Innocent? I'm a bitch!! {Jeon Jungkook ff}

Oppa's Puppy Love

“You must be joking right my queen”, said Taehyung in disbelieve.

“Why should I joke V”, I said in a serious face.

It was really very funny to see them with those long faces.

“Oh, now see it’s already very late I thing we should head to home”, said Benio while smiling secretly.

Then after meeting some other mafias we head towards our home.

About Astro they stayed there with some of their friends.


There is something special about my eyes colour they are different like combo of grey, golden and this glasses are also special like whatever your eyes colour is it will show as brown.

My eyes

Today is a special day because our old Best friends Red Velvet are coming back from abroad they are even the new mafia, they also knew that I am the mafia queen. They will go to the same college with us.


Someone is more excited to meet them.


You know what, today is a very, very special day for me. My childhood obsession Joy of REDVELVET is coming from aboard and I really need to dress well.

I wore my best dress.

When I went to the kitchen were all boys were.

They gave me ‘are you serious man’ look.

“What?? Why starring??“, I asked while trying my best to give an innocent look.

" Well, are we not going to school hyung??”, asked Sanha while chewing his bread.

“Yes, we are. Why??“, I asked.

" Then why have you dressed like you are going to any wedding ceremony??“, asked MJ while doing something with his hair.

“ DON’T ASK SO MANY QUESTIONS, HYUNG!!“, saying this I stomp out from the mansion.

You know what when ever I think of her I start blushing like an idiot.


" What......what happened to him”, asked MJ to others.

“Don’t known hyung”, said Rocky.

" Was he blushing?? “, asked Eun woo.

" Yes,.....he was blushing.“, said Jinjin with the biggest smile he ever have.

“OMG.....BOYS, OUR BINNIE IS IN LOVE”, said MJ in a seductive voice.

" Let’s go hyung, someone is waiting for us”, said Sanha.

After that they all ran out of the mansion.


We all girls were ready to go to the college.

I was the first person to go out. I saw the boys jumping up and down like monkeys. What happened to them??

I was very curious so I ran to them.

“What’s up boys, you all look so happy???“, I asked with an innocent smile.

" Hey, Y/n good morning, well today someone is in love, you know”, said Jinjin smiling like an idiot.

Ummm....well I know that’s my oppa who are they talking about, but I pretend not to know.

“Oh, really who???“, I asked.

" Your lovely oppa, Y/n”, said MJ while dancing on his feet.

I was going to say something when all the girls came out from the mansion.

“Ok, then you guys talk, I am going to oppa”, I said and start walking towards the garden were oppa was.

I heard someone singing and dancing.

“Baby jigeumiya oh my baby
Sumgyeojin neoye jinshimi
Nan oh gunggeumhae yeah yeah yeah
Baby i sungane oh my baby
Neon eotteon kkumeul kkwo
Neodo nawa gatgil
Oh wonhago isseo tonight”, was oppa singing while jumping.

" GUYS LOOK SOMEONE IS IN LOVE “, I shouted looking at the other said.

Suddenly I felt two arms around my waist. I try to get out from his embrace but tripped and fall down with him.

" Ya, oppa stop squeezing me”, I said while giggling.

“Promise you won’t tell them about my feelings”, said oppa while struggling with me.

" Why, what will happen if they come to know?? “, I asked while trying to catch my breathe.

" They will bully me”, said oppa with a cute pouting face.

“I won’t promise”, I Chucked at his cuteness.

" What you brother and sister are doing on the ground?? “, asked a familiar voice.

It was Benio.

I and got up, dust ourselves.

" Nothing, let’s go”, I said and hoped up to the car.

“It’s seem like this two siblings are hiding something from us”, whispered Benio to Eun woo.

" Yes maybe they are”, whispered Eun woo to Benio.

Yeah, I heard them whispering.

After that we went to the collage.

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