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Demons and angels


a story of forbidden love, on a planet, where half are demons and the other surrounded by angels And in those parts, there is a couple who saw each other in the past, when they were alive Now they met at the edges and recognized each other

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - where it all began

My name is Lucy, I am 16 years old, I live in "hell", I'm from the planet "helaven". A planet dark, but at the same time beautiful, because this planet exist the heaven and hell, where I live. But let's get straight to the point.

Dear diary, today I was bored, so I been on the "edge of the planet" where hell and heaven begin. I know! I know, my Satan talk me to never go, there, but I was curious and bored. So I been!

How was it?

It was very strange, everything is so bright and so white, very different from hell, I look various angels, but it looked like they were afraid of me. Why? But There was a boy who was not afraid and came close enough ... And he spoke my name! I never saw him! How does he know my name? After that run away. I don't know what happened! But my Satan, my father, didn't even notice that I left, how nice!
Today too, I eat meat, my favorite food! And my father know this, but he brought up an unpleasant subject at lunch, you talked about marriage, because I never found a companion. But I don't want it, know? Oh no, my father is calling me, it's probably to tell stories and I sleep or torture myself because of something I did. Bye!
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