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Dead Weight. TaeGiSeok


Despite my Ghoulish reputation. I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my Desk

Horror / Romance
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??? POV

I have two things on my mind:

pasta and the paranormal.

wait...that didn’t make sense..

696,472 people died that summer

but only one deserved it.

why do I keep thinking back to these things? It was was 80 years ago. I was only fresh out of college..I had nothing to do with it

Last night I dreamt I was speaking

to my boyfriends again.

What- boyfriends? as in...multiple? wha-

Dear reader, I wish I could tell you that I made it all up.

Made all what up- where are you goi- huh?

Taehyung POV


It has a snowy day. Everywhere i turned there were christmas trees,which are fake. Rarely a real on in sight.

“It's only November” I roll my eyes and continued walking down the sidewalk, avoiding any type of physical touch.

There were kids and their parents walking hand in hand down the sidewalk laughing and smiling. I scoffed and looked at my phone.

6:17 pm

where am I going anyway?


I fell right on my butt. I stood up with the help of the person who knocked me down.

“I told you to watch where you are going Jimin!!”

I look at them and notice it was my sister with her Boyfriend Jimin.

“It's fine Anita..I’ll be ok.” I smile at her and bring her into a hug.

“Nah my big brother! what are you doing in this part of town?? I thought that you didn’t like christmas~~ yet you come to the most Christmasy part of Philly.” She says jokingly and hugs me back

I laugh and move away from the hug...

“I actually don’t know.My legs just brought me here.....and if it ain't the pedo of a boyfriend” I say to Jimin

“Oh shut up Taehyung!! you gave permission so you can’t say anything. and it's only a couple of years...I'm not a baby” she punches my Pec and pouts clinging onto Jimin.

Jimin is 25 and she is 16...I did allow them to date but it's just how me and Jimin joke around. He started it in the first place.

“I know that..I'm just joking. Jimin is a great boyfriend for you. I approve of him. He is better than Arty...what type of name is that anyway?? who names their kid ‘arty’?” I said making a disgusted face.

Naturally, Anita makes a gagging sound at the mention of her Ex-Boyfriend. There is nothing funnier than her making fun of her Ex.

Let's not forget the time she literally threw up when she saw him kissing some other girl. It was a golden memory.

“I'm glad that you approve of me Young one. Anyway... we were just going to meet my sister and some of her friends at her dad's house..wanna join?" Jimin invites me and I contemplate...

...should I go...?? I mean it wouldn’t hurt. I have cut myself away from society for quite a while.

“I mean sure. Meeting new people wouldn’t hurt.” I say and agree.

“I mean sure...leaving the damn house wouldn’t hurt” Anita jokes

“ha ha ha” i laugh sarcastically and gesture them to start walking and i follow them.



We get into the house and i am greeted with....1..2..3..3..? I forgot how to count for a second. hol’ up.


4 of them that I know.

“TAEHYUNG YOU’RE HERE!!” I hear someone yell, and see 2 people come towards me and tackle me to the ground

“Scarlett and Yeoreum...if you don’t get up i will end your bloodline right here right now.”

I threaten and they instantly get up. I get up and dust myself off. Then I open my arms for a hug.

They run into my arms and hug me...I don’t mind physical contact but if I can avoid it I will. But when it comes to them..I am forced to hug them.

“Yeoreum..you are 28 years old, yet you act like Scarlett.” I chuckle and she laughs and pulls away along with Scarlett.

“I know, but hugging you is a rare occurrence.” she shoots back with a Smile that is contagious. I smile back.

“Come come. There are two people that I want you to meet.” Yeoreum says and drags me.

“I swear if it’s another one of your flings I will body slam you again” I scowl at her. SHe just Smiles.

“My brother and his ‘best friend’ are back from Korea,” she says, adding emphasis on “best friend”

She takes me upstairs real fast. I have to get used to that half-vampire stuff.

Yeah, Yeoreum is half-vampire. And is the only vampire I have ever associated with.

She stops at a room and puts her ear on it.

“Yah! I'm coming into the room. So keep your ding Dong in your pants” she yells through the door. I chuckle.

She opens the door and enters closing the door behind us.

“I didn’t say come in,” some voice said..but I can’t really see since its dark

“leave them alone and let them in, we aren't doing anything yet.” another voice said

“im turning on the light..oh shi- im sorry taehyung” she said, she tripped and grabbed onto my shirt....ripping it...literally IN HALF.

“you and your vampire strength...you literally ripped my shirt off,” I said laughing slightly. I turn the light on for her and see her face red.

I take whatever is left of my shirt and throw it in the bin in the corner.

Someone clears their throat, i turn around since my back was to them. They look at me with wide eyes. I just smile.

“Yeoreum...Now imma have to walk home shirtless. This isn’t the first time that you have ripped my shirt.” I say to her and she just chuckles nervously.

“if you wanted me..you could have asked.....jokes...don’t kill me, Mr. Min.”

“Nah it's cool...but if I were her I would have taken up that option,” the Brown-haired boy said to me and winked.......I blushed...


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