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Secret Admirer or Virtuous Love?

Thank you so much to everyone for waiting patiently, here’s a new chapter. A short V-day fluff! Does someone have a secret admirer?

Disclaimer, I do not own Assassination Classroom or its characters, all rights go to the manga artist.

“Geez, why does it have to be so cold after January? The ice on the sidewalk doesn’t help.” Karma Akabane whines as he carefully trudges up the street towards the high school up ahead. The boy looked miserable despite the layers to keep him warm. “If only that octopus was here, I could use some hot takoyaki to warm up.”

“Really now? Junk food for breakfast Akabane? No wonder you seem less energized for the new term.” A familiar voice calls from the road. Karma turns to see a car parked nearby. The backseat window was rolled down with his classmate and rival Gakushū looking coy. “You’re so pale. Careful you don’t get hurt.”

“Worried for me, Asano?” Karma chuckles.

“Ha no. I’m worried that the only student competent to rival me may meet his end here.”

“Look here Asano, it will take more than a little ice to stop me.” Karma insists. Despite his training, a little stubborn pride still lingers in the ex-assassin. “Your words mean nothing- ow!” One misstep and the redhead teen slips on the ice. He stumbles backward but manages to grab a telephone pole to catch his fall. “Damn it.”

A hand reaches out to him. “Can you stand?′ Gakushū asks with concern.

Looking at the hand in front of him, a moment of hesitation before Karma accepts the offer and stands back up. “Don’t say it.” He states, fixing his jacket and scarf. Making sure nothing had a tear in the fabric and his school stuff was safe and sound.

“Want a ride?”

“Huh?” Karma blinks, did he hear right?

“Do you want to ride with me to school?” The strawberry roan-haired student clarifies.

Karma stood in a daze before nodding. Gakushū Asano, president of the class and student body, his main enemy in academics was offering him a ride to school. ‘What was in his drink this morning?’ Karma wonders as he climbs into the car after the roan-haired student. While riding in the same vehicle together, the air felt tense between the two teens. Until one of them broke the silence. “Hey wanna make a bet?” Karma asks suddenly.

“Hm?” Gakushū looks away from watching the road. “What about?”

“Since today is Valentines’ day, want to see which of us handsome bachelors gets the most chocolates?”

“Sounds boring. No.”

“Loser is on bathroom cleaning duty until graduation.” Karma challenges.

“We only have until next year. Do you really want to spend the rest of high school cleaning toilets, Akabane?”

“Is that a yes?”

Amethyst eyes study his opponent up and down. ‘Is he really serious?’ “Hm. Winner gets anything?”

“As long as it doesn’t include a fifty-plus sub-clause contract.”

“Ugh fine. I’m adding that the loser buys the winner lunch for the rest of the term.”

“Deal.” Karma reaches out his hand to shake on the bet.

“At least take off your glove so we can do this properly.”

“Picky.” The rivals shake on the bet, both eager to win.

As soon as they reached school grounds, the race was on. “Hold up Akabane!” Gakushū calls as he exits the vehicle.

“Yeah? What is it? Chickening out already?”

“No. Let’s meet at the school café after our last period. To count the gifts and declare the winner.”

Karma nods, “Loser pays there too?”


Karma was confused for a second before shrugging it off. “See you in class. Don’t be late for our meeting.” He rushes inside to warm up.

‘If student council doesn’t run over.’ Gakushū acknowledges his rival. He doesn’t head to class straight away. Instead, he reaches for his cell phone, pressing a few numbers, he waits for the shop he calls to pick up. “Hello. I would like to order a gift to be delivered to Kunugigaoka High, please. A note? No, thank you. That has already been prepared.”


Karma strolls into his class, going straight to his seat. Upon approaching his desk, it already had a neat stack of chocolate boxes on top. The redhead looks for his opponent’s desk to spy a large pile of gifts there as well. Karma smirks, “Time for the fun to begin.

Gakushū arrives at class before the bell, while discussing plans for the student council with their homeroom teacher. Noticing the pile of chocolates, he looks over to find Karma stuffing his own gifts in a paper bag. Karma glances up to lock eye contact. He waves with a smug grin. Scoffing quietly, the strawberry roan walks to his seat. Placing the gifts he received into his school bag. One small envelope drops to the floor as he sorts. Gakushū pauses to pick it up. It was a simple red envelope that was addressed to Class 2-A President. He opens it to find a small note. It wasn’t handwritten, the characters were typed in red ink; You are my lucky charm. On the back, a four-leaf clover was taped to it. There was no name or indication of who it was from. Gakushū looks around to find the owner of the note but everyone was busy amongst themselves to notice. He glances at Karma, who was busy reading ahead for class. “Strange.”


After third period, Gakushū leaves the classroom to take some papers to the teacher’s lounge. Karma stretches in his chair. It is tiring to be smart. He leans back in his seat when he notices a trio of female students standing outside the classroom door. One of the girls notices Karma starring, she waves at him. Being polite, he waves back. She motions for him to come out into the hall. Sighing quietly, he gets up and walks to the door. It’s tiring to be smart and attractive. Karma steps out into the hallway just to receive three more chocolate boxes. He thanks them and heads back to class.


Karma halts to see another student heading his way. “Yes?”

A male student stops beside him and holds out a bouquet of three red camellia flowers in full bloom. “These are for you.” He states. “Someone dropped them off at the front desk.”


“I don’t know. It came with a note.” He hands over the flowers and the note to Karma.


“No problem.” The student leaves. Karma goes back to his seat. A simple white card written in a very neat English handwriting. It reads; Don’t be stubborn, be mine. He flips the note and finds one signature, Your Secret Admirer. As soon as the classroom door opens, he stuffs the flowers into his desk. Gakushū returns before the next teacher appear for class. He notices Karma’s jumpy self. “The hell’s wrong with you Akabane?”

The redhead shakes his head and shrugs. “Don’t know what you mean Asano.”

“Whatever.” The roan-haired teen replies as he sits down, preparing for the next class.


In PE class, both Karma and Gakushū head off to change. Opening the locker door, Gakushū notices another red envelope sitting on top of his gym clothes. Glancing around him before picking it up. He opens the envelope, same typed red characters on the card. This note reads Puppies are cute but not as adorable as you. Gakushū groans inwardly, tempted to crumple the note up entirely. ‘Is this a joke?’

“Hey Asano, you coming?” His best friend Ren calls from the doorway. Most of the other students were already dressed and had left for the gym.

“Yeah. Give me a minute.” Gakushū grabs his gym clothes. Slipping the note in his school bag, he places the bag in his locker before closing it.

Karma and another student remain behind after class to clean up after gym class. Heading back into the locker rooms after, he saw a piece of paper taped to his locker. Peeling it off, the teen notices it was another note addressed to him, very similar to the one that came with the flowers. “Childish but reliable? What kind of love note is this?” It had to be a male student who left this behind. The locker rooms were locked during class time so no one from either gender could slip inside during class and attempt to invade privacy. ‘So which of my classmates has a crush on me? Nagisa?’ He chuckles to himself, knowing full well Nagisa attends a different high school. Karma changes back into his uniform, flipping the card in the light to find a trace of a hint but nothing stood out. “This person, whoever they are, I hope they reveal themselves soon.” Sticking the card into his pocket, he left for lunch.


The rest of the day goes by uneventfully. The two male students continuously receive chocolates from their peers. And suspicious notes. Gakushū receives two more cards in the same red envelope and are typed in red characters. One during lunch, it was dropped off at his table with green pocky sticks in which the strawberry roan wished he didn’t take a bite out of. Green tea flavored on the outside with wasabi inside. ‘Damn it, it’s not April first yet.’ The second was taped to the whiteboard in the student council room. The cards all said; Chocolates are nice, but I prefer you. Nothing is hotter than wasabi except my Sun. This was weird for Gakushū, he had never experienced a secret admirer before. The notes were puzzling. ‘Who is this?’ He had a suspect in mind but was exploring the rest of the student body in his thoughts. ‘It can’t be him, no way.’

“Hey, are you going to eat these?” Ren asks, breaking his friend from his thoughts.


“Great.” Ren tears into a couple of his friend’s chocolates. Gakushū looks up to notice his best friend was eating his gifts.

“Oi! Why aren’t you eating your own chocolates?”

The teen jumps, the look on his face had surprise and confusion. Ren replies “You never want yours. Besides, all the good ones go to you. Did accidentally I grab one from your crush?”

“I- no.”

Placing the candy on the table, Ren looks at Gakushū with concern. “Then what’s wrong?”

Exhaling softly, Gakushū shakes his head. “Nothing. Nevermind.” He didn’t want anyone else to know about the little bet going on. A couple of chocolates gone, it shouldn’t hurt his score. He wasn’t going to eat them at the end anyway.

Ren shrugs as he continues to eat his snack. “You’re acting weird today man.”


Karma had also received two additional notes. Both were found on his desk and in his textbook. Each note was handwritten carefully and neatly in English. Karma suspects his secret admirer was trying to hide their true handwriting. His notes read; You are mysterious and mischievous as a fox, I like that. You’re taking up my thoughts but I can’t see myself forgetting you. “Someone must be really corny at heart.” Karma chuckles to himself. He walks down the hallway after school, examining the notes again. He passes by the student council room to see Gakushū inside having a meeting. The redhead teen was tempted to go in to interrupt but stopped. Some of the meeting’s topic points that were written on the whiteboard caught his attention. “Seriously? Hm.” Holding his phone up, he snaps a couple of pictures of the board from outside. Glancing between his phone and the notes in his hand, he shoves them both into his pockets and heads out the door.


Karma anxiously taps his phone while waiting in front of the café down the street. It was named after the school mascot and allowed some of the third years to work inside for free. The old rule had been changed to allow some students to work for experience. The students weren’t paid, they would work internships for assignments. ‘If only Isogai were here, this place would be packed.’

“Hey, Akabane. Sorry, the meeting ran a little longer than expected,” Gakushū says as he walks up to where Karma was standing.

“Thought you forgot.”

“Only losers would. Come, let’s sit in the back.” The student president opens the door, holding it open for his classmate to slip inside. The café was warm and inviting. The scent of coffee filled the air with red, pink, and white hearts scattered throughout the restaurant. Up at the front counter was a section for confectionaries like cakes, puddings, cookies, and more. Faint sounds of romantic music could be heard over the chattering of customers.

“Why not sit in the front? Here.” Karma leads the two of them to an empty table near the windows looking out onto the street. “Let’s sit here.” He sits his bag of gifts on the table.

“Fine.” Gakushū begrudgingly follows suit. A female student staff member comes over to get their drink order and leaves. The two teens pile their gifts upon their sides of the table and start to count.

“Okay, I’m ready.” Karma states after counting.

Gakushū nods, ready to get this bet over with. “Then on the count of three, we both say our totals. Agree?”

Karma agrees. “One.”


“Three. Forty-two.”


“Ha! I win.”

“Ugh yeah yeah.” The roan teen admits reluctantly.

“You know,” The redhead teen starts off saying, placing a finger on his lips, staring sideways at the teen across from him. “I thought I counted more on your desk this morning. Did you lose track of them?”

Gakushū starts putting his chocolates back up. “Ren took a couple by mistake.”

“Lucky break for me. Hang on you dropped something.” Karma observes as one of Gakushū’s cards slides off to the side. Gakushū notices and attempts to grab it but Karma seemed quicker to snatch the note up. “You are my lucky charm. Wow, that’s cheesy.” He grins smugly.

Gakushū snatches the note back. “Shut up Akabane.”

“Here are your drinks.” The female student server came back. She places an iced coffee in front of Gakushu and a strawberry milkshake topped with valentines sprinkles, whip cream, and strawberries in front of Karma.

“Hey, I didn’t order this,” Karma tells the server.

“It was requested I give you this.” She replies.

“By whom?”

“I can’t say. Happy Valentine’s day.” The server rushes off to another table.

“Man, that was unusual.”

“If you don’t want it, you could send it back,” Gakushū says passively while sipping his drink.

“No. I’ll drink it. Even if it looks a bit childish.” Karma reaches for the glass when he notices some writing on the napkin underneath. Picking up the beverage to see the note was written in the same pretty handwriting he’d seen all day. Will you be my Valentine in exchange for this gift? – Your Secret Admirer. “Huh.”

“What is it Akabane?”

“It’s just I never pegged you would be a person for such notes, Asano.”

“Me? I never- ”

“You sure?” Cutting him off, Karma shows him a photo on his phone. It had a picture of Gakushū writing meeting notes in English on the whiteboard. “You can deny all you want, but facts don’t lie.”

Huffing, the strawberry roan rolls his eyes. “Fine. However, I must agree on one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You also don’t seem to be the type to write such notes like these.” He shows him his notes in return.

“How’d you guess?” Karma asks.

“One, ever since you eavesdropped- ”

“Overheard.” He corrects. “Remember? It was just a coincidence I happen to be at the same beach as you.”

Amethyst eyes scowl at the smirking gold iris across from him. “Fine, overheard my father compare my middle school efforts to a dog’s over the summer break, you’ve been constantly referring to me like I’m a puppy. Second, the fact of your childish and crude torture methods include wasabi.”

“And hot mustard.”

Gakushū raises a brow. “And you admit it.”

“Okay okay.” Karma claps in response. “Excellent detective work Asano.” He touches the straw of his drink, deciding to see how it tastes.

“Not so fast.” Gakushū reaches over and takes the milkshake away. “What was with the wasabi pocky?”

“Oh them. Did you like them? I made them myself.” The redhead smiles, proud of himself.

“Why of course you did.” The roan-haired teen groans with annoyance. “Can you not send something normal next time?”

“But it was a laugh to see the look on your face at lunch when you ate the whole stick. Who knew you would eat it without suspicion.”

“I know better now that I know it was from you.”

“So~ can I have my milkshake back?”

“I need an answer first.”

“Really? Can’t I have it?” The redhead whines, pouting to win him over with cuteness.

“That won’t work Akabane, it’s not cute. You won’t get this back until I get my answer.” The strawberry roan haired teen holds up the napkin.

Karma sighs. “Fine. Seems like this was planned in advance. Speaking of, why three?”

“What do you mean?”

“The three flowers.”

“I’ve only known you for three years. Prior to that, admittedly you weren’t such a problem. Just some punk playing around. Last year of junior high, things were more serious.”

“Ah. So that’s when you started lusting for me.” Karma grins at Gakushū’s scowling face.

“Who’s lusting for you? In your dreams.” The roan rebuffs.

“It’ll happen, eventually.”

“Like hell. Well, do you want this or not?” Gakushū motions to the drink in hand.

The teen sitting in front of him nods. “Yeah.”

Leaning forward, he asks. “Then what do you say?”

“I do.” Karma leans forward as well, folding his arms on the table. “Gakushū~.” He grins.

‘I can not with him.’ Gakushū makes the effort to grin back before relaxing into a smile. “And here’s your drink, Karma.”

Karma sips his drink and makes a face. “It’s milky. Better send it back. Oi waiter.”

“Just drink it.” Gakushū sighs in frustration. “I swear it’s still frozen.”

“Kidding. It’s tasty.” Karma goes back to his drink. “Thank you.”

“Happy Valentine’s you devil.”

“Happy Valentine’s my lucky puppy~.”


The End.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. 

Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a review if you want, thanks for reading!

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