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How I met Harry Potter

Chapter 2

Harry’s pov

As we walk up to the tellers desk i suddenly have a memory from when i was very young: the time Voldemort killed my parents,i suddenly notice a girl around my age in the crib with me and she looked very familiar she was-“harry,harry” blue shouted worriedly “you were mumbling about voldemort to yourself” at first i comforted her saying that i was all right but then the thought hit me: she called him by his name by his name not you-know-who or he-who-should-not-be-named but Voldemort then i came to the conclusion tat she was muggleborn and did not know better so i snapped out of it as we reached the bank tellers desk where he asked us if we had our keys but we said no and he said it was okay and we could take a blood test.soon it was done and the answers where:

Hadrien-Lucifer Jamison Potter:

Mother:Lilian Potter nee Evans(dead)

Father:James Fleamont Potter(dead)

Godparents: Sirius Black,Remus Lupin,Frank and Alice Longbottom(living)

Inheritance: 1\2 Slytherin,1\2 Gryffindor,1\2 Ravenclaw,1\2 Hufflepuff,Black,Potter,Peverell and Merlin.
Amount in total:80 000 000 000 Galleons

Creature Inheritance: Elemental nine tailed Kitsune,100℅ Dominant,Mate: Fire demon\vampire

Powers: Parseltongue,Parselmagic,Beast speak (talk to any animal),natural occlumen’s and legilimens,metamorphmagus,multiple animagus

Core:Gray Power levels: Higher than Merlin and dark horcrux

I also had a ton of potions to hate Slytherin and trust Dumbledore,molly,Ron and ginny Weasley and some blocks on my magic. I got them all removed and we moved on to Blues test.

✨and here is the surprising part✨:

Blue Phoenix-Black-Lestrange:

Mother:Rabastan Lestrange

Father:Regulus Black

Adopted mother:Lila Phoenix nee Jinelle

Adopted father: Sam Phoenix

Godparents: Lily and James Potter (Dead) Franck and Alice Longbottom(living)

Inheritance:1\2 Slytherin,1\2 Gryffindor,1\2 Ravenclaw,1\2 Hufflepuff,Lestrange,Phoenix and LeFay

Amount in total: 15 000 000 00 Galleons

Creature Inheritance: Fire demon\vampire 100℅ sub,Mate:Elemental nine tailed Kitsune.

Powers: Parseltongue,Parselmagic,Beast speak (talk to any animal),natural occlumen’s and legilimens,metamorphmagus,multiple animagus

Core: Gray Power levels: Equal to Merlin and dark horcrux



And this is where I leave you my lovelies sorry for the cliffhanger - Author Chan

I’ll try and post soon👍😁😝💖✔️✌️🏳️‍🌈✨

Sorry it was so short but here’s the...Word count!: 360 words

Love you all! Thanks for reading!✌️💖👍~_~ bye-bye

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