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Forced into marriage.


The day has come. Today I need to choose one if the men to marry for my dad's sake and the man's. I don't want to marry for my dad's sake, I want to marry for love.

Romance / Other
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The appropriate men available.

I am seated in the living room of my parents mansion curiously waiting to see who would walk through the door. I knew there would be 5 boys and I also knew I would have to marry one of them.

Why I think. Why. Oh why, oh why, oh why. Just why. Why do I have such a limited choice. Its my life, I should be able to marry whoever I want, not someone my family wants.

But at the same time I know that they are only trying to protect me. They only want me to be safe and not live to regret any choices I make.

It's just they don't have to be so over-protective. Ugh.

Just at that moment the 5 boys enter the room. I sit up straight.

"Y/N dear, these are your options." my mum says.

"Thanks mum," I say as I look t the boys. Oh my god... Its the boys of One Direction.

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