Innocent? I'm a bitch!! {Jeon Jungkook ff}

You Are Just 19??


It’s already evening and we are ready to go. We even have to carry our weapons because there will be many enemies.

Mask to keep our identity secret.

After that we went to the BTS banquet hall. Thinking why BTS banquet hall, well this party organised by them for their king honour. Whatever.

After like one hour we reached our destiny. Our mouth wide opened after seeing the banquet. It belongs to BTS??? WOW!!

We stepped inside before Astro and saw every one to bowing us, it’s kinda proud you know. Though, we were under masks our tattoo represent us.

That is the main reason we girls at least wear three quarter top at school or out.

We sat at a side of the banquet. Next a tall, broad shoulder, thin lips, sweet smile man got up on the stage to give speech.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman, today we gather here for let you know who will be our new mafia king. Well, my name is Jin and I am the eldest bro of BTS.“, then he winked at the audience and guess what, a huge uproar came up from the other mafia girls. He must be another idiot.

After sometime six boys approached us .BTS.

" Hello, my Queen I’m V.“, he gave a boxy smile while took my hand to kiss.

He is a just a big Playboy.

“Hi, I’m Lorina, mafia queen, would you boys take the effort to introduce yourselves.”

“My pleasure, I’m Suga, my Queen”, said Yoongi.

Yes, the idiot who called me nerd.

" I am RM my Queen”, said Namjoon while biting his lips.

" I am Jimin, the sexy one in the team, my Queen. “, said Jimin.

" Do you think you are a sexy dude??“, murmured Benio.

“Huh??“, Jimin.

" Nothing. “, said Benio while looking away.

We all chucked at Benio.

" I am your hope, your my hope , I am J-hope, my Queen.” said J-hope while giving the most sweetest smile.

After all there is one normal guy.

“I’m the eldest my Queen, I’m Jin, the WORLD WIDE HANDSOME.“, said Seokjin.

Well an old play boy maybe.

" I am so happy to meet such handsome princes”, I said.

Not, at all.

“So, who is that sexy behind you, my Queen.“, said Jimin while biting his lips.

I turn behind and saw furious Benio starring at Jimin with killing eyes.

" She is Adasino the second powerful mafia princess and please be a little bit respectful.“, I spoke while turning to Jimin.

I saw Seokjin to pinch Jimin hard.

“ sorry”, Jimin bowed.

" It’s Alright”, said Ara with the most sweetest smile and receiving some aww from the boys.

Ok so she got them melted??

“So, boys where is your king?? is he too shy to see us??“, said Jamin while smiling like an idiot.

Ahhhh!!! I shouldn’t have brought this two.

" Ohh, he is not here???“, asked Jimin with a confused look.

“Then were is he”, asked V.

" Don’t tell me he is lost again!!“, said Suga while panicking.

“Nooooo!! My little baby!!“, said Jin with almost cried face.

Is the mafia king a baby???

The scene was like six fathers were finding their lost son.
God, are this guys are even mafias???

" Uhh....well is the mafia king is a kid???“, asked Ara with the most 'WTF' face she ever have.

“No, not a kid but he is 21”, said Suga.

" So what 21, he is just a baby”, said Jin.

We all went blank. I means are they serious, how can a grow up man aged 21 can get lost???

Then suddenly a sweet but tough voice call.

“Hyung, you guys are finding something??“, said ???.

" OH MY, WE THOUGHT WE LOST YOU, JUNGKOOK “, shouted Jin while hugging Jungkook very tightly with other members.

Don’t know about others, but I was totally JUNGSHOOK!!
They treat a 21 years old guy who is going to be the mafia king like their baby.

" All, we were just finding you, Jungkook “, said RM.

" Ohh really why??“, asked Jungkook.

“To introduce you to the Queen”, said J-hope.

When they all went a side I saw a tall, fair, young boy with beautiful brown eyebrows and piercing black eyes, black silky hair, red plump lips and bunny teeth starring at us.

Suddenly my heart skipped a beat. What kind of feeling is this??

My thoughts were interrupted by Jamin.

" Wait a minute, you guys were panicking for a 21 years old mafia king??? “, we all burst into laugh after that.

" Do you know any mafia younger than me??“, asked Jungkook.

He seem to be pissed off.

“Yes, our Queen is only 19 years old”, said Soi while laughing.

Now, their faces were blank.
After a silent moment they all burst out together.

"YOU ARE JUST 19???“,shouted BTS at me.


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