6. Unknown Skies Book 2: Wandering Through

Chapter 7: Fawnfur

The sky was a brilliant bright blue by the time I reached the quarry. My heart pounded as I pushed through the bushes. I tried not to brush against them, but they still shook. I winced, hoping no one was up early enough to see me. That no one wanted to do some early hunting. I could also only pray the sunrise patrol wasn't awake yet.

I entered camp and glanced around. No one was by the food pile or leaving the dens. But there was a cat. Firesong looked at me and then glanced upward to the sky. I watch her lick her lips, a concerned look crossing her face.

I grimaced, my heart frozen just as my legs. How could I forget about the night guard? Ever since ShadowClan started acting strange (in Bramblestar's and the Clan's view) a night guard watched over the camp, waiting for an attack. Now this cat had seen me. I blinked at Firesong and debated whether it would be worth asking her not to say anything. I opened my mouth, but the ginger she-cat's eyes narrowed. She looked at me, her ears flat.

"Are you just going to lie to me?" she demanded.

I closed my mouth, swallowing. "I'm going to my nest," I muttered, turning away.

I didn't watch her. I could hear her steps as they faded away from me. I hurried to the quarry wall, where I could see the entrance to the medicine cat den. I reached the wall and started up the small trail. I heard two thuds behind me. I glanced back once to see the brown tabby pelt of Bramblestar hurrying behind me. My heartbeat picked up and my legs shook. I forced myself onward, even when I felt his warm pelt on my tail.

I entered the darkness, my eyes adjusting. I could make out my mentor's gray pelt. He lay in his moss nest. Mine was next to his, empty since yesterday. I hadn't been a sleep for almost two nights. StarClan was going to run me ragged with all their demands. You'd think when they stopped communicating, things would have been easier. But this was the most they'd ever spoken to me. I know I should have been grateful but it seemed they were causing endless problems for me they refused to help with.

"Jayfeather!" Bramblestar called. He shouldered me aside and we just barely fit together in the narrow tunnel. The jagged, cold stones pushed into my pelt.

The gray tabby head of my mentor rose, reminding me of another tom. He kind of did look like Lakefrost, I thought, my mind wandering.

"Your apprentice has just returned," Bramblestar growled. "I'd like to know why she was out all night. Alone."

"I told her to collect some raspberry," he meowed. He rose up from the ground. Moss fell from his pelt and he stretched slowly as if he weren't worried. "It only grows well on nights with the half moon. Yesterday we didn't have time to collect any."

"She doesn't have anything."

"I couldn't find it," I meowed quickly, not letting this opportunity pass. "WindClan must have got to it first. Sorry, Jayfeather."

He nodded to me and still Bramblestar glared between us. He didn't say anything as he turned away. Obviously no one could prove I wasn't doing what my mentor wanted.

I watched him disappear into the growing dawn. When I felt he wouldn't still be close enough to hear I let out my breath. I would have thanked StarClan except they'd gotten me into this mess.

"How did it go?" Jayfeather meowed. He sat next to me, interest on his face.

"Wonderful," I grumbled.

He stayed silent, now frowning.

I sighed and knew I had to explain. No matter what problems StarClan still wanted me to face. I thought about where to start.

"Someone spotted you?" Jayfeather meowed before I could say anything.

I blinked, wondering what he was talking about. Then I remembered Ashpaw.

"I found the others by the lake like they said they'd be," I explained, twitching my tail. "I had to avoid the sunset patrol, so it was dark when we finally started talking. We were about to leave when Ashpaw came."

I told him what happened then, chasing Ashpaw through the forest, and getting to the Moonpool later than I'd hoped. I grew silent and I thought of that great meeting of cats. So many voices just filled my head. Everything they demanded and still required us to do.

"What is the most important thing?" Jayfeather asked quietly, trying to make me focus. I realized he probably couldn't hear my thoughts if they were so jumbled.

"The Dark Forest is our enemy," I told him bluntly.

He blinked. When he didn't talk, I continued. "They're going to attack on the full moon. They said Tigerstar was targeting ThunderClan and would kill us. He's gathered cats and is training them."

"This isn't good news. Fighting cats who've already died." He shook his head.

"I know," I meowed. "That's the worst, but there is something almost as bad. Living cats are willing to help them. Lakefrost and the others are supposed to find those cats from every Clan. We only have a quarter moon. It's impossible."

"It is possible," Jayfeather told me, brushing his tail on my flank. "As long as nothing else goes wrong you might have a chance."

"I should have just told Bramblestar," I shook my head. "They said I could. Why wasn't I thinking?"

I realized while he was with us, I could have told him where I was. I could have told him the real danger. Yesterday he hadn't liked I didn't have answers for him. Now I did. I should have told him. But my mind had been full of just telling Jayfeather, my trusted mentor who knew everything. I'd been scared of Bramblestar and of him rejecting my warning again that I hadn't said a word. Just what I could to protect myself. Was I selfish? I was sacrificing my Clan for myself.

"You aren't," Jayfeather told me. "It is right that we should discuss this first. We need to give Bramblestar details and more warnings. We have to make our story better than Owlface's. Bramblestar will believe us if we make sense."

"Owlface is probably the cat working for the Dark Forest," I growled, thinking of the silver tom with the white face. "He's been bothering me this whole moon, stopping me from succeeding."

Jayfeather tilted his head. "You may be right."

"Is is possible for him to hide that from you?" I asked.

"If he has something in the front of his mind, something he thinks constantly about," Jayfeather meowed. "That cat was you. I thought it was so obvious I didn't walk in his dreams or try to dig deeper." He snorted. "I wasn't being thorough. Anyone with so many loud thoughts could hide the rest from me."

"Well, it has to be him," I meowed. "That just means I'm going to talk to him again.

I shivered. I'd just gotten rid of him. Now I had to talk to him again? It just wasn't fair. And how was I supposed to tell him to stop speaking to the Dark Forest? That whatever they wanted him to do was a lie? I didn't even know what they'd promised him to get his cooperation. Me probably. I could only hope they'd threatened someone close to him and I could convince him they wouldn't be able to hurt that other cat. Maybe all this was just a sham and he was a worried tom inside.

Somehow I doubted that. I yawned. My eyes closed and I had a hard time opening them again. I blinked at my mentor and he smiled at me.

"Get some sleep," he meowed. "You've been up late."

"But what do we tell Bramblestar?" I meowed.

"First talk to Owlface," he told me. "If you could get him to stop listening to the Dark Forest, or at least tell Bramblestar he was lying, we'll be a paw up a tall tree."

I nodded. That sounded intelligent.

"You need to be rested if you want to help your Clan," Jayfeather told me. "I'll bring you back a mouse."

I nodded again and watched him walk away. When he left the den I walked to my nest. I curled up. It took me a while to find a nice spot. When I did close my eyes, I didn't want to open them again.


When I did wake up, Jayfeather told me to clean out the nests. I chased down moss balls and dried leaves from the corners of the cave, and floating moss from the pool in the back. I felt better staying inside. I really didn't want to talk to Owlface. And Jayfeather and I were still working out what to tell Bramblestar.

Now Sunset red filled the entrance. When a shadow covered the light and I glance up from my pile I'd neatly stacked. Morningsong limped in. Scratches marked her face, and bites along her legs. Blood dripped to the ground, running down her ginger-brown tabby pelt. I stared at her for a moment, shocked that my sister was coming to me wounded. I'd never had to treat her before and it stirred an odd feeling in me. The dead face of Sunstorm flashed into my mind.

"Are you all right?" I demanded, jumping forward. I pressed my nose into her fur, searching for the wounds, licking any that I found.

"I'm all right," she meowed gruffly. She didn't quite pull away, but I could sense she felt awkward with my attention. I guess I was treating her like a kit. "Pricklethorn and the others aren't so good."

"What happened?" Jayfeather asked. He came from the storage cleft, comfrey and burdock leaves at his paws.

I was ready to snatch them from him and give them to my sister when someone else came through the entrance. Sunlight rippled off of his red fur. As he entered the darkness his eyes glowed for only a moment. It was Rosepaw. I always thought he'd been cursed with a bad name. His parents must have thought he was a she-cat at first. His ears were torn, a cut down his whiskers, his tail bloodied.

"Border fight," Morningsong sighed in reply to Jayfeather's question. It sounded as if she were disappointed.

"WindClan?" I asked, accepting the herbs Jayfeather gave me. He must have realized I would have taken them from him. I quickly clawed the burdock apart, getting ready to apply it to her wounds.

"No, ShadowClan," Morningsong meowed, her eyes glancing up. "I'm surprised you haven't noticed all the trouble they've been causing lately?"

"Trouble?" my nose wrinkled. There hadn't been any trouble.

"They crossed the border," Rosepaw growled. "We fought them off!"

"We?" Jayfeather questioned. "Where are the others?"

I glanced around. No one else had come in. They needed treatment and I was surprised they weren't getting it.

"Pricklethorn is with Bramblestar," Morningsong meowed. "And Owlface didn't want to come in. You know. . . the problem."

My ears went down and I avoided her curious eyes. I didn't feel like explaining the problem to anyone. They all thought they knew, but I'd never told the real story to anyone but Jayfeather. Owlface had been after me the whole moon and everyone had noticed. Owlface had convinced them I'd promised to be his mate if he didn't tell them about my meetings with Lakefrost. They'd believed him over me. And I still had to talk to him! I hadn't realized he'd been on the patrol.

I started chewing the burdock into a mash, forming a poultice. I smeared it on my sister's side. Once it was on, I placed the comfrey. I soon started looking for cobwebs to hold on the herbs and stop the bleeding. As I worked I asked her questions.

"What happened to ShadowClan?" I meowed.

"You concerned about someone in particular?" my sister challenged.

I glanced up and saw her staring at me, one eye narrowed, her head tilted.

"No," I defended myself. "I was just wondering who won."

"We did, of course," Rosepaw meowed proudly.

"One she-cat ran off," Morningsong meowed. "So there were more of us. We beat them back over the border and then they ran for home."

"Who started it?" Jayfeather asked.

"They did!" Rosepaw meowed quickly. I glanced over. Was that guilt in his eyes?

"Their scent was by a maple on our side of the border," Morningsong explained. "We waited and they came back. We challenged them and then an apprentice ran over the border to fight. Of course we couldn't let him get away with it. When Rosepaw started fighting with him, the others ran over."

"We clawed their ears off!" Rosepaw yowled happily.

"Well, good work," I meowed. As I said it, my heart wasn't in it. They'd just beat a ShadowClan patrol. A patrol that had been trying to take our territory. I felt more worried for ShadowClan though. Who had been in the patrol? Had they been wounded much? Was it Lakefrost? Did he know what his Clan was doing?

I knew I had to find out.

"You're all set," Jayfeather meowed.

I nodded to my sister. She smiled at me.


"Just send Pricklethorn over when he gets out of Bramblestar's den," my mentor told her.

Morningsong dipped her head and she took Rosepaw from our den. I watched her leave. My chest still felt tight. I worried she might get an infection.

"I want you to care for Owlface," Jayfeather told me.

"What?" I turned to him, my eyes wide.

"Take him some herbs. This will be the perfect excuse to talk with him. Ask him about the Dark Forest and try to convince him to tell Bramblestar the truth."

I nodded. My mentor was right. I might not be looking forward to this, but I had to do it. I walked to the storage and shifted around, finding the right herbs, twirling cobwebs over my tail. As I came back out, a bundle of herbs wrapped in a leaf clenched tightly in my jaws, I saw Pricklethorn coming through the entrance. He reeked of blood. My nose wrinkled. As I came close, I could see claw marks all over him. His ears were almost shredded.

"Flea-pelts," I heard him mutter. "I don't think I'll be able to move tomorrow."

"Let me decide that," Jayfeather meowed firmly. He started nosing the dark tom.

I walked around them and into the sunlight.

I blinked as it filled my vision. I looked down at the quarry. My Clanmates stood around. Their voices buzzed in the air. I spotted Morningsong with a few of the warriors and Rosepaw with the apprentices, swiping his paws in the air as if reenacting the fight. It wasn't a surprise they all knew about the battle or were busy discussing it. They seemed outraged and shocked that ShadowClan would do something like that. I searched the familiar cats, looking for one in particular.

I spotted him near the fresh kill pile. I hopped down to the ground and started walking through my Clanmates. I could see them move away from me. I glanced over just to see glares sent my way. My ears went back, my head down. They didn't seem to be the forgiving sort. Just as the tale of the battle spread, so did my supposed 'disloyalty'. I'd been speaking with ShadowClan and I had encouraged Owlface. I wasn't the best she-cat in the Clan at the moment.

I tried to ignore them and I made it to the silver tom, setting the leafy bundle beside him. He gazed at me, a hard look in his yellow eyes.

"What do you want?" he growled.

"I'm here to help you take care of your wounds," I tried to sound calm and cheerful all at once.

He frowned and looked away. He licked his paw and rubbed it along his face, cleaning some of the blood.

"I'm a medicine cat," I meowed. "It's my job."

Even if I hate you.

"Fine," he nodded.

I nodded in return and started picking through the herbs I'd brought. I couldn't help but hear the silence in the immediate area around us. Then the whispers started again. My ears twitched.

"Look. She's there with him."

"What is she doing?"

"She's licking him. It's like she actually loves him."

"He didn't even go to the medicine cat den. She came to him."

I could almost feel their eyes burning into my back. My throat felt tight as I licked the poultice onto his chest. He sat there. I could feel the muscles beneath his pelt. They were tense and I knew he could hear them as well. Was he glad of their talk? Was he happy what he'd done?

They didn't trust me. They seemed to believe we had something going on. That I was the one doing it all. That it wasn't his fault. I bared my teeth and ducked my head so no one would see. This was completely unfair! I had done nothing but try to help them, yet they insisted on seeing my deceit.

"Owlface," I whispered. "You have to tell the truth."

He glanced down at me. "What do you mean?"

"You have to tell Bramblestar you were lying."

"I wasn't lying," he growled back.

"You told him I said I'd be your mate if you promised not to tell anyone I was meeting Lakefrost."

"You did promise," he meowed as quietly as I.

"But it wasn't my idea!"

"That still doesn't exclude the fact you were meeting with ShadowClan tom. That you were going to meet with him again. You also spoke with ShadowClan warriors just three days ago. You can't say you're innocent."

I gasped. My eyes were wide as I stared into his eyes. Anger smoldered there, but they were clear otherwise, his face firm. He thought he was being honest. It was the way he saw everything. He thought he wasn't lying to Bramblestar. To him it was the truth, that I was a miserable medicine cat apprentice that had brought everything onto herself.

"Stop working for the Dark Forest," I hissed at him. "They are lying to you. They won't give you what you want."

The anger left his eyes and he just stared at me.

"If you keep this up, we're all going to die," I continued. If I let him talk, he might just laugh me off, pretend he knew nothing. "I don't know why you have to listen to them or what made you follow them in the first place, but stop it."

He pulled away from me, his eyes growing wider. His nose twitched.

"We're all in danger."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," he shook his head. He continued to lean away from me. I saw his eyes scan over my head as if searching for help.

"I think you should go back to Jayfeather," he told me. "Get some more sleep or something."

Then he backed away. I watched him go, continuing to glare in his direction. When he disappeared behind the others I realized he'd been acting strange. He'd had no reaction other than fear. I blinked. It was as if he didn't know what I was saying. There had been no recognition in his eyes as I mentioned the Dark Forest.

I looked down. Did he know anything at all? He'd seemed scared of me. Almost like I was a crazy cat.

"I see you're all gathered." Bramblestar stood on the high ledge. He looked over us all, his eyes resting on me a second before moving on. The Clan grew silent, waiting for him to continue.

"Likely you know the situation. ShadowClan is trying to take more territory. They remarked the border. Pricklethorn and the others fought for it. They won and we still have our territory."

The Clan yowled their excitement. They'd won and so proved we weren't a Clan easily defeated.

"ShadowClan has been deceitful. They are growing bold since the sickness," Bramblestar continued. "Lately their borders have been guarded. They are vigilant about something. Perhaps fearing our retribution for their attempts on our land. They've crossed before, so this comes as no surprise. We must be aware, they will try again. From this point on, we are at war with ShadowClan. Should they make one more move, we will attack at the heart of their camp."

I watched my Clan nodded, many called their agreements. ShadowClan had been using us. They'd been discounted as weak since they were one of the smallest Clans, then Fallingstar took over, growing ShadowClan and dealing with the other Clans. Everyone must have thought as the youngest ever leader she wouldn't be a threat, but these actions made her dangerous. I still couldn't help but think how wrong it was. Why would ShadowClan suddenly do this?

"We will double our patrols, watch their border like they've watched ours," Bramblestar meowed. "Cinderheart, take care of that. We will start tonight. We can't let them take advantage or think we are overly confident. They might think we've celebrated our victory and are too mouse-brained to think they would attack again."

He nodded and then wandered back into his den. Cinderheart, my mother and Clan deputy, stood up from where she sat at the bottom of the Highledge. She walked to my Clanmates and for a moment I wanted to be called to go on that patrol. I wanted to see what was going on. I had to ask Lakefrost. But I wasn't a warrior any longer. I couldn't go on these patrols. And I'd never be allowed to cross the territory to speak with him.

I narrowed my eyes. I just had to try. I had to see Lakefrost. Perhaps the cat who started this was the one in their Clan they had to be wary of. The one working for the Dark Forest. I glanced around, looking for Owlface. I couldn't find him. He'd probably gone to his den. My tail thrashed, the cobwebs collecting dust. We probably wouldn't get another moment like this one. And if went looking for him, my Clan would have an even bigger excuse to hate me.

I grumbled to myself as I picked up the leaf, bundling the leftover herbs in it.


I left Jayfeather near the abandoned twoleg nest. He'd come with me to the border. Bramblestar and the other cats would see us leave together. We'd return to camp together as well. This way no one could prove I hadn't been doing my duty. Of course they could always accuse me, but they'd never be able to prove it, and they might be suspicious, but I was less likely to get caught with Jayfeather covering for me.

I padded quickly through the forest. Stars twinkled above me as for the second time I entered ShadowClan land. The pines grew thickly in this part of the forest. The fallen needles coated the ground, muffling my pawsteps. I constantly sniffed the air, my ears twitching for the slightest sound. Perhaps it was foolish of me to go into the territory alone, but I had to find Lakefrost.

I stopped walking, my heart sinking. It wasn't possible. Unless I went into their camp. He was still being punished. Of course going there, they'd see it as me attacking and I would have to run for my life. I had to find one of his siblings instead. But the only one I truly wanted to see was him. The others might be on my side, but Mallowstalk didn't like me much, Honeybee probably could care less, and I didn't think Badgerface was as smart as Lakefrost.

I sighed and shook my head. I really wasn't thinking straight these days. I glanced around wondering what I should do. Would it be luck that finally led me to him? Would it be worth waiting around? I licked my lips. No, I had to go to the camp. It would be risky, but I needed to do it.

I started walking again. I didn't know where the camp was, I'd never been shown, but I followed the scents of ShadowClan. Where it was stronger, there they'd be. I could only hope I didn't run into one of the warriors on my way. After the battle that evening, they probably wouldn't be very nice to me.

I walked, fearful all the way. There wasn't any bushes to hide under, no ferns or grasses. The tree branches looked a bit too high to climb. Twice I lost my way. I thought I was following a scent trail when it would grow fainter and I had to find my way back again.

Suddenly I heard movement, like many claws over the ground. I froze, my eyes wide as I glanced around. Where could I hide? I dove to the side of a tree, huddling against the rough bark, and shaking. My eyes were closed, perhaps thinking like a kit, if I couldn't see them they couldn't see me. I heard the steps growing louder. There wasn't a sound but breathing. They didn't make conversation as they walked by. They didn't stop either. When nothing happened, no call and no teeth in my neck, I opened my eyes and looked around in the darkness.

The trees remained dark shadows, moss edges ringed in silver from the moon. Boulders rose from the ground in places, very few bushes scattered between the trunks. I could make out no cat. They hadn't seen me or smelled me. I swallowed and glanced skyward with quiet thanks. Slowly I rose from the ground, stepping quietly over the needles, walking in the path the cats had left. I knew they must have come from the camp, bound for the border. I shivered, wondering what they'd do when they came across my scent.

I walked along until I found a ring of bushes. They rested in a small clearing and I thought I could see a stump of a tree. This had to be it, the ShadowClan camp. I narrowed my eyes searching for moments and forms. I couldn't just walk in there not knowing if there was a guard. I actually couldn't walk in there at all. I didn't want to be caught there. Instead I circled the camp, sniffing the bushes. That smelled like milk and warmth, that smelled like old must and mousebile, near the tree stump smelled like one cat, the bushes next to it like many herbs, and the last the scents of many cats. I had found the warrior's den.

I tilted my head. Now what? The bushes were reinforced with woven brambles and branches, deterrents to foxes and badgers and of course making sure no one could leave that way. I couldn't just shove my head in and hope everyone was sleeping. I gazed upward. The moon was already sinking through the needles. The tree tops rocked in a high wind. I could see shapes flying overhead, swooping and diving. A larger form sliced through the air, catching one of the bats before disappearing between the trees. I shivered. I didn't like owls.

I turned my attention back to the den. I could hear the sounds of faint snoring and muttering. The occasional shifting cat, shook the leaves. I knew I couldn't just wait all night for him to use the dirtplace. I sat, thinking. Maybe I could claw my way in, but that would draw attention to the den, and maybe wake someone. I couldn't call for him. I sighed. This really was hopeless. But I had to know what happened at the border, why ShadowClan was attacking.

I slowly raised my paw, placing it on the bush. I winced as the thorns pressed against my pad. I cautiously slid my claws out, grasping a vine and pulling to the side. The bush moved. I flinched, biting my lip. When nothing happened, I tugged again. So slowly the branches parted. There was a small hole. I pushed my face against it, peering in. It was dark inside. I could barely make out shapes. There wasn't enough for a whole Clan. For a moment I was confused. Where was everyone? Then I realized. Out of all of us, ShadowClan was the most nocturnal. They would still be out. I grew nervous. That meant so many cats were out in the territory. They could come back soon.

I searched for the familiar gray pelt. I didn't see him and at first I believed maybe they were shunning him. Then I remembered what Honeybee had said. I could have hit myself. He wasn't allowed to sleep in the warrior's den. He'd be in the apprentice den. I found it quickly and repeated the process. I thought I could see him, a larger cat with the smaller apprentices. There was a large gap between him and them. I found the entrance. He was near it. I had a chance. But I'd have to go into the camp. I growled low, releasing the bush. It jumped back into place. I slunk around the bush looking for the entrance of the camp. I quickly found a gap, pushing through as quiet as I could. I looked around, searching for the guard. There he was. The tom sat near the nursery. Yellow eyes glared around the camp. How was I supposed to get in with him watching?

The tom leaned down, licking his chest and paws. I shuffled inside the camp, walking quickly to the apprentice den. Don't look up, don't look up. If he did, I hoped he only thought it was one of his Clanmates returning. But what cat looked like me? Or smelled like me? I should have rolled in something when I crossed. Besides why would a warrior be looking in the apprentice den? I poked my head into the bush, pressing as close as I could, but did not go in, not wanting to wake anyone. My eyes had to adjust again. I moved closer, hesitantly placing my paw inside. I pulled my shoulders in and nudged Lakefrost.

His eyes instantly opened. They stared up at me. I could still feel my hind quarters exposed to the air. My heart pounded as I waited for a shout.

"What are you doing here?" he whispered.

"We need to talk," I hissed. "Come on."

He nodded and got up, glancing back at the three apprentices. I backed out, Lakefrost coming with me. Instantly his eyes were searching the clearing. He spotted the guard, who now faced a different direction. I swallowed.

Lakefrost stood between me and the guard, shadowing me with his larger and lighter side. I would be nothing more than a shadow on the bushes. He guided me to an area that smelled of cat dirt. We pulled through to the other side into fresh, piney air.

"What's going on?" he asked quietly.

"We have to talk," I meowed. "I heard about the border attack."

"We didn't do anything," Lakefrost growled.

"I wasn't accusing you. I just wanted to know what happened. It doesn't sound like ShadowClan. We haven't fought over that border for a while."

He nodded. "We haven't. Knotfur and the others came back to get help, but when we arrived no one was there. They'd actually expected help before when Honeybee left them, but she hasn't come back yet."

"Your sister is gone?" I meowed in surprise.

He nodded again.

"I hope she comes back soon."

"So do I. But we didn't start that battle. Your Clanmates claimed we'd remarked the border. Ashpaw went over to see and they attacked him."

"He's all right?"

"He's fine. The little fur-ball actually enjoyed his first battle, probably because he won. But we didn't do anything--to start the battle I mean."

"I believe you," I told him. I did. Was that saying something when I didn't believe the word of my own Clanmates, of my own sister? I sighed. "I just wanted to make sure you were all right," I meowed. "I thought maybe the cat that caused this was the one working for the Dark Forest. It doesn't make any sense otherwise."

"You may be right," Lakefrost meowed. "But my Clan didn't start it."

I lowered my head. "So it was one of mine. I already spoke to Owlface, but he just thinks I'm crazy. The others might be, but one is my sister. She wouldn't do this."

Lakefrost tilted his head, waiting.

"I better go," I meowed, "I just had check."

"You were brave to come here," he told me.

"Thanks," I smiled. "I didn't think I'd make it. Bye."

I stood up and started around the camp. Lakefrost looked after me, but soon started back to camp. I quickly started back to the border, no wiser about the battle, but feeling better now that I knew the ShadowClan cats were fine. That Lakefrost and his siblings were fine. Of course, I did wonder what happened to Honeybee.

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