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Chapter 1


As I stepped out of my house, this winter breeze hit me, this cold weather and cold air. I tighten my scarf and pulled my mask

Standing in front of my office building 'S. Tech Company'. Well, it's just a small company... but it's a company so it's not that small. And I love my work here.

"Good morning Y/N."

"Good morning Lara."

Well, she is my only friend and awesome colleague whom I can talk to in this company. Umm, I'm not that friendly though. But yes Lara is a really good person. She helped me on my 1st day with every single work like with everything. Just like an angel.

She is 26 2 yr older than me, and a happily married woman.

"So, I heard that your name is on that list," Lara said with a smile.

"Yes thanks, I learned Korean and now I'm nominated for this great opportunity."

"Ok, I guess sir will announce it today that is selected for it."

"Yes and I'm sure that I won't be part of it, me and my bad luck" I laughed sarcastically.

Lara pinched my chick with a smile and said, "Don't think about bad luck, and just believe in yourself."

I smiled back and nodded in agreement.

Time Skip to meeting
2 pm in-office meeting

I was so scared about this meeting and finally, I'm here. Our boss was speaking about some random things, like the company's good work, and many more things.

"So as you all know this meeting is conducted to announce the names of those employees who will represent our company in different countries, this is really great opportunity for our company to build a network and develop our progress."

And sir announced the names of some employees for some countries. So I figured out that at least 5 employees were elected for 1 country. Of course, teamwork is best than just working individually.

"And for Korea's, this is pretty tough the coo of The Korean company has selected only one employee."

'What only one?' I thought.

"It is Miss. Y/N L/N." everyone clapped and cheered for me

"Congratulations Miss. L/N hope you'll do great, our reputation remains in your hands. All the best." Sir completed congratulating me so for everyone who was elected to visit other countries.

And here I was smile on my face but deep inside I was scared to death.

'Why me, of course, I was supposed to go but all alone, this is unfair.'

Time skip

"Hey Y/N congrats, you are the only employee to represent our company in Korea, this is a great opportunity for you to give your best," Lara said cheering me up

"Lara I'm scared"

"Yeah don't be scared, you remember what I said this morning" she reminded me.

"Yes believe in yourself," I said with a wide smile

"Good girl, ok bye I'm getting late see you soon Y/N, and once again congratulations

"Bye Lara"

Authors POV

Y/N took the bus and went home.

Time skip to dinner

"Mom dad I want to tell you something"

And y/n told them about how she got selected for representing the company in Korea.

"Dad I'm supposed to live there for 3 months."

"What 3 months?" mom screamed while her y/n's dad was calm.


"Hmm, ok but Y/N tomorrow be ready we have to meet Jeon's ok," y/n's mom said in hurry.

"Ok, mom." "And yes jungkook is going to be there so wear something elegant."

'Why should I get all dressed up for him' I made a disgusted face.

Next day in the morning

"Here wear this for today's dinner."

"Mom don't u think this is a bit too much, I never wear a dress like this at least not for family dinner and with 'Jeon's'." I specified Jeon.

"Dear this dinner is special," her mom said giving her dress.



And here I'm all dressed up for just dinner. This is kind of awkward.

"Y/n dear are you ready, we're getting late."

"Yes, mom."

"Omg my doll, just so perfect."

"Let's go we're getting late," Dad screamed from the car. Dad drove to our destination.

Time skip

I was seating with my mom and dad. Opposite to my mom and dad were jungkooks mom and dad.

"Mrs. Jeon where is Jungkook." My mom asked jungkooks mom.

"I called him a few minutes ago he told me that he is on the way—oh there he is." Mrs. Jeon said and pointed at the entrance.

I turned my head and here comes my childhood friend and of course he is all dress up too.

"Good evening everyone." Jungkook greeted everyone.

We all got comfortable and started dinner.

"So Jungkook how is work and everything." My dad asked Jungkook. "All good uncle," Jungkook said.

"Ok son but why don't we just come to the point huh, Mrs. Jeon." My mom said with a smile and excitement to Mrs. Jeon as she nodded.

"First y/n congratulations, your mom told me yesterday about you getting selected."

"Thank you, Mrs. Jeon," I said smiling shyly.

"Well and so we decided that before you go to Korea why don't you get engaged with Jungkook." Mr. Jeon said while looking at me and Jungkook.

I got shocked and looked at Jungkook and so did he.

"Wait dad, can you please repeat," Jungkook asked his dad.

"You heard me Jungkook, you both are well settled, our families are good friends and you both known each other very well." Mr. Jeon cleared Jungkook.

"And yes I don't want to give my girl's hand to any stranger when we have her best friend." mom said hold my hand while others just laughed with excitement.

"And yes you both are getting engaged in 2 days." My dad added looking at Mr. Jeon.

"So y/n do you agree with us?" Mrs. Jeon asked me.

"Yes Mrs. Je-" Mrs. Jeon interrupted me. "Not Mrs. Jeon, it's mom."

"Yes, mom." I smiled awkwardly.

"'That's perfect, ok so we'll head out first, Jungkook you drop y/n." Mrs. Jeon told Jungkook.

"And yes don't come too early to take your time." My mom added with a mysterious smile.

Time skip

Jungkook is driving and I'm seating in the passenger seat beside him.

Suddenly Jungkook pulled the car to the side and stopped the car urgently.

"Yaah Jungkook you were wishing to die," I screamed at him.

"What? No, not really, but I think that you are wishing to die by agreeing to this engagement" Jungkook said in super speed.

"Wait what?" I was super confused.

Jungkook settled his head on the seat and let out a deep sighed and looked at me. I was looking deep into his eyes and so was he. And finally, he spoke.

"Y/n why you agreed with engagement, like seriously I agree we are friends, so it doesn't mean that we should marry."

"Wait I didn't agree to marriage it's just engagement," I said with a small smile. I just love teasing him.

"Ok and Miss. Y/N do you know one thing." Jungkook asked me with the same expression as mine. Smiling widely at me.

"What Jungkook."

"Marriage is the next and 'LAST' level after the engagement." Jungkook said highlighting the word 'LAST'.

I just look at him all disgusted like I know that seriously. But I understand why he is saying such things.

"Look Jungkook I know why you are creating this fuss, but Jungkook it's not like I can be single forever, everyone has to move on someday, and I guess this is the right time I should move on."

Jungkook widened his baby eyes and said "moving on with 'me'." He pointed towards himself. "Are you for real y/n, are you in the right state?"

"What state?" I questioned him.

"MENTAL STATE Y/N" he screamed at me.

Sure I was in my right state but he was somewhat not on his track. At like a baby just for an engagement. Stupid.

"Ok Jungkook, with this little brain of mine I can see why you are so hyper, there are only 2 reasons for your behavior towards this situation." I tried to explain to him and umm also myself I guess. He was just listening to me. He nodded his head in agreement. So I proceed with my so-called explanation.

"Ok first reason is, maybe you already have someone in your life so you can't get engaged to me. BUT you are my best friend so I guess you could have told me about it." I looked at him with my detective eyes like friends can change over time.

"WHAT?" and here he was acting all innocent

"I'm not done yet Jungkook." Jungkook sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Second is that you must be having a crush on me, so because of this engagement thing you are so excited that you don't know the exact reason."

"Jungkook if it is the first reason then I guess you are angry-hyper and for a second you are happy-hyper." Jungkook remains silent and just stared at me.

"You know what y/n, let's go with the flow." I smiled at him and Jungkook started driving again.

I looked outside the window it everything was so peaceful. I know this ride will take me home, but I don't know where my life is heading to.


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