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The Hero and the Genie


The very first My Hero Academia and Shantae crossover story ever! Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, finds himself in Scuttle Town during a fight with Tomura Shigaraki. He meets and falls in love with the lovely Shantae.

Action / Adventure
Triforce Android
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Chapter 1: Welcome to Scuttle Town


A powerful shockwave filled the air as a battle took place in Tokyo. Two figures were seen on the field. One was a boy in a green hero costume with red shoes. He had green eyes and dark green hair under his mask as well as freckles on his face. His body was glowing with green electrical energy. This was Deku, the ninth wielder of a special quirk known as One For All. One For All was a quirk passed down through generations and granted each user super strength and an additional skill.

His opponent was a light-blue haired man covered with hands. His name was Tomaru Shigaraki. The new wielder of the quirk called All For One, a quirk that allowed him to steal quirks and forcibly give quirks to others.

Deku breathed heavily from the fight. He had been fighting Shigaraki for 20 minutes and felt exhausted. He was running out of ideas on how to win since his hero buddies were stuck with their own battles with the League of Villains.

"You're exhausted, aren't you?" Shigaraki sneered. "Good! That means I will finally be rid of a trace of All Might!"

Deku glared at the villain. He did not take kindly to anyone who insulted his mentor All Might. It was because of All Might that he had received One For All. He had the dream of being just like his hero by saving people with a smile on his face.

Sadly, All Might had lost his power after defeating All For One. So Deku made it his duty to be the next All Might.

I may be exhausted, he thought. But I have to stop him. No matter what it takes.

He got into a battle stance and felt One For All course through his body even more, making glow green even more. He took a quick scan of his environment and got an idea. He began zipping around, kicking pieces of rubble at his opponent.

Shigaraki saw the rubble being kicked at him and quickly batted it away. However, he was open for an attack from Deku, who charged at him with a leg raised up.

Deku kicked the villain into the air. Then he started to zip around, kicking him some more until finally he slammed his foot into the villains face.


Shigaraki hit the ground with a crash. Deku landed on his feet, panting heavily. He saw the villain on the ground, defeated; and so, he started to move to assist his friends despite feeling very exhausted. Unfortunately, Shigaraki raised one of his hands.

"Not so fast," he snarled. "You won't ruin my plans again. So, I will send you on a little trip."

The next thing Deku knew, he saw a portal trying to suck him in. He held onto the remains of a street sign in an effort to not be lost.

"I'm not going anywhere," he said boldly. "I must help my friends quickly."

He tried his hardest to not be drawn into the portal. Unfortunately, he lost his grip and found himself flying into the portal. He called out for help. But it never came as he found himself covered in darkness.

Deku felt himself lying on something cool and soft as he woke up. Groaning, he sat up and rubbed the top of his head. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in front of a house of some kind.

Where am I? He wondered. Where did Shigaraki send me to.?

Suddenly, he heard an explosion. He looked and saw a town being attacked by… pirates? What time era was he sent to? Was he sent through time? Since when did Shigaraki have…?

Another explosion snapped him out of his thoughts. Shaking his head, he leapt to his feet and ran to the town as fast as his legs could carry him.

Deku entered the town and saw fire and smoke everywhere. He saw a bunch of figures (obviously pirates) running around with some loot. The Hero was about to charge after the figures when he heard someone screaming.


Deku looked towards the source of the voice and, without hesitation, jumped into a building. He looked around and saw a little girl surrounded by flames as she sat in a corner, whimpering.

"It's okay," said Deku with a reassuring smile. "I am here! I'll get you out of here."

He picked up the little girl and leapt out of the nearest window. He landed on his feet and gently set her down.

"You're safe now," Deku said with another reassuring smile.

The little girl hugged him tightly and thanked him with tears in her eyes. Deku smiled at her gently and returned the hug.

"It's okay," he said. "Now quickly, run for cover. I'll deal with these villains."

"Thank you, mister," said the little girl before running to safety.

Deku looked around and saw more pirates running into the town, setting fires along the way. He charged towards the pirates.

"Stay where you are," he said boldly. "I am here to stop your… What the heck?!"

The pirates turned to face Deku. They looked like humans, except they were black as night with yellow eyes. Each one wore red shorts, a red bandana, and a sword at the hip.

They charged at the hero. Deku called upon the power of One For All. His body glowed and cracked with green electrical energy. He readied his fingers for an attack.


He flicked his middle finger forward and a blast of air at the pirates. It hit the pirates, causing them to fly and scatter. He looked in the distance and saw the pirate ship. He began to use his quirk to jump from house to house.

Ten minutes later, Deku arrived at the dock and saw the ship. He glared at the ship.

"Captain of the pirates," he said, "show yourself. Who are you?"

"Who am I?" Said a female voice. A figure appeared on the ship and laughed.

Deku was thankful that his mask was on because he was blushing a lot at the figured look. The figure was a female with light blue skin and red eyes. She wore purple pirate pants, a red and purple hat with a skull and crossbones, purple shoes, a brown belt, and a purple top. What made Deku blush a lot was the fact that her midriff was on full display with a round hole as her belly button.

"I am Risky Boots, Queen of the Seven Seas," said the pirate lady. "And who do you think you are to defy me?"

"My name is Deku," said Deku in a brave voice. "You are hurting innocent people. I will stop you!"

Risky Boots laughed. "You? Defeat me? What a joke! I like your spirit, but it won't be enough to stop me. Men," she called out to her pirates. "Ready the cannons. Let's show this boy how we deal with heroes!"

Deku readied his power and got into a fighting stance. A cannon fired at him. He raised a leg and kicked the cannonball back at the ship. It hit the port side of the ship, causing it to rock slightly.

Risky looked at the hero with anger. "How dare you destroy part of my ship," she said angrily.

"Then leave these innocent people alone," Deku demanded. "They don't deserve to suffer your wrath!"

Risky scoffed at Deku. "I won't stop until the people of Sequin Land surrender to me!"

"Then I'll make you leave," said Deku.

Risky laughed at him. "I'd like to see you try," said Risky. "TINKERSLUG! COME ON UP!"

The ship began to rise up until Deku saw what looked like a giant snail carrying the ship. He felt his confidence start to sink at the sight of the monster. He was getting ready to face the for when he suddenly heard another voice.

"Risky Boots," said the voice. "Back to your old tricks, I see!"

Deku turned around to see who was speaking. As soon as he saw who had spoken, he felt his face heat up as a heavy blush covered his cheeks; once again, he was grateful for the fact that his face covered. For the girl standing before him was gorgeous.

The girl looked to be sixteen years old. She had tan skin, purple hair tied into a long ponytail, and light blue eyes. She wore big red pants, red shoes that curled up at the toe section, a red top, and golden bracelets. To top it all off, her arms and belly were on full display, giving her the appearance of a belly dancer.

As he looked into her eyes, he saw that she was brave and willing to help people. Like a hero!

Risky smirked evilly at the newcomer. "Well, well, well," she said, "if it isn't Shantae."

The girl named Shantae glared at Risky. "What are you planning this time?"

"Wouldn't you love to know?" Risky responded. "Well, after you foiled my plans to take OVER the Genie realm, I planned a way to get revenge."

"How?" Shantae demanded. "By stealing my genie magic again?"

Genie magic? Deku thought. Is this girl… a genie?

Risky laughed. "Oh, no," she answered. "Nothing like that. Been there, done that! I have something far worse planned for you!"

"Well, whatever it is, I can take it," said Shantae in a brave voice.

Deku was impressed by her bravery and stood by her side. "And I will help her," he said.

"In that case," said Risky, "prepare to be defeated by the Queen of the Seven Seas!"

Risky's crew began firing cannons at Deku and Shanta. Deku used his quirk-powered legs to kick away any cannonballs. Shantae, to Deku's surprise, used her hair like a whip to hit the cannonballs.

But reflecting the cannonballs did no good at all. More and more just kept coming at them. Deku quickly began making a plan. Thanks to his effort in kicking away cannonballs, he was able to scan his environment. As a result, he saw some red barrels with skulls drawn on them. This gave him an idea!

But before he could make a plan, he saw that Shantae had tripped and was about to be hit by a cannonball.

"Look out," he called. Without hesitating, he leapt towards the lovely girl who was fighting by his side and quickly pulled her out of harm's way. He then brought her to a safe hiding spot.

"You can run, twerps," called out Risky Boots before laughing. "But you can't hide!"

"Are you okay?" Asked Deku.

Shantae gave him a small nod with a faint blush. "Yeah," she said. "Thanks!"

Deku smiled at her with a blush of his own. "Good," he said shyly. "Listen, I have an idea on how to beat Risky. Can you help me out?

"You bet I can," Shantae answered with a nod and smile. "What's the plan?"

Deku pointed to the red barrels. As soon as Shantae saw them, she nodded in understanding. Then she did something that confused Deku: She did a little belly dance. Before Deku could ask what she was doing, Shantae transformed into a monkey!

Deku's jaw dropped at the sight. Monkey Shantae jumped up and scaled the walls till she got to the top where the barrels were. Meanwhile, Deku jumped out of his hiding place and began zipping and bouncing around as Risky's pirates shot more cannonballs at the green hero.

Risky growled in annoyance. "Fools!" She shouted in annoyance. "Can you not hit a single boy?!"

Deku kept bouncing and dodging for as long as he could. Come on, Shantae, he thought. Whatever you're doing, please hurry!

Suddenly, a red barrel came flying at Tinkerslug. It hit the giant snail in the face with a loud explosion. It collapsed onto the dock, stunned. The next thing Deku knew, Shantae had landed next to him in a fighting stance.

"Come on," said Shantae with a brave smile. "Let's beat this giant snail."

"Yeah," said Deku.

Shantae began whipping the snail with her hair while Deku, glowing with the power of his quirk, started delivering powered up punches and kicks. Finally, after several hair whips and a few powerful kicks and punches, the Tinkerslug began to quiver until…


Tinkerslug exploded as the ship fell into the water. Risky jumped down and glared at the two teenagers.

"It's over, Risky Boots," said Shantae. "Take your Tinkerbats and ship and get out of here!"

"Ugh," Risky said with disgust. "Very well. We'll meet again, brats!" Suddenly, she smirked. "Here! Have a present!"

She pointed a pistol and fired it at Shantae. Deku quickly jumped in front of her and took the bullet for her. He fell to the ground, clutching his chest in pain. The last thing he heard was Risky laughing evilly; and the last thing he saw was Shantae holding his head with a worried look on her face as he slowly fell into unconsciousness.

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