Rabbit Hole ✧ KTH/JJK [M]


While kidnapped into a rabbit hole of a corrupt underworld after witnessing a brutal murder, Nari meets an incredibly dangerous and dominating gang leader, Kim Taehyung, and his bodyguard, Jeon Jungkook.

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Rabbit Hole

...ι coυld ѕay ι’ll taĸe yoυ...

Nari lifted her eyes to admire Taehyung’s profile.

His face was brooding and pensive as he looked over the selection of weapons in a hidden closet. His white shirt opened too low to keep it professional; the form of his chest poked through the opening, it made Nari’s mouth salivate.

Her brain was afraid of him, but her body begged for him.

...I coυld ѕay ι’ll мaĸe yoυ...

She gnawed on her bottom lip when she remembered the mess on the floor formed by pillows and sheets.

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that, you won’t be able to walk for a week,” he muttered gruffly, but his eyes never migrated off of the gun in front of him.

Nari’s eyes grew wide, and she attempted to hide in the corner when a bright blush passed her cheeks. Her insides quivered when Taehyung grabbed the gun and cocked it. The expression on his face didn’t change, but his appearance made her focus hazy.

...bυt υnderneatн all ι plan to do ιѕ ᥇​𝘳​ꫀ​ꪖ​𝘬​ ꪗ​ꪮ​ꪊ​...

However, her anger she had been holding back returned. She couldn’t believe after all that she had been through, all the things Taehyung had chosen to tell her, he didn’t bother with the most important thing of all.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” she merely whispered and replaced her attention to the world outside of the window. “Why?”

Taehyung spun around casually and stepped to her. His eyes were hard but carried a sadness that broke her heart. However, his tongue had a deadly ring to it.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart? Did it hurt when your back crashed into my knife?” he pouted and moved her hair behind her ear. “Now, you know how it feels.”

...yoυ coυld be мy breaĸtнroυgн...

“If I had known-”

He held up his hand and stopped her from speaking any further. “I know it’s not your fault, but the way this world works, it doesn’t matter. You’re associated with him, and that’s more than enough.”

She swallowed hard and glanced down at the gun he was holding. She grasped his wrist, catching him by surprise, and aimed the barrel underneath her chin. He went to tear away, but she only clutched his arm tighter.

“If that’s how this world works, you should kill me too.”

❝...watcнιng deмonѕ waιt ’tιl ι leave yoυ...

“No,” he hoarsely replied while he studied her face in distress. “No, I won’t.”

She tipped her head, “Why not? You killed him, why not kill me?”

He turned his back to her and laid the piece on to the nightstand. His head badgered him to make a decision, but he couldn’t do it, and she didn’t understand why. After he had been warning her that he could kill her if ever needed to, he sure was not living up to his promise.

“Because you’re different.”

Nari sank into the wall behind her and let out a defeated sigh.

Taehyung peered over his shoulder and caught her watery gaze, “I rather kill everyone else and myself than have to kill you.”

...and tнey can ιnιtιate yoυ.

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