Innocent? I'm a bitch!! {Jeon Jungkook ff}

First Day


“Yaaaaaa!!!! EUN WOO!!!“, someone shouted.

“Keep your mouth shut PABO!!“,trod back Eun Woo.

" Woo, woo guys be slow”, said Jinjin.

Well you must have no idea what happening right??

Then it my fool oppa, Moon Bin who tripped down while walking and got a beautiful cut on his leg.

Now Eun Woo oppa is dress it.

So, hi I’m Moon Y/n, you can call me Y/n too.

At the present time I’m now at my college. This college is surrounded with all mafias and even we are mafias. Those six fools Moon bin, Cha eun woo, MJ, Jinjin, Rocky, Sanha are known as Astro .Well, we are Chronicles at the moment we are three me, Benio, Soi and other two are doing some trouble again.

Yes, Jamin and Ara are both troublesome they really know how to bring me trouble.

We start walking when we heard Jamin shouting .Aish, this unnie.

We then saw a crowd and ran to them.

“Dare to touch my unnie again your hand will be gone forever”, said Janim.

I saw a guy maybe elder then me laying on the ground with bruises all over his face.

I sneak inside the crowd like a cat. The situation was like two guys try to flirt Ara unnie so Janim gave them some of her famous punch.

Well, being a mafia queen you guys will expect me to take out my gun and shoot them??? Then my answer is NOT AT ALL.

Those two guys are too famous in the campus as well as in our mafia society because they non other than Min Yoongi and Park Jimin of BTS. And the worst thing is their leader is going to be the next Mafia King of South Korea.

What wondering how do I know all this and not my members so I am the only person to gather information where as others love to fool around.

“Bring your leader here”, shouted Jimin.

Oh, well great,it’s me.

To keep a nerd act I put on my brother’s glasses and went to the scene.

“I-it’s m-me”, I fake suffered

“ARE YOU KIDDING???“, both of them started laughing like idiots.

God believe me I feel like shoot them.

" Yes, she is our leader.......well maybe”,Ara said in disbelief while looking at me.

Well, it the first time for them to see me like this so, obviously they are shocked.

“What the fucking wrong with you Y/n??“, Soi whispered.

" Umm....I will explain later.“,I whispered.

I turned to those both fools and apologized.

“Ummm....guys....I’m really sorry for them please forgive them.“, I said very hardly because me apologizing is you know very very rare.

" God save me!! Leader of this hottie’s is a nerd.“, said Yoongi with a wired a look on his face.

“Ok, enough talking, miss nerd for your request I let this sexy babe go, but yes it is the first and it is the last. Dare to hit us again we won’t think twice before fucking them.“, said Jimin.

Well, I saw the faces of astro and Chronicles they where burn from inside but I even have reason to put this act.

“Gotta go darling”, Jimin wink at Benio with his famous sexy smile.


Those two went to the cafeteria while laughing at us specially at me.


What just happened shouldn’t our mafia queen should have killed them.

And how dare that blonde boy try to flirt me.

We even went to the cafeteria silently and sat on a big table.

While eating all of us start staring at Y/n.

When she contact her eyes with Rocky he said, ” So, will you take some effort to explain what happened now??”.

Y/n tried to ignore Rocky but his suspicious face made her speak.

“Um mm mm......well it is .......they are the team members of the coming mafia king.“, said Y

which led our eyes wide open.

“Wh-what di-did y-you s-say???“, shuttered MJ

" What you heard is right, pabo”, said Y/n.

“But you could have beat them easily.“, said San ha innocently.

Aish, this kid does he even have common sense.

" Yeah, we can be them up easily but have you forget about our identities isn’t it secret yeah we can be them up easily but have you forget about our identities isn’t it secret??”

“Oh yeah that’s right how could I forget”, said San ha.

“Whatever if you haven’t gave signal I would have killed him”, said Moon Bin

" Yeah yeah whatever let’s go after that the mafia get together party will be tonight you can have a good talk with them also we need to get ready.“, said Y/n.

We all went to home.

Astro lives in this mansion besides us.

After, we arrived home we have some rest and start getting ready for the party.


Well,it is really boring chapter but wait the twist are yet to come.


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