The metal doors before me slid open, revealing the boss in his usual armchair and his assistant standing beside him. There was a huge screen displaying the entire map of the Alola region behind where the boss was seated. In front of the boss' desk stood four figures as their heads turned to face my direction. The moment the metal doors closed shut behind me, two voices burst out at the same time. "You again??!" ~~~~~ The iconic Team Rocket trio now has a new teammate :0 Read on to find out more!

Adventure / Other
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Author's Note

helloo just to say that most of the characters aren’t mine except for an additional female character that i made up myself :D

this is my first book and i’m trying my best to fit in exactly how the anime went as much as possible so the whole story wouldn’t seem too different but hope y’all enjoy the story☺️

do take note of the different fonts that i’ll use in the story...

for time, the text will be bolded
e.g.: 10 years ago

for location on where the chapter is, the text will be bolded and in CAPS

for the POVs that every chapter will probably have, the text will be bolded together with ”POV" behind whose perspective the chapter will be focusing on
e.g.: (character)’s POV

pokemon calls will be in this way:
e.g.: “Pikachu!”

author’s note will be in bold like this:

and thats all enjoy the story!!!🤩

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