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Bakugou x Me

The beginning.

"Honey! Wake up or you'll be late for your first day at UA!" I hear my mum shouting to me from downstairs. I stumble out of bed and down the stairs thinking, what if I dont get in? What if everyone hates me..and what if I disappoint everyone? I grab coffee and toast and sit down. "Mother, I dont want to disappoint you. Or you, father."
"You wont disappoint us honey," my dad says, "even if you get kicked out" my mum continues on for him.
"Thanks guys, I really needed that. But what if my quirks not good enough or they dont like it?"
"Aww sweetheart this is what you've been thinking this whole time? You're quirk is very powerful and unique. Bakugou will most likely help you during UA."

As I leave my house, all I could think about was my mother's and fathers kind words. I stop outside Bakugou's house, knock on the door then wait for him. It takes about 5 minutes for him to open the door. "Hey Kaachan!" I shout as he comes out.
"Hey Y/N," Bakugou continues on, "Are you sad for your first day at UA? You wont get in dumbass." When Kaachan says mean stuff to me he dosent actually mean it. I hear him giggle about and I think, what if he does mean it?
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