Frost and Flame

Chapter 18- Regrets

Jack crouched by her bed with his hood up. He had managed to sneak past Bunny. He knew that if he was caught, Bunny wouldn’t hesitate to harass him with ruthless attacks but he didn’t care. He had to see Jaz.

If she were to die now, he would never forgive himself. He blamed himself that she was like this. He hadn’t trusted her when the workshop was attacked, he drove her to the point where she sided with Pitch and she used the last of her power healing his staff. But not just that, he had kept the rivalry between them alive for over 300 years, even after he became a guardian. Actually, that only made things worse. When children started to believe in him, he taunted Jaz and the fact that she was still invisible. He had done exactly what Bunny had done to him when he was unseen. He knew how painful it felt to be on the receiving end and yet he took pride in his scorning.

Seeing her now, knowing what she had suffered for him, he wished he could take back it all back. His mind was drawn back to the friendship they had shared in their past life. Her memories were filled with his image. Why weren’t his? When he had seen his own memories, he hadn’t seen her once. Had he forgotten her when she left? Surely not. Guilt filled his mind at the thought of it being true. How could he have forgotten everything? He had been her best friend, they had done everything together. No he realized. When he had seen the memories for himself, he had seen the connection between them. There was something there, something more than friendship. His past self had been so devastated when he discovered she was dying, and even more so when he found out she and her family were moving.

Even the relationship he had had with her brother, as she had had with his sister, was strong. Everything about her that he had known had been so special and so memorable. Why had he forgotten it? Before he had died, he had lost memory of her.

A memory played over in his subconscious.

He wiped a tear from her cheek as it fell. He hated seeing her cry. “I’ll never forget you,” he said to her while gazing into her bright blue eyes. “I promise.”

“We’ll meet again some day.”

Jack opened his eyes, removing the memory from his thoughts.

“She didn’t forget me” he murmured to himself. “She kept her promise.”

They had met again as spirits when the moon had given them a second chance at life. Their memories had been taken from them after death but worst of all Jack, the boy from her memory, had forgotten her.

He whispered, “Why couldn’t I?” He couldn’t hold them back any longer. A single teardrop fell from his eye, rolling down his cheek and onto Jaz’s hand.

His released emotions started to make it snow. Jack looked up, noticing it.

“Oh no.” He took a moment to pull himself together. He stood up, recollecting his tears. “Stop it!” he hissed at the snow as it fell. What was wrong with him? He didn’t cry! He was the spirit of fun not some emotional child. He shook his head, running his fingers through his hair. He had to get a hold of himself. This wasn’t the real Jack Frost. He needed to find something to keep himself busy and his mind distracted.

Glancing down at Jaz, he took a step away from her. It felt like he was leaving a part of him behind. It was hard walking away from her when she was like this but he forced himself to do so. Bunny, while he’d never admit it to anyone, was right. He wasn’t helping her by being there. His sudden snowfall gave him proof of that. He dragged himself to the door. Quickly making sure no one was around, he slipped out of the room.

Less than twenty minutes had passed.

“Frost!” Bunny’s infuriated yell could be heard from the other side of the Pole where Jack was relaxing. He winced when he heard it but could hold back the smile that appeared on his face. He was in trouble, again.

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