My Sweet Vengence


in this story Nadeshiko and Ohma meet just by coincidence wanting to get revenge on the same man that ruined their lives. Nadeshiko once lived in her luxurious mansion with her powerful family. All her family ever did was fight for humanity, they were once looked upon as gods and heros until one day a very cruel man murdered her entire family. One day Nadeshiko finally comes out from work entertaining and waitressing at a five star restaurant when suddenly she gets cornered by four street thugs in a alley. just as Ohma finished his fight with the powerful Buddhist, he saw the woman being talk down by four big apes. Though he didn't really care for the woman he wasn't really satisfied with the fight he just had so he hungered for more. and just as he was about to intervene the woman began to fight four big thugs taking them down like dominoes. one of the thugs refuses to get beaten up by a woman so he gets up and tries to tackle her down but Ohma is quick on his feet and punches the thug on his face sending him flying to the brick wall. As Nadeshiko is about to leave Ohma stops her in her tracks by gripping her wrist tightly. "fight me!" he asks her with excitement. She only throws him over her shoulder and snaps his wrist as she finally heads home. She soon finds out that the man that murdered her family is going to be at the kengan matches so she basically signs herself up to

Action / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Fight mw

It was Nadeshiko's typical day at work when it came to working at the five star restaurant. Some how today was a special day at the restaurant. Today she had to go up on stage and perform for the customers.

She wore a simple elegant blue dress with some blue stilettos. Her long wavy layered n Parma violet hair was brushed to one side cascading down her left shoulder. Her emerald green blinders sparkled in the bright spot light.

"Drag me to death like a lit cigarette.
I've lied for you and I liked it too
But my make ups ruined
And now Im laughing through my tears
Crying through my fears
But baby if I had to choose,
The jokes on you!🎶" Sang Nadeshiko as she Sang her heart out.

Men kept whistling at her as she was always the star of the show. It didn't bother her that much because frankly she didn't care for the likes of these incompetent men. But what really sets her blood to a boil is when the men keep throwing her money on stage like if she was some type of hooker.

"MEN! TYPICAL!" Spat Nadeshiko with rage as she muttered those words to herself.

After that was over she went back to waitressing. but, her manager had other things in mind. He made her wear a different outfit. This time she had to wear a bunny outfit with bunny ears. She was already annoyed by the annoying customers why did she need to struggle with more meaningless shit from her boss.

"My paycheck better be tripled for this ridiculousness!" Thought Nadeshiko to herself as she coldly took orders from idiotic male customers to bring them there food.

She wasn't like her other coworkers here who loved the attention or getting cat called by the hungry den of lions. But from what Sayu had told her from before was that the more you played along with their demands the bigger the tip. She assumed that's why her co-workers were doing it.

"Nadeshiko! You did great up there!" Yelled another waitress with joy as she ran towards Nadeshiko.

"Oh...thank you Sayu! You're doing a good job too!" Said Nadeshiko with a Sheepish smile.

Sayu was a little naive and a little airheaded sometimes but Nadeshiko didn't mind her. She was actually the only friend she had in this wacked out restaurant. All the other woman that worked there despised Nadeshiko or just simply didn't like her. They were full of envy but Nadeshiko never knew why.

Sayu kept telling her that she kept overhearing their conversations about how the boss always favored her and that she was his money maker.

One even said that she was all fake but she only said that to make her feel more better about herself and the others since they all had botox injected in their faces and butt lifts and implants and they weren't really as natural, is what Sayu calls it, as Nadeshiko is.

every time they would dress up the customers are always asking for Nadeshiko specifically since she always looked exquisite in those uniforms. But Nadeshiko couldn't care less about what those bimbos had to say. If she could she would leave this place but this was the only place that brought home the money to pay her debts.

"So anyway Nadeshiko? Do you want to have a girls night in at my house!? We can watch chic flick movies, have some munchies, even bake some goodies!" Squealed Sayu with excitement.

"Sure! Why not! I'll just need to get home to get a few things ok?" Said Nadeshiko with a bright grin.

"Yay! Oh my gosh! We gonna have a good time! Oh by the way? Did you speak with Tenka yet?" Asked Sayu with excitement in her voice.

"Oh...yeah...I turned him down." Said Nadeshiko nonchalantly as she picked up empty alcohol glasses.

"What? But why? He was perfect for you!" Exclaimed Sayu with shock.

"Well for one, I don't like dating coworkers, and two I'm not ready for a relationship in fact I really don't want one. I just want to grow old and die alone. And besides men are useless!" Said Nadeshiko with a salty tone as she grinned slyly.

"Nadeshiko? Don't say things like that! You're really pretty and you deserve to have a boyfriend! Oh wait? What if I find one for you!" Said Say with joy.

"No Sayu. It's okay! But I meant what I said. I really don't want a relationship. Besides I have other things to focus on." Said Nadeshiko with a small smile on her face.

Sayu only nodded her head slightly and went back to work. Nadeshiko only cleaned the the tables and picked up the empty glasses.

Once her shift was over she went to the locker room and changed into some comfortable clothes. She wore some high waist cloud gray ripped skinny jeans that hugged her waist perfectly, she wore a black tank top that showed her sizable cleavage and showed off her hourglass form, she then put on some white and black nikes as they felt way more comfortable than stilettos.

She then reached for her cellphone when she was suddenly stopped from her boss. "I need to talk to you in my office Miss Tokunaga." Said her boss sternly as always.

"Ugh! Why now!" Thought Nadeshiko to herself as she walked to his office.

A few minutes later:

"Freaking asshole! Trying to knock my pay down! He's lucky I only broke his desk and not his arm!" Grumbled Nadeshiko with fury as she walked down the dark streets to her home.

As she continued walking she felt as if she was being followed. She then heard some low mumbling and realized that four thugs were trailing behind her. She only smiled wickedly as she was getting fired up to beat up any thug to let out her anger from earlier.

On the other side of the road a tall bulky man with seaweed dark brown hair and slate gray eyes seemed to be finished with his brawl which was with a huge opponent. He seemed fine with his win but he wasn't satisfied with just one brawl he wanted more.

He then noticed Nadeshiko walking to a dark ally way where four suspicious looking men trailed behind her. He couldn't care less for the woman but he smiled deviously as he followed behind them. When he got there he saw the thugs cat calling the woman as they cornered her to the brick wall. The man then stepped on some broken glass which caught the attention of two of the thugs in the middle.

"What the hell do you want? dipshit!" Spat the first thug with fury as he got into the man's face.

suddenly one of the thugs screamed in agony as his eyes were now bleeding intensely and was sent flying to the middle of the road. "Huh?" Thought the man to himself as seemed baffled by the sight.

"Juri! The hell did this bitch do!" Yelled the thug that was in front of the seaweed haired man. But the man then grabbed the thug by the arm and began to twist it around eventually breaking it in half making the thug scream in pain. "You street thugs are all the same. You're nothing but weaklings. Don't you know to never turn your back on your opponent." Said The seaweed haired man.

Nadeshiko then began throwing punches and began twirling around throwing side kicks at the other two thugs with so much rage as she was so annoyed by their stupidity. And just as the seaweed haired man finished off the other thug that came along with the one he broke the arm of, he noticed her fighting style. One of the thugs would send a kick towards her face and she would immediately dodge it and walk all over him like nothing. She then Kneed him on his nose and then wrapped her right leg around his neck and began to shift her weight on him making him lose his balance. After she did that she swung herself around the back of the goon's neck and flipped him over giving him a fierce stomp on his face with her foot as she knocked him out coldly.

She then grabbed the one that was left by his shirt collar slamming him directly to the wall. "You and your thugs come near me again and I'll make sure to kill all of you! You got me!" Spat Nadeshiko with rage through gritted teeth.

"Y-Yes ma'am!" Spoke the thug with fear as he swallowed his tongue nervously.

"Good! now good-night!" Snarled Nadeshiko as she hit him on the jaw with a side kick from her right leg knocking him out cold to the ground.

"For a short stack... she's really good at fighting....and very strong." Thought the man to himself as he never took his eyes off the woman. Nadeshiko only sighed heavily and looked at her bruised up knuckles that were now covered in blood. "Hey?" Spoke a deep hoarse voice that made her turn her attention to the man with the dark brown seaweed hair.

She didn't say a thing she just glared at him coldly. "Look! If you want to kill me get in line with the rest! I don't have the time to deal with you assholes!" Said Nadeshiko with an annoyed tone as she turned around and began to walk away.

But as she was leaving she felt something come at her and sure enough it was the same man with the seaweed hair throwing a kick at her. But to his surprise she deflected it with a kick of her own. "She has super fast reflexes!" Thought the man as his eyes widened with shock "Didn't I tell you to buzz of prick!" Growled Nadeshiko with annoyance as she now wrapped her other leg around his balancing leg and dropped him to the ground.

She began to walk away once again as she really didn't want to waste anymore time on this dimwit. She then felt a tight grip on her right wrist. When she turned to see what it was she saw the same man behind her. "Fight me!" Said the man with excitement in his eyes.

"Wha-No! I told you I have somewhere to be! Now let go of me you big oaf!" Yelled Nadeshiko with annoyance as she threw him over her shoulder making him land on the ground severely. "Men Typical!" Muttered Nadeshiko as she finally walked away and went straight home.

The man only sat up and rubbed the back of his head. "She's a spit fire alright. She almost dislocated my shoulder. well. what ever. we'll run into each other eventually." Said the man with an sly grin on his face as he now got up and walked back home.

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