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Until Death


Eddie is a perfectly normal 21-year-old who is happily married to his Husband Richie and is a father to a 3-year-old girl names Madelynn, or Maddie for short. Eddie is very happy/healthy until he gets very sick unexpectedly, his sickness keeps him in the hospital and turns out to be fatal and his life is moving on without him-

Adventure / Other
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Chapter 1

"Goodnight Maddie!" Eddie smiled kissing his daughter's forehead, "Night princess" Richie, Eddie's husband, did the same. They walked out of their daughter's room closing the door behind them "So...what do you think?" Eddie whispered turning to Richie. "I think...yes" Richie wrapped his arms around Eddie's waist and pulled him close, Eddie giggled and wrapped his arms around Richie's neck kissing him gently "Yeah?" he whispered. Richie nodded "yeah" he smiled. Eddie pulled away and looked at Richie "Movie night?" he smiled. Richie smiled softly "Yess!" he smiled softly and walked downstairs holding Eddie's hand.

Richie put on a movie and sat on the couch next to Eddie pulling him close "Love you muchly!" he kissed Eddie's forehead, "I don't think that's a word silly" Eddie giggled looking at the TV. Richie smiled as they watched TV.

-NeXt MoRnInG-

Eddie got up from the couch, which is where he and Richie slept for the night, he walked upstairs into his daughter's room "Maddie, baby, wake love! Wanna go on a picnic!?" he said softly. Maddie sat up and smiled "Yes!!" she giggled climbing out of her bed. Richie stood at the door of her room and watched Eddie smiling softly "Damn" he smirked. "What?" Eddie looked at Richie. "Sexy ass" Richie winked walking to the bathroom. "Daddy sAy baD woRd!!' Maddie yelled. Eddie chuckled "Yeah! That's a bad word" he smiled softly and got Maddie ready.

They got ready for the day and packed everything up for the picnic "We ready?" Eddie asked grabbing the keys from the key bowl. Richie nodded picking up Maddie, they walked outside and up the basket in the trunk. Richie put Maddie in her car seat and got in the driver's seat. "Let's go!" Eddie smiled softly. They drove to their favorite park with the biggest trees, They got out of the car and set up their picnic area, and let Maddie go play.

"You know....we might need a bigger house" Richie looked over at Eddie, "Why do you say that?" Eddie asked. Richie pulled his phone out and handed it to Eddie. "No! Rich-" Eddie gasped "Three!?" Eddie looked at Richie. "Yeah! if you want to..." Richie smiled. "Oh my god, Maddie's gonna freak!" Eddie smiled and handed Richie his phone back. "So...yes or no?" Richie looked at Eddie. "I think...Yes!" Eddie smiled softly. "Daddy! Look a puppy!" Maddie sat on Richie's lap pointing at a dog on a leash, Richie smiled and nodded "Yeah! How about three puppies!" he looked at Eddie and smiled. Maddie jumped excitedly "Yeah!!" she giggled. Eddie smiled and started to feel his lungs closing tightly "Inh-Ha-Ha-" Eddie looked at Richie who reached in his pocket and pulled out Eddie's inhaler and slipped it in between his lips pulling the trigger twice. Eddie sighed in relief smiling softly "Thanks" he said softly. "That was kinda random, you alright Babe?" Richie asked softly, Eddie nodded "Yeah I'm fine" he smiled.

Maddie stood up and walked to the play equipment and continued playing. Richie pulled Eddie close and wrapped his arms around him "Eddie My Love, I Love You So!" Richie smiled kissing Eddie's neck softly. Eddie giggled "You're still an idiot Richie!" he smiled. They were at the park for a while but soon had to leave to do arrons "Come on Maddie!" Richie raised his voice a bit as he and Eddie cleaned their picnic mess. "Maddie!" Eddie turned around and looked for Maddie "Madelynn?" he walked towards the playground but couldn't see her "Maddie! Come on baby!" he walked around a bit faster and started to get worried "MADELYNN!?" Eddie yelled running around the playground. "BOO!" Maddie jumped out from underneath the slide laughing loudly. "Oh for fucks sake Maddie! Don't do that okay!?" Eddie picked her up and held her tightly. Richie walked to Eddie with the stuff "It's alright Babe, she's fine! she was playing! Let's go before it get's too late" Richie rubbed Eddie's back.

They walked to the car and put everything in the back and Maddie in her car seat "You alright?" Richie asked intertwining his and Eddie's fingers. Eddie nodded looking out the window. "Pharmacy first!" Eddie said, Richie drove off towards the pharmacy. Eddie got off as soon as Richie pulled up not even giving him time to park "Hello! I have a prescription for Eddie Kaspbrak um...date of birth 11-2-46" Eddie said quickly. The Pharmacist nodded and walked back grabbing a few small bags putting them on the counter "Thank you!" Eddie mumbled laying forty dollars on the counter walking out getting back in the car "Alright! Let's go" Eddie smiled. Richie nodded heading to the bank. They finished their arons and went home, Eddie cooked something simple for dinner "Thanks love" Richie smiled. Eddie nodded picking up the plates "Are you done, Maddie?" Eddie asked softly, Maddie nodded softly, Eddie took her plate and started washing the dishes. Richie put Madelynn in the living room with cartoons and walked to the kitchen, he wrapped his arms around Eddie "I got it Ed's" Richie said softly. Eddie chuckled "No, I'm fine and that name is so middle school Rich!" he smiled and continued washing the dishes.

Richie pulled Eddie away from the sink and sat him in one of the kitchen chairs " I said I got it!" Richie raised his eyebrows and began washing the dishes. Eddie chuckled and stood up, he spanked Richie and helped rinse. They finished cleaning and sat in the living room with Maddie watching tv.

"Time for bed" Eddie stood up picking up Madelynn walking upstairs, he put her in her bed "Richie!" he yelled. Richie walked upstairs "Yeah?" he smiled. "Maddie-" Eddie walked to the bathroom. Richie raised his eyebrows and walked into the room "Okay Maddie! It's bedtime!" Richie smiled sitting on the edge of her bed "Goodnight princess" he kissed her forehead and tucked her in, he left the room closing the door, he walked into the bathroom to Eddie puking "Woah! Baby? What's wrong!" he rubbed Eddie's back. Eddie shook his head "Not-" he puked more. "Hospital?" Richie sighed. Eddie shook his head no "I'm Fine!!" he raised his voice a bit flushing the toilet "I'm fine" he said a bit calmer. Richie raised his eyebrows "Eddie, I love you and I respect all of your choices, but this...babe this is not okay!! I'm gonna call my mom to come to look after Madelynn and we are going to the hospital okay!?" Richie sighed. Eddie whined " I don't...like the hospital!" he said as he made puppy dog eyes. Richie sighed "And I don't like you puking and I know you don't either! I win, I'll pack some stuff just in case we end up staying" Richie walked out of the bathroom and into their room and packed him and Eddie some clothes.

Richie called him mom "Hey...Mom....yeah everything fine, can you come over and watch Madelynn please?.....yeah....um Eddie's throwing up like crazy...yeah I'm sure it's just something he ate" Richie sighed softly. Eddie walked into the room looking at Richie "I'm fine! Seriously!" Eddie sighed. "Okay....thank you, mom, okay see you soon...yeah..yeah love you too...okay....bye" Richie sighed softly.

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