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How I met Harry Potter


A girl meets Harry Potter and they become friends - and maybe more....

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Chapter 1

This s the fictional story of how Blue(a girl)meets harry potter it will be chapter by chapter perspective one Blue one harry there will also be Dumblewhore and weasley bashing(not bill charlie or the twins)draco and snape will be mean but not as bad.Hope you enjoy!


Blues pov

Today i recieved my hogwarts letter which did not surprise me much because my father is actually a squib and has taught me all about magic,I am currently on the way to Diagon Ally for my school supplies.I am headed to Gringotts(the wizarding bank run by goblins)when I see a boy outside apparently heading to Gringotts also.We looked at each other both afraid to go in alone as a silent agreement came over us and we ventured in together,as we approach the tellers desk I hear many whispers so of course I’m curious so I ask him his name he responds with”I’m Harry Potter and you are?” Inside I was a bit shocked that this was harry potter but i could see he needed a friend so i decided not to care as i responded “Blue Phoenix pleasure to meet you”.He seemed genuinely surprised that i hadn’t asked all the usual questions like”do you remember it” or “can i see the scar”,as we walked up to the tellers desk there was a flicker of recognition in his eyes but that’s impossible “we have never met before now so how do we slightly remember each other”i think to myself nodding my head unconsciously as we head to the bank tellers desk.It is only then i remember i left my key at home! I will have to take a blood test i guess to get into my vault otherwise i wont have enough money for all my supplies.

-Blue(its actually my nickname)signing off for now also sorry for the short chapter they will be short but ill make a lot of them but i might have slow updates cuz of school sorry👍🙏^_^😭😘

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