The Shopkeepers Apprentice


A new soul reaper is reeking havoc in the Soul Society. Sakyu has a particular appetite that is greatly affecting the men in the Society. At the request of all the captains, Sakyu is sent to stay with Urahara Kisuke as punishment. It is their hope that manual labor will help stave off her hobby. Of course they sent her in the hopes of punishing Urahara as well. While she learns quite a bit while in his care, it isn't exactly what the Soul Society had in mind. Will it prove to have a calming affect on her after all?

Erotica / Other
Kala Matai
Age Rating:

Quite The Handful

Sakyu Basan was in no hurry. She had been summoned by the Commander. She had long auburn hair and bright green eyes. As she approached the meeting hall, she held her head high. As she walked toward where the Commander was waiting, she glanced at each of the captains. Some of them blushed as she did so. She almost laughed out loud. She bowed her head to the Commander. “You have been summoned here, Sakyu Basan, at the request of all the captains.” Sakyu nodded. “Do I get to know why, sir?” She asked politely. The Commander blushed some before continuing. “You know why, I believe.” She wanted to hear him say it. “If you won’t say it, I will sir. I am unable to control my appetite. Would that about cover it?” “Hardly” She heard one of the female captains mutter. “Sir,” She says then. “To be fair, its not as though I was the only guilty party.” The Commander nodded. “Agreed, however, there is a time and place for that type of behavior. When your actions disrupt the day to day operations of the Soul Society, then something must be done.” Sakyu nodded. “I understand sir. I’m sorry to have caused so much trouble.” She was genuinely sorry. When she arrived at the Soul Society, she found that she had an insatiable sexual appetite. She had hoped that by becoming a Soul Reaper, she could channel those energies into something more constructive. And she had for a time. Denying herself what her body desperately craved. She was a beautiful woman. And it took no effort whatsoever for her to seduce quite a few of the male captains. She had even at one point in time seduced the Commander when he was a much younger man. She had been doing so well. But with the lull in missons, it had become harder for her to control herself. The female soul reapers all despised her, save Rukia Kuchiki. She found all of it to be quite funny even if it was inappropriate. And they had been friends for a long time. Sakyu had standards of course. She had only ever slept with Lietenants or Captains, no one lower. In her defense, the men usually initiated the activity. Sakyu just never learned to say no. She also knew that some men were off limits. Sometimes learning the hard way. Sakyu had been in one of her rare sexual frenzies and had the audacity to approach Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, his spirtual pressure that built up against her was enough to land her in the medical unit for a month. Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi was one who would have gladly used her for his own purposes, so she stayed away from him as well. She was also strictly dickly, so the female captains were safe. Though their anger towards her more than kept her on her toes.

The Commander continued, “You are being sent to the World of the Living. A suspension if you will.” Sakyu bowed. “Yes sir.” “You will be allowed to return to your duties once you have learned how to show restraint and developed better self control overall. You’re dismissed.” Sakyu bowed and left. She was immediately escorted to The Gate. The man who accompanied her handed her a piece of paper. “Here is the location where you are expected to serve your sentence.” She caught a smirk despite his attempt to hide it.

Sakyu found herself in front of a quaint little shop. She sighed. When she walked inside it appeared deserted. She began to look around satisfying her curiosity. She heard him before she saw him. “Interesting that the Soul Society suddenly needs my help.” Sakyu turned around and found Urahara Kisuke standing behind her with his arms crossed. “Captain,” She says and bows. “Ex-Captain actually. You must be Sakyu Basan.” She nodded. “Follow me.” He led her to a room and slid the door open. “This will be your room during your stay.” Sakyu nodded again. “Rukia provided me with a report in regards to your suspension, but she refused to go into any detail. I expect you to fill me in on why exactly you were sent to me.” “Wouldn’t that explanation be best left to the Commander?” Sakyu asked. Urahara chuckled. “Typically, but according to Rukia, all he could do was blush and was not able to form words. So whatever your transgression was had to have been pretty extreme. It certainly peaked my interest. Which is the only reason I agreed to the Soul Society’s request. So in order for me to not send you back right now, your going to do as I tell you. That means telling me everything leading up to your suspension.” “That may take a while.” Sakyu said with a smirk. Urahara leaned in close. “I have all the time in the world. I’m charging the Soul Society for my services.” Sakyu blushed. “Dinner will be ready in an hour. I’ve laid you out some clothes.” “Thank you, Captain.” She says bowing again. Urahara nodded and walked away.

Sakyu sat down across from Urahara and waited as he served her. She could feel him watching her. When she looked up he was raising an eyebrow and had a smile on his face. She blushed. “You can begin anytime.” He tells her. Somehow telling him about her “escapades” was harder than she thought. But begin she did. After she had finished he simply nodded. “I see.” She waited. She was confused. That was his only reaction? He put his hands on his knees and stood up. Sakyu waited. “I have a plan laid out for you that I guarantee will ensure you will return to the Soul Society.” Sakyu bowed. “But,” He says raising a finger. “You cannot question anything I have you do. When I tell you to do something, you will do it without hesitation. No matter what it is or how you personally feel about it.” “Yes, Captain.” Sakyu bows again. There was something about his calm yet stern demeanor that made her body react. This was going to be harder than she thought. “First things first,” Urahara says then, “You can clear the table and deep clean the kitchen.” Sakyu nodded. With that he got up and left her there. Not even a groan. Urahara thought. If she thought her story had no effect on him, she was sorely mistaken. He could barely move, his manhood was so hard. Damn it. It had been quite a while since he had been involved with anyone, even casually. This woman seemed to bring out the beast in a man without even trying or apparently noticing. How do you contain a drive like that? He would think of something. It would mean him reacquainting himself with an old pastime. In his younger days before he became a soul reaper, he got in plenty of trouble with the ladies himself. That at least explained why the Soul Society had chosen him. He understood what Sakyu was feeling. The urge, the insatiable hunger. But he had worked long and hard to control his own problems. He would have to introduce her to the method he used on himself. With a twist. It would begin with very hard work, he intended to wear her out physically so that anything of a sexual nature would be the last thing on her mind. He was also surprised that she had not released her Zanpakuto, her spiritual pressure was impressive. Rukia had said that her skills with a sword were above average. That was the only reason she was even offered the opportunity to become a soul reaper. She had been found in the Rukon district with nothing more than a stick against a group of grown men. The Captain that found her watched amazed as she brought those men down. When he had called out to her she ran. It took the Captain and his squad a week to find her again. When they had found her she had no intention of going peacefully, despite their best efforts to assure her of their intentions. The Captain had his squad back off. He sparred with her for a moment, curious to see what she knew. Then with the slightest push of his spiritual pressure, he held her unconscious form in his arms. Her age belied her abilities. She was no more than five or six years old. Unlike most of the children that lived in the district that chose to live in groups, she had remained on her own. He nodded to his squad and they returned to their headquarters.

Urahara sat and thought out his plan. She would be put on a very strict schedule. Despite her initial eagerness, he fully expected her to begin to push back. She had an issue with authority once she got to know her superiors better. And had no problem being a pain in the ass. She would never directly disobey an order, but she tended to go off on her own. Being a team player was not one of her strong suits. Urahara couldn’t blame her for that. He had the same way of thinking. Between manual labor, extensive training, and his plan for her on a more personal level, he saw no problem getting her out of here and back where she belonged. Tessai was not happy at all when Urahara sent him with Jinta and Ururu on a “forced vacation”. The Soul Society had insisted on that as well. They felt she needed the one on one attention. That was fine with Urahara because that left her with all the work that his staff would normally be doing. The last thing he needed was for her to get bored. As if that would ever become an issue. If she proved just as skilled with cleaning and organization as she did with swordsmanship, then he would certainly have to become more creative. Good thing he had and endless imagination. He was looking forward to getting to know her better. He blushed. His mind falling into the gutter for a moment. He shook his head. He was genuinely looking forward to seeing her skills with a sword. He hadn’t had a good workout in a while. This would prove to be an interesting assignment.

Sakyu had finished cleaning everything thoroughly. She was now on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Going over every inch. She was not going to give Urahara the chance to scold her for not doing the job well. She enjoyed the work and was doing her best to take her time. Her ocd forced her to work quickly and efficiently despite her best efforts. She had even cleared everything out of the cabinets and cleaned them as well. Making sure to put things back exactly where they had been. When she finished, she admired her handiwork. She found her way to Urahara’s office and got down on her knees bowing with her head down and her hands in front of her. Urahara pretended not to notice. Sakyu waited for him to acknowledge her. “Finished are you?” He finally responds. “Yes, Captain.” Sakyu states simply. Urahara got up and she followed him to the kitchen. Urahara was impressed. Though he didn’t show it. “Very good.” He said simply. Sakyu rolled her eyes. Seriously? “In the future, I would suggest not disrespecting me by rolling your eyes.” She froze. “Sorry, Captain.” “Great, now you can work on the front of the store.” With that Urahara returned to his office. Sakyu sighed. By the time she had finished the job he had given her, it was already two in the morning. With a sigh, she returned to her room. Just as she was about to undress, she heard a tap on her door. She opened it and bowed. “Going to bed?” He asks. Sakyu didn’t think. She rolled her eyes again. Urahara raised an eyebrow and handed her a toilet brush. She sighed and dutifully took the supplies from him. When Urahara woke the next morning, he found the bathroom spotless. He also found Sakyu passed out in front of her closed door. He left her there. This was going to be easier than he thought. He smiled to himself.

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