TMNT and MLP: Truth, Justice, and Love


Takes place after "Friendship Games" 7 teenage girls that go by the name of Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash are all moving to New York after being transferred to a new school known as Roosevelt High. There, they meet new friends April O Niel and Casey Jones who show then around. But when they follow the 3 teenagers into the sewers, they meet 4 mutant turtles that go by the names of Leonardo, Raphael, Donnatello, and Michelangelo. After getting to know each other, the girls all find themselves starting to grow a bit of a crush on each of them. But when some old enemies return and team up with an old and dangerous enemy, the turtles and the girls must team up together to put a stop to whatever plans they may have in store for them. Will they be able to do it?? And will they all eventually show their love for each other and confess their feelings??

Romance / Drama
Jake Dracula
Age Rating:

The Nightmares

Our story begins in a small bedroom where a teenage girl was sleeping. Her name is Twilight Sparkle. And from the looks of it, she was tossing and turning in her sleep. It was as if she was having some sort of nightmare.

Twilight's Nightmare......

It was a dark and stormy night on top of a very tall building in New York City. And there was a figure standing tall in front of Twilight. He was dressed up in ninja armor and had blade gauntlets. He was known as Shredder.

And next to him, were 2 teenage girls. One with golden hair and the other had purple hair with green streaks. Their names are Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze.

"You puny little girl!" Shredder said as he smirked evilly. "
You really thought that you could beat me on your own?"

"You monster!" Twilight growled.

"I'm not the monster here, Twilight! The only monster around here...... is you!" Shredder said as he activated his blades. "And I'm going to kill you if that's what it takes to get my vengeance!"

Adagio just smirked at this."Yeah! Show her how pathetic she really is, Master! She doesn't deserve to live like this!" She said while smirking evilly.

Twilight gasped as she started to back away. "You don't even know me! How can you be so sure?" She said.

"SILENCE!" Shredder growled. "I shall have my vengeance one way or another!"

"Keep your hands off of her, Shredder!" A voice called from a distance.

Twilight and Shredder both looked up to see a mutant turtle with a blue mask and blue eyes. His name is Leonardo.

Twilight gasped in surprise and smiled when she saw him. Leo then jumped down in front of Twilight and pulled out his katana swords.

"Twilight. . . you need to run!" He said seriously.

"No!" Twilight said furiously. "I'm not leaving without you!"

But the blue masked turtle shook his head as he wasn't going to take no for an answer."No. . . you must go." He said. "This is much too dangerous. GO, NOW!"

Twilight just gasped as she whimpered in fear and ran off to hide while Leo took care of the Shredder."This is it, Shredder! You're not going to walk away from this!" He said as he readied his swords.

Shredder just smirked under his mask."Well then. . . I guess I'm going to have to take care of you as well, huh? Then, so be it!" He said as he readied his blades.

Shredder and Leo then charged at each other to fight. Twilight then reached her hand out for Leo as both of their blades clashed together."LEO! NO!" She tried to shout, but everything had already gone to white.

End of nightmare...... or is it??

"Twilight? Twilight, wake up! The plane for New York leaves in 10 minutes!" A voice said from outside Twilight's room.

Twilight suddenly woke up as she realized that she had overslept and she was about to be late for the biggest trip of her life.

"No, no, no, no! I can't believe I overslept!" Twilight said as she jumped out of bed and quickly started to pack her things.

At the same time, her friends came through her bedroom door. Their names are Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah, me neither. It's not like you." Sunset honestly

Twilight looked at Sunset. "I know."

Pinkie then walked up to her bed and noticed that the alarm clock was missing. "But don't you have a super annoying alarm clock that goes-" Pinkie then proceeded to make annoying alarm clock noises as she lifted up the pillow and saw that the alarm clock was going off and Sunset just went over to it and shut it off.

"It's gonna be fine." Sunset said. "We'll help you pack."

Everyone then helped Twilight pack by throwing some stuff into her suitcase that she might need.

Rarity then suddenly pulled out a fancy dress to pack for her and Applejack just facepalmed when she saw that. "We're gonna be out in the big city. When is she gonna need that?" She asked, annoyed.

Rarity just scoffed. "If we were going to the moon, I'd suggest that she packed her evening gown. One never knows, darling." She said with a smirk.

"Uh, right. Just let me get changed real fast." Twilight said.

Twilight pulled out a shirt from her closet and held it up to a mirror to see how it looked. But when she did, a pair of dark purple wings suddenly form behind her as a reflection of someone appeared behind her. And it was none other than.....

"MIDNIGHT SPARKLE?!" Everyone shouted in fear at once.

Twilight wa shocked to see her dark side floating right in front of them. "How is this possible? Sunset Shimmer helped me defeat you at the Friendship Games!" She said.

Midnight Sparkle just smirked. "You and your friends can NEVER truly defeat me!"

Midnight Sparkle then let out a long evil laugh as their surroundings suddenly started pixelating away as well as all of the girls and Spike. All that was left after the room and her friends disappeared, Twilight was left in a pink void.

"I'll always be there. . . waiting in the darkest shadows of your mind!" Shebsaid with an evil smirk. "I'll be back, Twilight! And this time. . . I won't stop until I have all the magic!"

"NO. . . STOP!"

MLP belongs to Hasbro

All rights reserved

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