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The Hero and the Genie

Chapter 2: The Meeting of Two Heroes

Deku groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and found himself in a bed and realized that he was in a bedroom. The walls were stone, and the ceiling was wood. On the far side of the room was a round window with two planks forming a cross shape.

He sat up and grunted as he felt a pain in his chest. He looked down and saw that the shirt part of his hero costume was gone; and in place of where his shirt was were some bandages. He suddenly felt nervous as he realized that his secret identity was exposed.

Did that girl Shantae do this? He thought. Why did she help me? Is she around? I hope I can thank her soon.

He started to try and stand up; as soon as he started to get up, he clutched his chest and helped in pain.

"Whoa! Easy, easy," said a familiar voice. "You have a nasty wound on your chest. You need to rest."

Deku looked over and saw Shantae looking at him with concern. As soon as he saw her, his face turned bright red. Shantae was no longer her outfit from earlier; but her current outfit was enough to make any boy blush. She was now wearing white pajamas with pink bows on the shoulder straps and the top of her pajama pants. Like her outfit from earlier, her belly was on full display.

Shantae approached him with a worried expression. "Are you okay?" She asked.

Deku nodded while still blushing.

Shantae smiled in relief. "Oh, that's good. Thank you for helping me. I'm Shantae, the genie guardian of Scuttle Town. And you are?"

"D-deku," he answered. "M-my name is Deku."

"No, what's your real name?" Shantae asked.

Deku felt nervous about telling her his real name. Shantae saw his face and smiled at him reassuringly.

"It's okay," she said. "I won't tell anyone. I promise."

"O-okay," Deku stuttered. "M-my real name is Izuku M-midoriya."

Shantae smiled and giggled cutely. "That's a strange name," she said. "But I like it. It sounds very cute!"

Midoriya's blush deepened. "H-how did I get here?"

Shantae sat down beside the hero and looked at him. "I brought you here to my home. Here's what happened…"

One hour ago…

Shantae held onto the hero who saved her. "Oh, no," she cried. "Hang on! Stay with me!"

She glared at the pirate who was responsible for hurting the boy. "YOU MONSTER," she yelled angrily.

Risky laughed and jumped onto her ship. "Take care of your boyfriend," she called. "We'll meet again."

With that, the pirate queen sailed away while laughing evilly. Shantae glared at her rival before looking down at the boy on her lap.

This boy is hurt, she thought. I better see if Uncle Mimic has a first aid kit.

She scooped the unconscious green hero into her arms and ran quickly but carefully. Soon, she arrived at a workshop and entered the first room.


Coming into the room was a very large man. He had gray hair around his head, thick gray eyebrows, and a very large gray beard. He wore yellow glasses, a brown shirt, a green long-sleeved overcoat, blue pants, a brown belt with a golden buckle, and brown leather boots. This was Shantae's uncle, Uncle Mimic. As soon as he saw Shantae holding an unconscious injured boy in her arms, he ran over to her with his First-aid kit.

"Shantae," he said with a deep voice. "What happened to this boy? Who is he?"

"I don't know who he is," answered Shantae. "All I know is that he was fighting Risky Boots until I came by to stop her. We ended up working together as a team and defeated Risky!"

"Oh, my," said Uncle Mimic. "That's very impressive. But how did he get injured?"

Shantae looked down at the boy with a sad face. "It was my fault," she answered. "Risky fired her pistol at me and…he took the bullet to save me. I feel so bad. He got hurt because of me!"

Uncle Mimic handed her the First-aid kit and smiled gently. "Don't be hard on yourself," he said reassuringly. "By the look of his outfit and the fact that he put himself in danger to save you, I think it's safe to assume that he's a superhero."

"You really think so?" Shantae asked while removing the mask. She saw that the boy had dark green hair and freckles. She blushed a little and lifted his shirt up to treat his wound.

"I'm sure of it," answered Uncle Mimic as he pulled out some tweezers and handed them to her. "Tell me, was there anything unusual about him?"

"Come to think of it, yes," said Shantae as she carefully removed the bullet. "He appeared to be very strong since he was able to punch and kick away the cannonball that Risky fired at us. Also," she added while applying bandages to the wound, "he was glowing with some kind of green electrical energy and moving unbelievably fast!"

"Interesting," said Uncle Mimic. "Do you know where he lives?"

Shantae shook her head no. "I've never even seen him before. So, what should I do?"

Uncle Mimic thought for a moment and smiled. "Why don't you bring him to your house? Look after him. Get to know him. Make him feel like he's home."

Shantae placed a hand under her chin and smiled after thinking for a moment. "I can do that," she answered.

"Good," said Uncle Mimic with a smile. "Now, go ahead and take him home. Take care of him, okay?"

Shantae nodded in understanding. Then, she picked up the boy and carried him to her house.


Shantae arrived at her house. She was so glad that it was just a few minutes away from Uncle Mimic' s workshop because her arms were getting tired from carrying the boy. She entered her home and carried him up the rope to her bedroom. She set him down on the bed as gently as she could and went down to change into her pajamas.

"I hope he wakes up soon," she thought to herself. "I have so much I want to ask him."

Soon, she was dressed in her pajamas. As she climbed up to her bedroom, she saw that the boy was awake and had green eyes. She smiled and finished her climb to talk to him.


Midoriya looked at Shantae with amazement. Then he gave her a blushing smile.

"Th-thank you for helping me," he said shyly. "S-so, you said you're a genie?"

Shantae smiled and shook her head. "Actually, I'm half-genie," she answered. "My mother was a genie."

Midoriya looked at her with an amazed expression. "Wow!" He exclaimed. ""So, what can you do? Are you magical?"

Shantae giggled at him before beginning to explain her powers to him: "Yes, I am magical. I can cast spells like fire, thunder, and pike balls. I can also transform into different creatures such as a monkey, a crab, a mermaid, and a spider girl. Finally, I can use my hair as a whip."

Midoriya stared at her in amazement. "Amazing! Well, thanks for helping me out," he said shyly.

Shantae smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to blush. "You're welcome. Thanks for saving me. Are you a superhero? Like one from a comic book?" She asked with big cute eyes.

So close, Midoriya thought as he felt his blush deepen. She's so close to me. Stay calm. Stay calm! Wait! Comic book?! Maybe I'm not in another timeline. Maybe I'm in another WORLD!

"Well, yes," he answered with a deep blush. "I am a hero. Though, I'm trying to get stronger in order to use my quirk a little more."

"Quirk?" Asked Shantae. "Is that like a super power?"

"You've never heard of quirks before?" Asked Midoriya.

"No," answered Shantae.

Yup, he thought. I'm definitely in another world. But how did Shigaraki know about this world?

"Well," he began to explain, "a quirk is basically a super power. Quirks can do one of three things. First, it can enhance one's body. Second, it can change a person's body. Finally, it can be something that makes the person remain a certain way. For example, I have a friend whose quirk is known as 'frog.' Her body, while still human, also has noticeable frog features."

"I see," said Shantae. "I think. So, what's your quirk?"

Midoriya was feeling conflicted. Should I tell her? I know I promised All Might not to tell anyone about One For All. But Shantae seems like someone I can trust.

Shantae saw that her friend wasn't sure about telling her. So, she placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled.

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me," she said reassuringly. "I won't force it out of you. You can tell me on your own time."

Midoriya blushed at the feel of her hand on his shoulder. "Um… thank you," he said shyly.

Shantae giggled at him. "You don't have to be shy around me," she said before yawning. "Well, we should get some sleep now. It's late."

With an innocent smile, she pushed Midoriya onto his back gently. Then, she tucked him in and giggled as he blushed.

"A-are you s-sure about this?" Midoriya stuttered. "I d-don't want to be a b-bother. I c-can sleep on the couch."

Shantae smiled at his concern. "I don't mind," she said kindly. "You need the bed more than me. Get some rest; and tomorrow, I'll take you on a tour of Scuttle Town."

"S-sounds good," said Midoriya. "W-well, good night."

"Good night," said Shantae with yet another cute smile. With that, she climbed down her rope into the living room.

As he lay on the bed, Midoriya began to think about Shantae and her kindness. He felt a warm feeling in his chest. He wondered what this new feeling was. But he decided to not think about it and slowly fell asleep.

As for Shantae, she got excited about giving her new friend a tour of Scuttle Town. At the same time, she felt her chest flutter as she thought of Midoriya.

What is this new feeling? She thought. Maybe Sky or Rottytops can help me. I'll ask them about it soon.

With a small sigh, the half-genie hero fell fast asleep.
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