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How I met Harry Potter

Chapter 3


sorry its been so long,so I want this story to go a bit different,I’m making harry want to transgender into a girl but still date Blue.also there will be dumbles,molly,ron and ginny bashing _______________

Blues pov

Wow,I was not expecting that! It turns out I am actually a Pureblood and adopted! Harry looks a bit surprised also but then he turns to me and told me what he was mumbling about before. It turns out he had a memory of me in his crib with him the night Voldemort attacked,which makes sebce about the scar on my ear and why it stings ocaisionally!

Harry’s POV

I told her. As I look to see how she reacts I notice shock then understanding,I ask her what she thinks about the dream and she says that she kind of expected it and showed me a lightning scar on her ear in the same shape as mine. I was glad it was not just a dream as i was begining to see her as a friend,myu first friend infact,as dudley had scared off any possible friends of mine. As we continued our shopping together I gained my strength to tell her something,something I had never told anybody before, “blue? I think I might want to be a girl instead if a boy,is that ok?” I asked nervously,but to my surprise she was very kind and okay about itnand even suggested that we I could metamoroh myself a girl body with my metamorphmagus power! That was genius I couldn’t believe I had not thought about that! I gave myself a curvvy shape and long red hair like my mother apparently had,according to the bits of conversation I heard from my aunt, it went up,to my thighs then me and blue went back to gringotts to legally change my name to Lillian which I had always liked (like his mother Lily).

We then got ourselves each five compartment trunks with a clothes compartment,a book compartment,a potions lab,a dueling room and a small apartment. After that we got our wands,I got a Acacia wood wand with shadow Phoenix feathers and tears and basilisk venom. It was 11 inches whippy flexibility. She ended up with a Willow and elder wood wand with the tears and feathers from the same Phoenix as me and demantor cloak,11 1\2 inches springy flexibility.
We where bith happy with our wands as we left ollivanders. We then finished up buying our school things and placed them in our trunks. We only had 5 days until school started so we decided to share a room at the leaky cauldron till school starts.

--Time skippy to the train ride--

Lillians (harry) POV

As we entered the train station we heard some wizarding family (the weasleys he guessed) shout loudly about muggles,they where obviously trying to intentionally draw a lost wizard to them,most likely him and it was probably set up by Dumbledore. We of course had no trouble getting on the platform and quickly found a nice compartment with 2 nice girls who introduced themselves as hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood (I made Luna be in their year) we sat down introduced ourselves and explained about the transgender thing which they were happy for me about! But then suddenly someone came barging into our compartment,it was.....

Cliffhanger y’all sorry bout that💅😸👉👈🥰😇👍🏿❤️^﹏^

C u soon luv u babesies

Oh ya- word count is: 566

Baiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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