Frost and Flame

Chapter 17- Discovering your Centre

Jaz’s eyes flashed, drawing her out of the memory. She was in the ice crevasse. What had felt like hours of watching her memories had only been a few seconds. Her body was shaking from the shock of what she had just seen. Jack helped support her already weak form. Jaz’s mind searched for the words to describe what she had just seen. The girl of her memories…could that really have been her?

The memory of the mourning family flashed through her mind. It was one of the first things she had seen as Jaz Flame. She had felt so guilty after hearing about the girl who had passed away in a fire incident, but now she understood. She hadn’t caused the fire, she had died from it. She was the girl. She had unknowingly been at her own funeral. The scared faces of her family remained entrenched in her mind.

As a human she had been full of hope and happiness, not hatred and anger. She was a completely different person in her past life. She had had a brother. She had a home, a family…Her thoughts stopped dead. She had a friend. She faced Jack.

“We knew each other” she choked out the words. “We were friends.” Jack nodded. He had seen her memories many days ago, and even he still struggled to believe it to be true.

Jaz thought about what else she had seen in her memories.

“I was going to die” she murmured. “My family moved in order for my survival but I ended up dying for my brother.” Jack made a move to comfort her but quickly realized she was not upset by this knowledge.

“I saved him” she said over to herself. “I saved him!” Her exultation was disrupted by her heavy breathing. While she gasping for air, she suddenly understood everything.

“I’m not destruction” she whispered. The words from her memories echoed clearly through her mind.

“The moon’s so bright and powerful.”

“No way. You’re light. I think I’ll keep you.”

“Follow the light.”

“I am a guardian.” She looked up at the Moon. Jaz looked over at Jack’s broken staff. He followed her gaze.
“I can’t fix it” he told her sadly.

“I know” Jaz said gently, her voice breaking from the cold exposure. “It’s been severed by a blade of flames. Your magic has no effect on it.” She crawled over, picking the two halves up and handing them to Jack.

“But mind does.” She placed her hands upon his, moving them closer until the fragments of the staff were together. Once it was so, she held her hands out above the split. Jack pulled back when he became aware of what she was doing. He remembered how she had healed his burnt hand with her powers. She was planning on doing the same with his staff.

Jaz frowned at him. “I can’t let you do this” he objected.

“I have to. There’s no other way.”

Jack refused. “You’re too weak. If you do this, it’ll use up the last of your energy. You’ll die!” She stared at him straight in the eye, her gaze determined.

“Every minute I spend here, I grow weaker. I have to do this now or else you’ll be trapped down here.” She paused, leaning in to him a bit closer. “Please Jack, let me help you. I know I can never be forgiven for what I’ve done but you have to let me do this.”

Hesitant, Jack held his staff out. She closed her hands over the crack. Both of them focused their energy. Sparks of light shone from underneath Jaz’s hands as the healing process started to take affect. Jack’s eyes widened as he felt his staff grow powerful in his grasp once again. The wood around his hands started to glow a light blue as its power returned.

When it was complete, there was no indication that the staff had ever been broken. It was as strong as ever.

Jaz’s breath was drawn from her as she felt the last of her energy drain away. Powerless, she lost her grip on the wood and fell backwards into the snow. Jack, who was so amazed that it had actually worked, saw her collapse.

“Jaz!” He gasped, leaping to her side. Her eyes were closed, her skin an almost white colour. He shook her but she didn’t wake.

“No, no! Come on Jaz, stay with me!” He held her head with his hands, fear flooding his mind when he felt that her skin was as cold as his.

“Oh no” he whispered. Eyeing his staff from the corner of his eye, he picked her body up in his arms. He kicked up his staff and tucked it securely under her arm. Once he was sure she was safe from falling from his grasp, he flew out of the crevasse as fast as he could.

Normally he’d be worried about burning out her flame but she was already passed that stage. Her body was cold in his hands as he carried her. He knew he had to find a way to help her before the Man in the Moon took her life away.

He had to get her to the Pole. North and the others would know how to save her. Problem was it was on the other side of the world. He had to hurry. She was almost out of time. Jaz was dying, fast.

By the time he reached the Pole, he was worn out from carrying her at the speed he had been going but he forced himself to go even faster. She had sacrificed her energy for him, now it was his turn to return the favour. North’s workshop came into view. The wind practically flung him through the window. Exhausted, his body dropped from the air. He landed heavily on the ground. Jaz’s limp body rolled across the floor, his staff skidding the other way. The guardians appeared when they heard his entrance. All of them couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the two spirits but were even more shocked when Jack crawled over to Jaz before his staff. He hurled himself on top of her body, feebly attempting to keep her warm. When he felt that she was still cold, he pressed his face into her shoulder.

“Jack!” North hollered, watching his uncharacteristic behaviour. “What is wrong?” Jack looked up at them, not realizing they had been there. His eyes were filled with tears.

“Her fire’s burnt out!” he cried. Bunny ran forward to her. He pressed his paw against her neck, pulling back at its icy touch. His mouth opened slightly as if to speak. His eyes watered immediately. He cradled her body in his arms, moving her away from Jack.

“You’re gonna be alright, Sparky” he whispered to her, trying to keep each word he spoke steady. “Just hang in there.” He turned to the other guardians, holding her body as close to him as possible.

“What are you waiting for?” he yelled. “We have to help her!” North, shaking most of the shock of what was happening away, stepped forward and charged towards the next room.

“Bring her to the infirmary” he ordered Bunny. Bunny had to restrain himself from racing forward. Sandy followed them, a nervous look on his face. Tooth went to go with them but stopped and looked to Jack. He kept his head down. She wanted to go over and comfort him but she knew that it would only make him feel worse. She hadn’t known what had happened or where he’d found her but one thing was for sure. Jack’s mind was tormenting him for whatever had occurred. She made a mental note to talk to him about it later. Right now, Jaz needed her. She took flight and left for the infirmary.

Bunny lay Jaz’s body down on the bed. He wrapped the thickest blanket he could find over her. North had moved the heaters in the room so that they were directly above her and turned them to the hottest setting possible. Sandy was lighting all the candles that were scattered around the room. Tooth made sure the window was locked and that no cold air from outside could get in. Pretty soon, the room felt like a furnace. Bunny was the last of them to leave. He headed for the door, running into Jack as he went to enter. Bunny blocked the doorway forcefully with his arm.

“I don’t think so mate” he growled. “I’m not letting you ruin her chances of recovery.” Jack didn’t shift from where he was.

“I need to see her.” Bunny leaned forward until his face was almost touching Jack’s.

“Well she doesn’t need you. Not now and not ever.” He shoved Jack out of the way, slamming the door shut.

“You go in there, you’re a dead man.”

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