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Victor's Journey

Don't make me fall in love with you

I ever-so-gently it traced stitches holding my creation together with great care, sympathy and tenderness, ever so gently pulling the creation of pants down to observe phallus I started licking it I was enjoying it when he ripped off my shirt we did intercourse then I woke up it was just a dream but it felt so real just one more week in my leg would be fully healed, with my eyes still adjusting the light started pouring in grabbing one of my crutches I stood myself up and grab the other with great difficulty, I managed to get myself down the motel keeper and his wife was dead I was perfectly innocent, right?

" excuse me sir,Yes you the one with the crutches,You were the last one to checked in here, where were you last night at 10" one of the police officers questioned me

" good officers of the law, at 10 I remember falling asleep in my bed, nothing more nothing less” I said they nodded knowing that it would be a hassle for me to get back up to the stairs to the bedrooms one of them offered to carry me while the other one held my crutches I agreed, I showed you that my room and they asked if I was okay to which I replied

" well, I had too much to drink one night it was about two weeks ago, a man and I got into a fight, something about politics, he broke my leg, I managed to bandage it up” I said

" c’est la vie” one of them said I looked upon him with confusion

" he means that’s life” the other said departing which reminded me of something of the night that I fell in love with my creation the night he came to life

It was already one in the morning. The rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out, when, by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eyes of the creature open.

Those eyes locked onto me, and I trembled in response. How can I describe my emotions at this moment? I had taken such infinite pains to shape him, had put such care into his form! His limbs were in proportion; his hair was lustrous black and his teeth of a pearly whiteness. Even his phallus had been selected … Great God! Why?! I had wanted him to be beautiful! He should have been beautiful!

The creature breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated his limbs. He broke free of his restraints, and I could see the workings of muscles and arteries beneath the yellow skin which covered them. His shrivel led complexion contorted, his black lips curling. Was he trying to smile? At me? Horror filled my heart, and I stumbled backwards, fearful, tripped over a low stool, and fell to the ground.

He was on me in a trice, huge and heavy, those two hands with their long, artistic fingers tearing remorselessly at my clothes. Ah, he meant to expose me! He moaned, wordless, guttural, strained, vocal cords unused to their new throat, and he moaned again louder when at last his bare yellow skin brushed against mine. He had never felt the touch of another before, and so of course he was captivated.

And he obviously wanted more. A distant part of me was pleased to see the phallus I had given him in proper working order, twitching as it became engorged. It was unbearably lovely, the tip ripe and rosy where the foreskin had retracted, and I felt myself hardening in response, just as I had whenever I had previously handled it, when I had applied it so lovingly to the creature’s inert body …

He knew. Somehow, he knew, and he wanted me, not as a son wants his father but as a man wants his lover. And oh, how it pains me to say it, I was already rampant between the legs; yes, I wanted him too the same.

Bent almost in half at the waist, I felt him mount me. He was not gentle; he had not been taught tenderness or mercy. He took me right there on my laboratory floor as I gazed up into his yellow eyes, as he tore me open forthright and rutted against me, rough as a dumb beast, a heinous monster of night brought to light. If I’d entertained the notion that it would be quick, that this first occasion of his lust would burn bright and brief and then extinguish itself, I was wrong. He pounded into me with a fury until he climaxed, his seed mixed with my blood, and he did not cease. He kept right on going until he climaxed again.

The fuck was agony, and it was ecstasy. The unholy stench of our copulation rose in the cold air all around us. I was terrified — of myself or the creature I knew not. No, I knew nothing but the plunge of that giant cock, feeling myself stretched and overfilled, unbearable loss as he withdrew. I did not touch myself, and I did not touch him. I did not encourage romance. Yet I soiled our bellies with my semen at least thrice whilst he continued laboring above me. Eventually I passed out, and when I awoke with the dawn some hours later, enveloped in a monstrous embrace, the creature’s cock was still hard as stone and still buried inside me.

Alas, alack! Woe was unto me, for I perceived no escape from this nightmare.

But I didn’t want to I wanted to touch his phallus I wanted to make him love me but now I realize, he had to have been some sort of witch, he probably cast ed a love spell upon me! Like the bandages around my leg at some magical enchantment upon them and the more I wore them the more hard the enchantment will be to break, who am I kidding that’s obviously not how it could be! Although I was in love with him I would die for him

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