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Victor's Journey

Please make it stop

I had gotten better I could finally walk by myself without the crutches, and I no longer needed the leg rapping, I continued on my journey, to no man’s land, I knew I might die but, if it was to put an end to that creature then so be it, I managed to dictate my will, if I were to die all of my stuff we go to Lily my only daughter, my only hope, the last ray of sunshine in my life, the dogs pulled me along on my sled they wouldn’t stop, but I could finally breathe at least,All of the layers of clothing made me feel a little bit cold inside my mind went to a dark place,Perhaps I could end the chase right now. I looked in my inventory for something to do deed with I saw a tree in the distance, I had a knife, a rope, a shotgun, and other stuff that could you not be used to eliminate me, I was thinking and I wondered how it would go maybe this is how it might be

Perhaps I could go like this

tie the rope

cut my wrists

eliminate the dog sled team

tie the rope to a branch of a tree

make a snow pile

insert the Rope around my neck

kick down the snow

wait for the sweet release of death

therefore when I got to the tree I stopped the team and I checked each branches break ability

finally I found a sturdy one one that wouldn’t break so I tied it while I still have the strength, I picked up the knife my hands were trembling, but not from Fear from the coldness to see my veins I bent back my hand, when in the distance a solid shape was I hallucinating, only one way to find out I approached the ship, sure enough it was real, only no one was on it except for a young man freezing and emaciated, when I approached him he had pain in his eyes she was crying

“p- please make it stop!” young man cried his voice was hoarse I helped him to his feet

" what is your name my good sir?” I asked him putting my jacket on him

" Robert, my name is Robert Tho mason Walton but, you can call me Robert I just going to die out here anyway I’m glad you found me I have a daughter at home, Caroline is her name” he said looking at me, gasping for air with each word, he looks like he was going through agony he noticed my bag, I placed it down beside him and I want to go get something for him, when I was about ready to get him something I have a loud


followed by silence I ran into the quarters where the captain was Robert was my only friend so far then I saw him holding the gun down on the bed his face implanted into the pillow blood dripping down him, I began to cry, he was my only friend I had seen for a while, now I was truly alone. However there was only one way to truly now if this would be the last time I have always had a Fascination for dead things, it was my chance

cleaning him up there for I made sure he was truly dead then I remembered in college Years, we went to the same high school and University that’s when it really hit me I cried


“..please don’t..”

“.. I beg of you…”


” .. do-- do not.. ”

“... do not leave me. ” I shouted every last part of him was except in my heart





I left him a sad and lonely man I went out and almost immediately collapsed into the snow , and making a deep cut in my rain collapsed there was a deep Haze above my eyes I couldn’t see everything what does Spirit sound like

a blizzard showed up and I smiled

I have been hunting him for so long and have seen such terrible things, the blizzard is almost a relief. In the wind’s mad roar, it seems as if everything could be reduced to nil.

How I long for it. Let him be wiped away with my sins, I plead.

A great and terrible shadow looms out of the snow – yes here, now, we are to meet our fate. I close icy arms around him to ensure he goes with me.

Instead he holds me, forces warmth upon me, and I yearn for it, even as my soul cries out.

And then I passed out

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