Frost and Flame

Chapter 5- Moonlight

“Where’s Jaz?” Jack asked, running over. Startled, Bunny turned to look at him.

“What the bloody hell are you doing here?” he demanded. Jack ignored his arrogance, as always.

“Look, are you going to answer me or not?” When Bunny didn’t respond, Jack huffed.

“Fine. I’ll find her myself.” Leaving the rabbit, he flew off in search for her.

He soared around the workshop, keeping his eyes peeled for the girl. His mind was distant with the multiple thoughts rushing through his head; he almost flew into a wall. He caught himself just before collision, flying out of the way just in time. Dodging one obstacle, he ran into another. It was Phil.

He grumbled words in yetish to him, something about watching where he was going. Jack didn’t really pay much attention to what it was he said, until he mentioned Jaz.

“What?” Jack asked, urging Phil to repeat it. He had learnt a bit of yetish, so translating it wouldn’t be too difficult.

“So Jaz’s dagger is repaired.” Phil nodded, mumbling something else.

“Wait a minute, you gave it to her? When?” Phil pointed to the other side of the workshop, indicated where she had gone minutes ago after reclaiming her dagger. Jack raced off, following Phil’s directions.

He spotted Sandy a few metres away.

“Sandy” he called out to him. The golden man lifted his head at the sound of his name. Jack landed next to him.

“Have you seen Jaz?” Sandy shook his head. Jack swung his staff to the side in a gesture of frustration. A question mark formed above Sandy’s head. Jack turned back to him, calming himself.

“North wants me to talk to her” he explained. “But she’s gone.” Sandy looked up at the opened roof where the moonlight was pouring in. Jack followed his gaze.

“You think she’s out there? Wouldn’t she stay inside where it’s warm?” Sandy had a thoughtful look on his face.

“No harm in looking, I suppose.” Thanking Sandy for his assistance, he flew off once again, out into the cold.

Outside, he felt comforted by the exposure of the cold. Everything around him seemed to be white. He narrowed his eyes as he peered into his surroundings. Nothing but ice. He couldn’t see her and if she was out here, she wouldn’t last long in this cold. She would burn out in no time.

Just as Jack turned to go back inside, he spotted a faint light at the top of the workshop. Wasting no time, he soared up to the light source. There she was. She stood, hugging her arms as she tried to keep warm. Her dagger was in one of her hands. She was facing the moon but her head was down.

As Jack started to approach her, she heard her murmur something. Jack kept quiet, listening to her.

“Why?” she whispered. She slowly lifted her head to look at the moon. “Why me? I’m not a guardian. I don’t protect children; I can’t even control myself.” Her voice filled with harshness, a sort of hatred towards herself. She gazed down at her dagger, running two of her fingers over the blade.

Her tone grew soft again. “Why am I here? Please. Just tell me why. You owe me that much.” The emotion caused her voice to quiver. The moon remained silent and Jack felt something in his own heart break. He knew exactly how that felt.

Jaz turned away from the moon. Not wanting her to catch him eavesdropping on her, Jack hid.

Jaz remained unaware that of his company. She touched her finger to the gemstone.

Even though he could no longer see her, Jack remained able to hear her conversation. He raised his eyebrow in confusion when he heard her talking to someone else.

“I was so worried about you” He heard her say. Her voice was gentle and unlike anything he’d ever heard from her. Wow, she doesn’t sound at all like Jaz Jack thought.

“I had no idea what would happen to you when that icy fool froze my dagger.” Jack smirked. There we go.

His curiosity of who she was talking to go the better of him. He moved out of his hiding place and over to her. She was alone. She spun around, glaring at him the way she always did.

“You were spying on me.” Jack looked around, trying to find the second person in her previous conversation.

“North wanted me to speak to you about making a truce” he explained hastily, still looking. Jaz noticed what he was doing.

“You want to know who I was speaking to” she said, placing a hand on her hip. Her eyes suddenly filled with cheek. “Why didn’t you say so?”

A flash of golden streaked past him, bowling him over. He landed painfully on the ground with whatever had knocked him over now pinning him down. Fierce amber eyes glared down at him. They mirrored Jaz’s exactly. Jaws dripping with saliva were held close to his throat, razor-like fangs being revealed as the creature’s lip drew back in a snarl. The beast had a pelt like fire, with black streaks tearing away at it. With paws larger than he had ever seen planted upon his outstretched arms, the beast dug its claws into the snow beneath him. The tiger pinning him easily doubled his size.

Jaz walked up to his, stroking the feline’s pelt as she did.

“Cute isn’t he” she commented. Jack struggled. Jaz knelt down beside him.

“You really shouldn’t have been spying on me. See, Blaze here can be very protective of me. He won’t suppress an attack if he thinks I’m being threatened. Oh and,” Jaz whispered close to his ear, “He has a bad habit of setting himself on fire. Just so you know.” She stood up and started walking away.

“Wait!” Jack called out to her. She stopped, looking back at him with a sly smile.

“Call him off.” Jaz gave him a questioning look.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because I know what you’re like. You don’t want to hurt anyone, not intentionally.” Jaz thought about what he had said. Much to her annoyance he was right. She touched the stone of her dagger. Instantly, Blaze transformed into a stream of fire that flowed into the blade. Jack leapt to his feet, grabbing his staff that had been knocked from his grip.

“Thank you.” He noticed Jaz looking quite weak. No doubt it was resulted from the long period of time she had been out in the open weather.

“You should get back inside” he suggested to her. Jaz gave him a brisk nod before riding the wind back inside the workshop.

Once they were back, Jack made sure she kept warm. He eyed her dagger.

“Listen,” he began, rubbing the back of his head. Jaz turned to look at him.


“Don’t” she cut him off.


Jaz stared at the ground, fiddling with her dagger in her hands. “I’m the one who should apologize. I should have at least tried to control my anger. I’m sure you didn’t know what would happen.”

“Yeah but it was still rash of me to have touched it in the first place. I mean, you’re fire, I’m ice. I should have seen it coming.” Jaz chuckled lightly at his comment. For the first time they were in each other’s company and smiling genuinely.

Jaz’s eyes were drawn to Jack’s injured hand.

“Here” she said, reaching out to take his hand. He flinched but didn’t pull away. Jaz hovered her other hand over the top of his burn, closing her eyes. Jack watched in amazement as the frost melted away and the wound started to close over. The scar left by it was very pale, barely visible on his likewise skin tone. Jack examined his hand once she was done. The scar slowly started to fade, eventually disappearing completely.

“Wow” he breathed.

She shrugged. “I can do it with any fire related injury” she explained to him.

“It’s incredible” Jack complimented her, still amazed.

“So, what was this about North wanting us to call a truce?” Jaz asked, changing the subject. Her question snapped Jack out of his thoughts, and reminded him about what it was he was there for.

“Oh, right” he stammered. He gazed into her eyes. “What do you say? Call it even?” He extended his hand.

Jaz examined him for a moment before replying, “Alright, a truce between the elements…for now.” They shook hands, pulling back almost instantly at the sudden and uncomfortable shock of temperatures.

“Ow!” they cried out in sync. They held their hands tightly, facing away from each other.

“There’s gotta be an easier way to do that!” Jack exclaimed, still clutching his hand.

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