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So most of this is basically the same as the last chapter except some differences. And longer, more fun. Did I add enough citrus to the mix?

Gakushū’s POV:

Warm sand, gentle waves crashing on the shore, a cool breeze on a slightly clouded beach, perfect weather conditions for anyone. Yet Gakushū Asano had buried his nose in an advanced study textbook. Sitting on a beach blanket, covered in three layers of sunscreen and comfortable as can be under an umbrella. The teen was on a tropical island for summer vacation. Well, in truth, he was more or less forced to go on vacation by his father. Gakushū was told that studying and excelling in school is great but his son needed a better social life and to have some fun once in a while.

Although studying was fun for him and his friends were on their own family vacations. Gakushū quietly groaned the heat was making him thirsty. He looked around his blanket for a drink before remembering he left a small cooler at the house. Groaning in frustration, he closed his textbook to lay it on the blanket before leaving to make a quick stop. The house he was staying in was a little beach house near the beach of course. It wouldn’t be a beach house without being close to the ocean.

Gakushū picked up the small refreshments container that was left sitting on the porch and headed back to his spot. He had momentarily forgotten it before, wanting to get away from his father and his idea of fun with business partners and their kids. Gakushū wanted to be alone to catch up on his reading alone. He got back to his spot and set the cooler down, reaching in for a drink as a splash of cold water hit his back. In shock he jumped in his seat, jerking around to see what dumb kid hit him with the water. Seeing the culprit, his eyes narrowed with a frown, “The hell you want?”

Karma’s POV:

“So freaking hot here and deserted. Seriously, someone needs to put up a sign saying, ‘Danger Heat Stroke Available’.” A teen groaned out loud at his response to the weather. Why was he even here, the boy wondered to himself. Oh right, the Akabane family wanted to share a family vacation for once in the teen’s life. So here was Karma Akabane wandering a sandy dune, while on a trip with his folks for summer break. It would’ve been nicer if he could have brought a friend with him on the trip, but he was alone.

Karma sighs and pulls out his cell phone. It was barely noon and no messages from any of his friends. He types up a hello message to his best bud, a little bluenette friend of his. He sent a message saying ′Hello, morning buddy. Don’t cry salty tears for me, I’ll be beaching ya soon.′ Pressing send on the message, he sighed once more, it wasn’t his best joke but he hasn’t been in the best mood to joke around.

He puts his cell up in his duffel bag that he was carrying with him. Ever since the world was to end two years ago, his life was so serious and boring. All his old classmates separated for high school, his rival from school was still egocentric as usual, and his studies were going along so well that even Karma had a hard time not falling asleep in class. Plus since he was apart of the class that the alien-like octopus had taught, his parents became a little more protective of their only son and were home more often now. At first, it was unbearably suffocating, but after some time and working out, Karma got along well with his folks now. So well, in fact, this is the second year he got to go and spend a vacation with them outside of Japan.

“Who knew tropical islands were so deserted this time of year. Is it just this one? Yeah probably is.” Karma muttered to himself. He paused in his walk to reach in his duffel to pull out a water bottle. He took a moment to drink while watching the seagulls flying overhead. A few gulps later, he put the water bottle back up but not before spotting something a few yards off. “Wait is that? Oh ho, it is. Who would have thought.” Karma’s eyes grew excited as he spotted a familiar person. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, he put his bag down and got out a little water gun amongst his stuff. He filled it with the water that was left from the bottle and set off.

Carefully stalking his prey, he waited and watched as his person of interest sat down before coming up behind and spray in the back. Karma grinned as the person jumped after the cool water splashed their back. He readied the water gun again as a boy in front turned around to scold a little brat, but found a bigger brat instead. “Hehe, well fancy meeting you here Second Place.”

Normal POV:

“The hell are you doing here?” Asked a very annoyed Gakushū.

Karma grinned, “Well I was looking for some fun, maybe some nice hotties to treat, but I found something much better.”

Gakushū scowled. “I meant by why are you on this beach of all places.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Karma chuckled before aiming his water gun back at Gakushū.

The roan haired boy gritted his teeth. “Don’t you dare Akabane.”

“Or what?”

“Che. Your bed will end up ripped to shreds when we get back to the dorm room.” Gakushū reminded his roommate.

“Heh, that’s so childish of you Asano.”

“And aiming squirt guns at people isn’t?”

Karma smirks, “Just be happy it’s not an airsoft.” ‘Or a real gun.’ The thought popped up in his head briefly as his finger moved to the trigger.

Gakushū groaned inwardly, he really didn’t want to put up with this right now. Of all the times, of all the places why did he have to be stuck on the same beach with his hated peer. ‘Damn him and his games. I’ll-’ Splash!

“Guess ya took too long. Get ready for another.” Karma pumped the toy once more, ready to aim it at the face.

This time though, Gakushū wasn’t going to take a third hit. While in thought, his hand had snuck into the cooler and pulled out a water bottle at the same time Karma splashed him. “I don’t think so.” Twisting off the cap quickly, he aimed and squeezed the bottle so that the cold liquid inside would spray forward.

“Ah!” Karma took a step back and side steps to try and avoid most of the spray. With that time, Gakushū stood up with the remaining water in hand.

“Not so tough are you now, Akabane.”

Karma grimaced before his Cheshire grin came back. “Oh, it’s on now Asano.” He stepped forward, ready to begin the water battle.

After the water fight for about twenty minutes, the two teens lay exhausted on the beach, catching their breath. A couple of minutes passed until giggling was heard from one of the teens. The roan boy groaned, “What is it now Akabane?”

“Always so serious aren’t you? It’s nothing, yet that was fun.”

Gakushū rolled his eyes, “Guess so.” He sat up and stretched. “Ah.” Gasping a little at the feel of something cool touch his leg. Only realized it was the tide coming in. ‘The tide’s coming in. Wait he didn’t hear my outburst did he?’ Gakushū glances behind him, Karma was busily playing with the water gun. ‘Good, doesn’t look like he noticed.’ He sighs quietly in relief. It be annoying if the redhead decided to relentlessly tease him over a gasp, laughing at such a girlish gasp over a little cool water. Knowing his rival and crush would surely do. Gakushū shook the thought out of his head, he didn’t like him that much to have a crush, he clarified to himself. He looks out to see the waves slowly washing in.

“Whatcha see?” Asked the chirpy voice behind him. Karma had moved until he was right behind Gakushu. Peering over his shoulders to glance at what the other boy was staring at.

“You’re too close.” The roan said as he tried to push Karma away from his personal space. Before his classmate noticed anything unusual, like maybe a tint of blush. Instead, the mischievous devil pushed forward until his body pressed against Gakushū’s back, arms draped over and head close. Gakushū caught his breath, the punk was so close, their lips almost touched. Closing his eyes, he gathered his composure.

Opening his eyes, he stared straight into Karma’s golden ones. “What are you doing? I asked you to move.” He calmly responds with an icy tone.

“Why? It’s not like we’re in public. We’re alone with this whole beach to ourselves. Why not enjoy it?” Karma asks, breathing softly against the side of the younger boy’s face.

‘Calm down, he’s an idiot. Control yourself.’ Gakushū meditates his thoughts. ‘Don’t freak out-!’ Something hard pushed up against his back as Karma pushes against him again.



“Get off.”


“My back hurts, it doesn’t help that you’re heavy.” The roan replies, curtly. ‘With a hard-on, here of all places?! Gross.’

“I’m not heavy.” Karma pouts before moving back. A soft clank of plastic was heard after. Gakushū glanced behind him to notice the water gun in the redhead’s lap.

‘So it was that? Oh, thank goodness.’ Gakushū sighed in relief once more. Karma looks at him confused then moved to sit right beside him.

“What are you doing?” The roan asked again, this time slightly annoyed.

“Just getting a better view.”

“Why it’s just the sky and water.”

“Yeah but it’s also so much of the world we have yet to see past it all,” Karma replied smoothly.

Gakushū looked at his classmate before staring back at the ocean. ‘He’s right. Though that’s deep. Jerk, he’s such a flirt.’

Turning to glance at the boy beside him, Karma noticed he was deep in thought again. An idea popped into his head, what if…

“Get whatever prank out of your head right now, it’s not going to work.”

Karma slumps, “Geez and here I thought you had let your guard down a little.”

“Me? Let my guard down around you? Like hell.”

“Well I mean even just the slightest, I can take advantage of you and then oh what fun. Umph.” Karma blocked a hit from his opponent but was pushed down instead.

“You never change, do you? So boring.” Gakushū noted as he was getting up. He headed back to his spot on the beach but not before his wrist was jerked back towards Karma.

“Oh yeah, I can show you how fun I can be.”

“Yeah yeah, all your excitement is exhausting. Good day.” He pulled his wrist from Karma’s hand and turned around. That he regretted later. Karma snapped, he decided he’d show this smug bastard a thing or two. In one swoop, he grabbed Gakushū by the waist and lifted him up on his shoulders. “Oi! The hell are you doing-!” Gakushū didn’t get the chance to finish before Karma took off. In two strides he was in knee-deep water so he purposefully dropped his luggage where he stood.

Gakushū hit the lukewarm water then the hard sandy bottom. He luckily closed his eyes in time but was knocked out of breath. Karma watched as he sunk and waited for him to come back up, spluttering with rage. But nothing. He took a step back just in case while counting the seconds. “What is this, did you just die on me?” A giggle left his lips at the thought, “Pathetic, I thought you’d have more pride than that.”

Ten seconds became twenty, then thirty seconds had passed since Gakushū went under. Karma’s laugh became serious as the dread came over him. He waddled over to the spot he dropped his classmate and felt around with his foot. “Okay, the joke’s over. Time to come up.” His foot hit something hard and soft, he reached into the water with his hand to pull the boy up. “Hey, you hear me-” Something took hold of his hand under the water and yanked him down. He stumbled back to gain some gravity but a kick to his shin made him lose balance and fall in.

Karma came up spluttering. “The hell?”

“I’d like to know that too.”

Karma looked up to find a glaring Gakushū standing above him. His purple eyes seemed almost red at the moment. Spitting saltwater out of his mouth, Karma stood quickly. “What about me huh? That was a dirty trick pretending to be dead. I mean, it would be quite boring in school without you around to beat in every test.”

Gritting his teeth, Gakushū huffed and walked out of the water. “Sure that’s the only reason you’d save me from death. Pathetic.”

“Hey, a little thanks be nice!”

“For what? You tried to drown me then save me? Forget it.” He yelled back. Gakushū made it back to his little campsite to pack. He quickly placed up all his books and sunscreen back into a bag, folded up the umbrella and towel, before picking up the cooler to try and set back towards the house. It was a little too much to carry and he felt off-balance. He shrugged it off and staggered back to his vacation home. Though once his feet touched the softer sand, it made the walk easier to stumble and trip.

Gakushū groaned, he didn’t want to make two trips back and forth. He wanted to get back now and be rid of Akabane. He reached out to pick up the fallen cooler and umbrella but a hand reached for the cooler first.

“At least let me help, then I can be out of your way.”

Once again, the roan was annoyed but he let Karma carry the cooler as he picked up the umbrella. The two walked in silence towards Gakushū’s beach house. The moment the two were inside, they breathe a sigh of relief to be out of the heat and inside a cool room. Gakushū set down a couple of his items before heading into the laundry room to leave his sandy towel. Karma sat the cooler in the kitchen before making his way to the fridge. He was slightly disappointed to not find any flavored milk so he grabbed a couple of sodas before heading back to meet up with Gakushū in the sitting room.

“Thought you were leaving after helping?”

“Yeah but it’s so hot out there. Least you could do is not try to fry me.” Karma replied tossing a can his way.

Gakushū caught it with ease and set it down on the tea table to settle. “Whatever. Just hurry up and leave.”

“Why are you so anxious to get rid of me?” Karma opens his drink to sip.

Turning to look at the redhead, giving him a look of disbelief. ‘Excuse me? Does he not know how much of a headache his sexy a- No! The idiot’s just acting innocent.’

“True. So you hate seeing my face every day?”

“Stupid question to ask. It’s nice to have a break from seeing classmates every now and then.” He replied, now opening his drink carefully. ‘Especially as I never seem to get rid of your pretty face from my mind every day.’

The two sat across from each other sipping their drinks quietly before Karma becomes bored. “Hey, do you have any video games to play?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m bored.” He states simply.

“No. Least I don’t think this place has any.”

Karma folds his arms on the table and lays his head down on them. “Well, that’s bad. Live a little class rep.”

“Shouldn’t you be doing your summer homework?”

“Finished ages ago. You?”

“Of course mine was done at the start of summer break.”

“So what about those games?”

Gakushū sighed, “I don’t know. Since a couple of years ago, father banned any type of distraction. Now I just have to worry about cringe-worthy parental bonding.”

“Yeah same here. It sucks sometimes.”

Silence held in the air as the two were reminded of their own parents trying to bond after such a gap. A noise broke the silence and it was of Karma’s sighs of boredom and tapping the table. A few minutes passed before Gakushū had enough and went to look around the house for something to keep the idiot occupied for a while. He searched around until he reached his father’s temporary study and found a bag. Taking one glance inside, he picked up the bag and headed back into the sitting room with Karma. Dumping the contents out on the tea table, Karma’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“Awesome! You found some games Second Place. Ow.” He rubbed his head after being hit.

“Shut it or I’m kicking you out. Hurry up and set us up already Akabane.”

“Fine~.” After a few minutes of setting up the game, the two were ready to play. “Be prepared, I’m going to beat you every chance I get.”

“Good luck,” Gakushū stated sarcastically. It’s been years since he played any sort of video game, so even one loss he decides to let go and crush his opponent next round with no mercy. Soon the room was filled with sounds from the television and clicking of the controllers, with the occasional insult or comment from the boys. They played for hours, only stopping for breaks of drinks or bathroom. Soon the sun was setting on the horizon and the teens were passed out in the room. The television screen still on, waiting for the next fight to begin, but for Gakushū and Karma sleep seemed more important right now.


“Stop it. It won’t fit Akabane.” Gakushū cautioned, very uncertain about his current situation.

“Quit complaining baby and take it like a man. Now open up.” Karma moves forward and pushes the object in Gakushu’s mouth.

*“Argh. Lis hur’s! Slop i’s.. mmph!” Gakushū moans, struggling to swallow. His jaw began to hurt as it was stretched past its normal capacity.

“Come on, you can take it. Just open a little more.” Karma pushes in more. Gakushū could feel his eyes water. “Weakling. Crying over something this little?” Karma taunts.

Gakushū growled. No way he was going to let Akabane of all people look down on him. He moved closer to his roommate, pushing in the rest himself. All of it until the last grain of rice.

“Finally! I knew you could do it. Making such a fuss over a small amount of sushi.”

“Hmph,” Gakushū grumbles as he chewed. ‘Small portion my ass. Giant portion the size of a baseball is more accurate.’ Covering his mouth with one hand, his other resting on a water bottle near him. Karma waited patiently beside him, quiet except for the occasional snicker. It took a couple of minutes for the roan to fully chew and swallow, using gulps of water to wash down the last of the sushi.

After which, Gakushū sighed, his torture finally over. He looks over to Karma, who looked disappointed. “What are you crying about? Was my suffering not enough for you?”

“No it’s just... did it taste alright?”

“Did you put something expired in it?” Gakushū asked threateningly.

“If I did?”

Grabbing a pillow near him, Gakushū raised it to shove it in Karma’s face. A little smothering wouldn’t hurt the devil. Karma blocked the incoming attack. After being nice enough to allow Akabane in on such a stormy day, two days after meeting him on the beach, Gakushū regrets letting him in. The two would hang out together while on the island, just to have company on their current boring beach vacation. The pair decided to make their own sushi for lunch while it rained and eat in Gakushū’s room.

Their peaceful lunch was interrupted when Karma wanted to give him a sushi piece he made especially for him, Karma had said so in a sickly sweet tone. Gakushū was hesitant at first, still, Karma was able to fit it in there... somehow. It was extremely hot, this punk went all out with wasabi and hot mustard. Knowing Karma expected a reaction to the spicy sushi piece, Gakushū wouldn’t give him one. Spicy food didn’t bother him much, especially when it came to Karma using a lot in his food.

After a battle of pillows, Gakushū gets up and heads to the kitchen. “If you’re getting drinks, another tea is nice,” Karma tells him as he leaves. A few minutes passed before the roan came back with his own created sushi.

“Here, this is thanks for the tasty sushi you gave me. It’s made especially with love.” The roan haired boy sits down in front of Karma, blocking any means of escape.

The smell hits Karma first. It reeked. “Eww. Now I know you definitely got this from expired food. Or the garbage a week ago.”

“Nope. All fresh ingredients. Now open wide.” Gakushū pushes the sushi forward with his chopsticks. Pushing the stinky sushi against the redhead’s lips. “Take a bite like a real man, coward.” He grins as Karma’s face scrunched up due to the smell. Then he opens his mouth to accept the food. Once he started chewing, Gakushū sat back with a grin. “How is it? I made sure to add plenty of cinnamon and durian to make it tasty.”

Karma’s eyes widened before rushing out of the room. “Yes, karma is a bitch.” Gakushū states proudly, chuckling. Satisfied with his revenge. He then hurried to finish the rest of his sushi before a raging devil came back to declare war.

Just (innocently) checking, who thought the sushi was something else? You guys are so dirty! That was fun.

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* Gakushū said - “Argh. It hurts. Stop it.”

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