious" said Libby
"I seriously hope your joking" Juliette exclaimed.
"Why on earth would you consider that" Alicia said exasperated.

"Its an adventure, you know I've always shyed away from adventure before but now I have a chance to help people, people like james, I can't pass that up!" Florence said excitidely looking at her letter from the US and British War office.

Her friends exchanged nervous glances, was she really considering this? Floss was the most reserved out of all of them and now she was going to America? This was just ridiculous.

"Flo I don't think you have thought about this properly"

"No, Ali I have, I promise" Florence said, when her horse clover whinnied to gain her attention from where the 4 girls were sitting.

"When do you leave?" Libby said quietly as she walked to join Florence at clovers side.

"In 2 weeks" Flo replied softly

"How did your parents take it?" Juliette questioned.

"mum I got a letter from the war office today" Florence said as she sat at the table having tea with her mum, dad, little brother and sister.

"why would they contact you" her mum verity said confused.

"They want me to travel to America and train with one of their company's to become a combat medic and translator" said Flo shyly.

"But you would be the only girl in the army, how would they protect you? Don't they have any American girls they can ask to complete this experiment?" her dad Ian said with anger lacing his tone.

"I don't know all I know is that they have asked me, and I have decided to accept their offer".

After that all hell broke loose, her dad tried arguing and persuading her to not go, her mum sat their silently holding her 6 year old brother Joey, and kept repeating "I've lost your brother to this war I can't loose you as well".

All this made Flo rethink her plans, but as she lay in bed that night she knew she couldn't just sit at home feeding the animals and sewing dresses with her friends after all that was the reason she had joined the nurse corps. No, she would be going, with her parents permission or not.

-flashback over-

"They took it how I expected them to take it" Flo sighed.

"I'll keep you updated on how they are, while your over there" Libby smiled.

They hugged each other then they all set off on a slow trot towards their homes. Florence's home was a cottage with 4 bedrooms, it was cozy but wasn't big, so she shared a bedroom with her little sister Annie. After she had brushed clover and fed and watered her in the stable, Flo walked towards her home, where her mother had put a vegetable stew in as there was little food around these days.

She gave her parents a small smile then walked upstairs and started packing for America. Her little sister looked at her and started crying. Floss looked up and quickly engulfed her sister in a hug. "why are you crying sweetie?

" Mummy says that once we say goodbye we won't see you again" cried Annie.

Ahhh, thought Floss, she's preparing herself for me to never return. After that realisation Flo sat there and hugged her sister even tighter, not wanting to let go.

2 weeks later.

Florence stood on the runway next to the plane that would take her to America.

Her parents stood there, her mother trying not to cry and her dad looking on talking to one of the US scouts.

Her goodbyes to Alicia, Juliette and Libby had been tear filled but when she had hugged Alicia there was something akin to jealousy behind her eyes. Flo brushed it off as it was only there for a moment.

She walked up to her mum who then broke down crying and kept saying "I love you, don't do anything stupid, come home safe, I'm so proud of you".

Her dad looked at her and said "I hope you know what you're doing" Then gave her a hug and kiss on her temple.

She quickly hugged Annie and joey and got on the plane ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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